seo consultation

seo consultation

Would you like to improve your website’s organic traffic to climb to the top of the Google Search Page? Do you want to increase your conversion and sales through SEO? Of course, you do. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.



It’s you & our SEO expert discussing the most troubling issues about your website. As we all know, visibility in Google is crucial in modern-day and time. Some say that if you’re not on the first page of Google results - you don’t exist. Placing a giant billboard next to the highway with your contact details and services offered is not enough to bring a customer to you these days. With the constant growth of digital and its importance, there is no way for you to succeed without a good website.


You need to be present on the Internet, but your website has to be well-optimized and Google-friendly too. Do you have time to learn the ins and outs of SEO, however? Maybe you should cooperate with an SEO company instead - like GamerSEO. Why? Because we’re the best in what we do -  elite gamers and specialists in the gaming world; thus, we understand every gamer’s needs. We’re your target auditory!


There are two main checking tools to see if the website is doing fine or not - the audit and the consultation.



You have probably noticed both among our services, and you may ask: “What are those two? Isn’t it the same thing?” Nope, it’s not. An audit is an in-depth, thorough analysis of your website from A to Z, checking every small thing affecting organic traffic and visibility. On the other hand, the consultation is not that detailed, yet still helpful. The basic premise is that you set up a meeting with our SEO specialist, and you consult for a few hours, as simple as that. You show us your website; we check it with our SEO tools and eventually inform you what’s wrong and what has to be updated. Think of it as bringing your car to a mechanic, but instead of leaving it there for a whole week, the mechanic tells you why the dreadful “Check Engine” indicator is blinking and how to fix it.



SEO Consultation is faster than SEO Audit. It’s the best option for companies that are looking for quick feedback. A consultation can take a few hours, while a full audit can last for days or even weeks. In some cases and industries, time is the essence. Thus, if you need quick feedback and few tips on what’s wrong with your website and what to do next, this solution is for you.


Secondly, it’s cost-efficient. A full audit, analyzing every bit of your website, will always be more expensive than a short consultation. The fee is hourly based too. You order one or two hours of services; ask whatever is worrying you about your site; get our feedback, and you’re good to go implementing that.


You have to bear in mind the severity. Say you have a minor issue with traffic, like the newest Google Algorithm Update messing with your organic traffic. In that case, you’ll be better off ordering a quick analysis with our SEO specialist instead of a complete audit.


And let’s not forget the implementation question. Let’s assume you have at least some SEO knowledge, and you can implement our suggestions on your own. All you need is a point in the right direction.


Finally - the verification. Perhaps you’ve done some SEO in the past, but you are still far from being satisfied. If you want to check whether if you’re doing well or not, it’ll be better for you to order a consultation rather than the complete audit, for example. It will give results faster and wouldn’t burn the hole in your pockets.


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