seo audit

seo audit

If you don’t have much experience with Search Engine Optimization and are looking for an SEO audit, we can assume an issue with your website. Is your online visibility somewhat low compared to your competitors? Is this your “issue”?



You don’t have to be an engineer to tell me if there’s something wrong with your computer, do you? Let’s compare poor visibility to a PC malfunction for the sake of argument. What do you do when your personal computer is not working as it should? You Google it, search through forums, post on social media, and probably panic a lot. You check the Task Manager, Temperature, run Diagnosis, Anti-malware Scan, Defragmentation, Register Cleaning, and even consider wiping your HDD. And then, when nothing worked - you take it to the Specialist.

In SEO language - we’re Specialists with years and years of experience. No matter what is wrong with your website, we’ll figure it out just by analyzing it and running a few tests, resulting in a thorough diagnosis with a treatment plan.



Countless factors are influencing your page rank. We cover them all.

  • Google visibility;
  • Link profiles;
  • Backlink’s quality and quantity;
  • Page load speed;
  • Duplicate content;
  • Keyword analysis;
  • Structured data;
  • Meta descriptions;
  • Sitemaps;
  • Competition analysis;
  • Broken URLs;
  • On-page content quality analysis;
  • etc.


How about links that need to be disavowed or your domain history? People say there are 200 ranking factors in Google. There are way more, actually. These are the tip of the iceberg of activities that we can perform during a said audit. The fewer services you order, the cheaper it’ll be. The deeper the audit is, the higher it cost. Regardless, we’ll get to the bottom of it.



SEO is critical if you want to position your business in Search Engines well. Learning all the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimizations takes many years, which is why some SEO specialists tend to charge insane amounts of money. Don’t worry – GamerSEO consists of reasonable people. So, tell us, How Much would You Pay for Higher Sales?


The price of an audit depends on the complexity of a task. Smaller websites like blogs with low URLs will are faster to analyze than a huge e-commerce shop with thousands of different products.


So how much is it? Top SEO companies will demand a train loaded with gold because, well, they’re enormous. They have extensive infrastructure and staff that they need to upkeep. Some smaller agencies can also demand, well, maybe a half of said train, rationalizing that one way or another, while in reality, it is just a cash grab. Our prices are affordable and based purely on the amount of work to be done to improve your website’s ratings!



When you see a significant traffic decline, you should look for a professional SEO audit. Reportedly there are hundreds of Google algorithm updates every year. Every update can ruin your traffic, so it’s important to keep up with those changes. However, as we all know, someone who’s busy running a company doesn’t have time to check every Google update. 


Also, each time you’re creating a new website or migrating the old one, you should check its condition while it’s still in the developer’s mode. You can allow yourself to be invisible in Google for a while.


Lastly, when your previous SEO attempts produced poor results, it might be a good idea to verify it by ordering an external audit.



Some people claim that they’ve paid a lot to different SEO companies for audits, and it gave them nothing, but they forget to mention that they didn’t make an effort to implement these changes. To make it clear - the audit we perform is passive. It means that we point out what needs to be changed. We will not implement these changes. It’s on you!


Ordering an audit is one side of the coin but a vital sign that you feel responsible for the company and your employees and even their families, making you a Good Boss! And a good boss knows when it’s time for a change.


⊕ Do you need to fill every page with at least 500 words? Please do it.


⊗ Do you need to fire your back-end developer for numerous mistakes? Yeah, you do.


⊕ You need to change the domain because Google sees you as an enemy? Guess what?


We will not sugarcoat the situation and tell you what you’d like to hear. We want honesty on both ends of the deal. If your website needs changes, we’ll say it. SEO is the change.

See where we’re going?


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