link building

link building

Creating backlinks is a constant back and forth between Google and SEO specialists. Back in the day, all that you had to do to rank high in Google was to fill in the Title and the description. However, as time went by more and more websites figured that out, and matched the requirements. It is when Google decided to take recommendations into account. The new algorithm started to count backlinks. As soon as people understood that, there have been countless backlinks farms created, that contained thousands of links. It sufficed for the time being, but then the search engine giant realized, what’s going on, and started to check links. 


Quality Backlinks

“25,000 backlinks for $10!”

How many offers like that have you seen? Probably a couple of them at least, if you made it to our website. If you ever spent 10 bucks for these links, you may have needed to disavow them right after, as these were trashy links. These are the kind of backlinks that are calling Google: “Give me a penalty!”


Only links that are naturally placed on strong domains can offer you a considerable ranking power. We know our job. We’ve spent an infinity searching through forums, writing partnership articles, exchanging links, and many more. The number of tricks we know could be enough for a whole cycle of courses. 


Field of expertise

According to latest changes in algorithm, field of expertise matters. The more specialized the domain that has your backlink, the higher the quality. If you are running, for example, a sports shop, we will not provide you with random links from cat lovers forum. And all the way around, for a cat lover blog we will not provide links from sports shop.


Google understands that, so do we. No matter what your business is, we will adjust links we acquire to it, so that you look like an expert without a doubt. 

Balanced link profile

We understand that the most important factor for ranking high in Google is… competition. There is no perfect link profile, and the guidelines are changing. However, one thing remaining constant is your competition.


Sure, you may say: “But my competition also changes” and you’ll be right. But the constant thing is that your competition is there. Whoever ranks top 10 for your desired keyword, they have a certain link profile. Recreating it is crucial if you want to rank high as well and compete for the top spot in SERP.


We analyze your competition carefully, and recreate their links profile so that you are as competent in the eyes of Google as possible. It is why with our services you will rank high.


Our job is not done after the link is acquired. We keep an eye on it, for some of them may disappear overnight. Harvesting 100 backlinks, where none of them will work is a waste of time for us and for you.


We keep every link in a register and we’re checking it periodically to see if it’s alive or not. Some links may have been removed, moderated, or incorrect. We don’t leave them like this. 


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