youtube campaigns

youtube campaigns

YouTube has massive advertising potential if only you know how to utilize it to its fullest. How many times did you watch a simple, short video mindlessly? How many ads did you notice?


Advertising, Shoutouts, and Sponsored Material are by far the best money for a YouTube content creator. It is why this method of business promotion is booming: the more significant the channel is, the more enormous its potential. We have cooperated with many content creators, and with our approach, we can help you make use of your advertising budget to the maximum.



Good. Our response would be: “What kind of?”


Saying that you want to promote your business on YouTube is not saying much. There are many possibilities; let us guide you to find the best one for your business.



A moment when the content creator says: “This video is sponsored by…” and then they talk about your product (or a company) for 20-30 seconds is a shoutout. Of course, if the YouTuber works in gaming, it might be weird if he suddenly starts advertising real estate products. Choose carefully!


Alternatively, our team will select content creators matching your game-related business and expectations ideally so that you could capitalize on your advertising budget.



It is another way of marking your presence on the web. An author of the video can pin your text as a “comment” at the very top, making it visible for all users. It’s cheaper and more accessible than “renting” 30 seconds of the same video, too. More and more people tend to slide down while watching a YouTube video to see what other people think. A popular, highly-viewed video has a great potential to reach many new customers and increase traffic significantly.



This form of YouTube advertising is way less prevalent because of the increasing popularity of AdBlock. Bear in mind that the cost of preparing such a commercial is on you, and it’s less likely that the ad will match the video material’s niche, as it’s it has an automatic placement. Also, viewers usually do not pay much attention to those ads. Still, if you have an advertising budget to spend, it’s another option worth considering.



We all know those YouTubers who have built their careers and fan bases on testing and reviewing certain products. Regardless of what you’re producing or selling, collaboration with a specialized content creator might help immensely. Do you develop a new type of gamepad? Perhaps someone like Dave2D would like to give it a try? Are you selling AAA games? There are more than enough YouTubers who would be delighted to review it!


Targeting is another benefit. A cooperation with an expert in a particular area guarantees that your advertising is delivered straight to people interested in it. Currently, YouTube is soaking with brands, topics, and themes. Some Content Creators have gathered large audiences around them. Having hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers shows trust and quality of said content. It’s everything that you could ask for - the viewer base, the expertise, and the confidence that you don’t have to build from scratch.


Specialization is the key here. For example, if you are working on a Skyrim Killer, collaborating with Skallagrim will deliver your product directly to the fans of medieval armament and swordsmanship. Many of them are gamers too!


Our task here is finding the right YouTube channel, matching your game-related business to get the most of your marketing budget.

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