seo strategies

seo strategies

SEO is a long-term process, as reportedly it takes around four months for changes that we apply to affect our Google ratings. Nothing happens overnight. A huge part of SEO is patience and planning. Are you about to open an e-commerce store? Or maybe you already have it, but it gathers meager traffic? If you're reading these words, it means, that you don’t know how to improve your position. You don’t have a plan.

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. 



SEO is way more than just having a well-written on-page content and some high quality links. There are a couple of hundred factors that Google takes into account while ranking the page. If we add regular vast updates and new algorithms, it’s a lot of knowledge to be handled. Most people don’t have enough free time to learn it. They have a company to run, right?


We think of everything. A website is like a raid to kill the newest boss. You need to take care of many small things, mechanics, positioning, DPS, healing, etc. Take one element away, and you fail. The same goes for a website - written content, loading speed, the design, headlines, call to action - if any of these don't funtion well, your website will not convert well. In the times of hard competition and a constant struggle for every customer, it would be a costly mistake, that none of these companies can allow themselves for.



Just as we said, we have a knowledge of all factors and small things that are influencing your website’s position in Google from page load speed through the on-site content up until the off-site activities. Most importantly, we are experts in gaming, from both active and passive aspects. We are not only running gaming-related business ,but we alos play games. We know your needs, and we know how to fulfill them. During our analysis we check each and every one of them, testing whether it’s a cause of the problem or not. Also, we provide our customers with a solution for each problem.


An initial audit is not enough. In addition to it, we guarantee you a thorough, in-depth plan for the future. Quality content, publishing guidelines, a list of do’s and don’t’s, and most importantly - keywords research. Namely, we offer you a deep research and using only those keywords that are creating a conversion, not only sheer traffic. To put it into perspective -  we are not killing one boss here. We are creating a whole leveling strategy for your character (website), so that you are able to take on any boss to come.


With our SEO strategy, not only will you have a guaranteed traffic and conversion increase, but also it’ll result in you learning new things, that you will use in the future. 



We have worked with numerous websites that, thanks to us, increased their visibility considerably, thus multiplying their income. No words speak for ourselves like the results of our clients. We have countless pages ranking in top 10 in SERP built from scratch or improved from existing ones. 



Creating and implementing an SEO campaign takes a lot of time, and we are well aware of it. We will stay with you as long as it’s required, instead of walking away after a week as some companies do.


You can ask us anything anytime. After all, it’s your business. We’re just helping you out. We are also aware that in these tough times there are a lot of scammers and schemers, trying to fraud honest business owners, relying on the lack of knowledge. We do not practise such a maleficent activities. In SEO, the reputation is king, for both our clients and us. The positive opinion of our past clients should be more than enough proof of our capabilities and effectiveness.


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