case studies

case studies

On this website, we are happy to present you case studies that are a result of our activity with select projects. Check out what we managed to accomplish.


Case study of Multiplayer Online Browser Game

The first one example is an international browser game, that we are paying SEO services to. The main area of interest included the domain migration from a local one to a global one before opening to the international market and building the visibility there.


Here you can see statistics of a landing page of a browser game that we are taking care of SEO-wise. We pay multiple services to the website:

  • extensive link-building efforts, collecting quality backlinks from high domain authority websites,
  • creating quality content blog posts, news, reviews, and articles both on-site and off-site,
  • rank tracking and finding a way into a high-competitive football games SERP market. 


We have also prepared and conducted an advanced paid YouTube campaign, creating brand awareness, gathering traffic, and increasing overall conversion. It resulted in us getting an extensive knowledge about target markets with a wide network of contacts to content creators and advertising agencies. We dealt with negotiating advertising contracts and the proper execution of commercials with taking into account YouTube ranking factors. 


The domain’s authority, brand awareness, and traffic constantly and steadily grows.

football team case study


Old domain results:traffic-main

New domain results:

new domain

Additionally, for every language version, there have been chosen keywords corresponding with the theme of the game. The game itself fits the intention of the user, that’s searching for them. An example:

keyword image

Moreover, we have organized a heavy YouTube campaign for the game from Russia to South America. We have contacted more than 1000 YouTube content creators, streamers on different platforms (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Live), and influencers on Instagram and TikTok related to the game.


Hundreds of hours spent on negotiations gave an effect of more than 35,000 new players on the Brasilian server, and 30,000 on the Russian and Latin American servers. 


Aside from the English language, the cooperations were established also in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Case study of Digital Goods web store

The second example is a web store specialized in selling digital goods from popular MMORPG games. After the initial analysis we discovered the following issues:

  • Internal and external duplicate content
  • A lack of friendly URLs
  • Single web page available in multiple variants (http, https, www. non-www)
  • No sitemaps
  • Poor loading time
  • Poor UX
  • A lack of correct metadata - titles, descriptions, and headlines.


First, we have prepared guidelines for the developers and we have eliminated errors with one web page available under different URL addresses. We created a unique content for each type of product. We prepared essential features for accessible content management. We have adjusted the UX, at the same time enhancing page load speed. The major difficulty derived from using 100% dedicated solutions.

first chart


In the later stages, we have focused on developing the company’s blog page and adding more products. The content previously made was optimized to be more browser-friendly. We have also performed A/B tests, that have improved the conversion rate which almost doubled the company’s income with the same amount of organic traffic.


second chart


Throughout the whole cooperation there have been offsite adtivities applied that relied mostly on link building targeted on the overall improvement of the domain authority and link profile. The activities have been intensified along with the improvement of the overall condition of the website.


The Project in numbers:

The growth of unique visitors from 2,001 in July 2017 to 25,407 in October 2020. It gives us 1169% increase comparing the initial month of the cooperation to the month before preparing this case study.


The number of keywords in Google in July, 2017:


Top 1-3 - 7 keywords

Top 3-10 - 4 keywords.

organic keywords


The number of keywords in Google in October, 2020:


Top 1-3 - 764 keywords (+ 10814%)

Top 3-10 - 3599 keywords (+ 89875%)

Case study of an auction platform

The third case we worked on is an auctioning platform that has been promoted by us since null traffic. At the stage of a prototype, there were guidelines for the developers prepared, as well as an SEO plan that covered the broad keyword research, long-term content plan, and the correct configuration of elements like titles, headlines, structured data, or meta descriptions. We have put a high emphasis on the page load speed, which included optimizing images in every single article and subpage, using CDN, lazy loading, and following suggestions from various page speed tools. 


A complex content plan for the blog was prepared to cover both evergreen topic and trending topics, following the updates and products important for the industry. The content is focused on specialization according to the E-A-T Google algorithm update. We have used a data-driven model in this project.



In just over two years we have managed to increase organic traffic to 250,000 page views monthly. The website had a little bump lately due to drastic changes in the Google algorithm, but it has been adjusted and re-optimized and it’s recovering its reaches.

organic top

organic 10



If we managed to convince you with our results, we await contact from you. SEO is heavily time-dependent, so waste no more time, and find the best treatment for your website. 


If you are not convinced, worry not! We have all tools for you to change your mind. Share your doubts with us, and we will use our knowledge and experience to make them fade away. We are confident that just one glance at your website will be enough for us to tell you, what can be improved, and how we could do it.


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