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social media

Today, Social Media became an Internet powerhouse in terms of the online marketing. They say, that when you don’t have a Social Media account, it’s identical to non-existence. It may not be true for the human beings living far away from the technology, but if you are running a business it’s 100% correct. Not having a strong presence in the Internet as a company makes you invisible. Nowadays, the first thing people do when they seek something, is to Google it. Refusing to have Social Media profiles, you’re making yourself basically invisible and you miss a vast area of competition.


“I don’t have time for this!” you may say, and it is where we come in. With us, you’ll have a strong social media presence, online visibility, recognition, all of this while wasting no time.


What do you need?

Social media is a broad branch, as there are many different platforms offering various services. Learning all of their ins and outs may take a while, and sometimes even college studies are not enough to fully comprehend and utilize its potential. It is especially true when you’re trying to run a successful business. Don’t worry, we’ll handle it for you. What is that we can do for you?



Naming all pro-business features on Facebook is a tall task. At this point, it is possible to create a fully functional company website on FB. It is faster, cheaper, and easier than creating a well-developed website with separate domain. 



This medium offers fewer features than Facebook, and these are not that complex, but it is way more accessible to publicly communicate than on the former one. A large following community is priceless in terms of passing the information through. Twitter with its simplicity offers enormous potential in terms of creating virals. 



Just like Twitter, Instagram has less features than Facebook, but it makes it more clear and accessible. What you see there, are pictures with descriptions and hashtags that can cause a content to go viral with ease. An Instagram is a great way to show the “behind the scenes” of your business. With a quick Insta Story, you can brief your followers about the current situation of your company. Outside of that, it also helps you generate organic traffic and expand your reach.


Depending on the type of the business, Instagram can enable you to collaborate with serious influencers. Some of them would be willing to review your product for the prize of donating it to them, which again shows it to the mass audience. Once hashtag can redirect huge traffic to your Instagram profile, as well as other social media profiles.


Brand Communication Strategy

In the first place, we analyze the current state of the communication (if there was any). Then we figure out the most optimal way to communicate like the form of the social media posts, communication language, the publications timeframe, topics and ideas, and the overall goals of the communications. There has to be a plan, a specific target and channels selection for it all to work out. Without a plan every implementation will end up being chaotic and eventually useless.


What you gain cooperating with us?

We are experienced in managing social media profiles, utilizing all of their features to your advantage.


You have no profiles? Worry not! We’ll create them for you from scratch. It includes building wide, active communities around them, for the profile alone is nothing without people noticing it. We will also build groups dedicated towards your products. We’ll keep them constantly engaged by adding posts, updates, pictures, contests, and events. Your social media profile needs to be active and gripping, and it ours job to keep it that way for you to focus entirely on running the business.


We’ll be responsible for building a positive image of your company in social media and keeping it that way for the whole duration of our cooperation. Many huge brands were built around social media - your brand can join them.


We’re cooperative in that regard, so at the end of the day you have a total control over your social media profiles.


You can trust us with that. Let’s face it, we’ve seen more than enough instances where the person responsible for taking care of the social media profile did something wrongfully. We’ve seen many times PR-ruining posts, tweets.


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