ppc campaign

ppc campaign

PPC campaign, easy-peasy, right? You have your money – you go & spend it.


Creating a GOOD PPC campaign is tricky, however. It’s not only thinking it through and set it up right from the start. It’s all about making the most out of your budget. Remember, money wrongly invested is money wasted. And nobody wants that.


It’s one thing if it’s your own money. Dealing with someone else’s budget might knock you over with a feather! Yes, it’s a far greater responsibility, but worry not, we’ve got you covered.



Regardless of what your gaming-related product is about, you don’t want to pay for the campaign that few sees. Your ads’ keywords suppose to have a high search volume and appear at the right moment of your customers’ journey.


Here at GamerSEO, we use various SEO tools to research the keywords that might bring the most traffic and conversion possible. When you consider placing a billboard in real life, you don’t want it standing off the beaten path. It’s all about maximizing your budget, after all.



SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consists of two portions - a free one & paid one. A company thinking of a particular industry area domination will use both. It will hire the best specialists to create unique, perfectly SEO-optimized quality content for every URL on the website. It will also reserve funds for advertising to develop the paid portion as well. A serious company will leave no room for the competition.


Now, what you’re about to do next is totally up to you: would you allow your competition to do whatever they want, or would you fight them till your last breath? There have been millions, if not billions, wasted in under-optimized ad campaigns. You don’t want to add to this, which is why you should consider using the professionals – like GamerSEO. We’ll help you make the most out of your advertising budget!



Please remember the Google Bot is working day and night, crawling the whole Internet in 3-6 months, meaning that every change you implemented to your website might take 3-6 months to reflect your standing. A paid ad campaign can bring significant results much faster than most SEO processes to get the same measurable results – just something to wrap your head around.


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