ppc campaign

ppc campaign

Creating a PPC campaign is easy - you take your money and put them in.


Creating a GOOD PPC campaign is actually hard. It’s not about setting it up from the beginning to the very end. It’s about making the most out of your budget. Remember that money invested the wrong way is money wasted. And nobody wants to waste money.


It’s half a trouble if it is your own money. However, dealing with someone’s budget might strike a fear in your heart, because of far greater responsibility. Worry not! We’re here to use our experience to help you out.


Keyword Research

Whatever your product is, you don’t want to pay for the campaign that no one ever finds. The keywords that your ads are supposed to be displayed must have high search volume, and be placed in the correct moment of customers journey.


We are using multiple SEO tools to research the potential keywords, that will bring the most traffic and conversion possible. After all, it’s all about maximizing your budget, right? When you’re planning to place a billboard in real-life, you don’t want it standing near the road that no one ever travels.


Why would I need a paid campaign?

SEM is divided into two major segments - free one and paid one. If a company is thinking about dominating a certain area of industry, it will attack both fields. It will hire the best specialists to create unique, quality content for every single URL on the website, which will be perfectly optimized in terms of SEO. It will also commit funds on paid advertising to develop the paid niche. A serious company will leave no room for competition.


Now you have two options - allow your competition to do whatever they want, or fight with them for every bit of the pie. If you have, let’s say, 50,000$ investment budget, and you don’t know how to multiply it to make profit, we’ll tell you - invest it in yourself. But do it wisely. There have been millions, if not billions, wasted in an underoptimized ad campaign. You don’t want to add to this, which is why you should trust us - the professionals. We’ll use our experience to make the most out of your advertising budget. 


Time is money

After a while on our site, you should be well aware of the fact, that most of the SEO processes take a lot of time to bring measurable results. The Google Bot crawls the whole Internet every 3-6 months, meaning that every change that you implemented to your website will take 3-6 months to affect its position. On the other hand, paid ads campaign can bring considerable results much faster.


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