link building

link building

Link building is one of the three most important aspects allowing a website to rank high in the search results and appear in your buyer persona’s SERP searches; you need to have a solid and robust strategy that will help you find high-quality links. The other two are high-quality content and user-friendly design of your page, in case you were wondering.



“25K backlinks for $10!”

Link Building is the process of becoming linked from a third-party website, receiving extra traffic, increasing the trustworthiness (Domain Authority) and credibility of your website.

It’s also an indication for Google that your website deserves to rank higher in a specific keyword combination.

So those mentioned above wouldn't do.



Well, no. This process takes time and effort; typically, a link-building strategy lasts a minimum of six (!) months. But, if you do it right, you’ll notice a significant growth in your traffic and revenue. To achieve it, you have to:

  • Build relationships with web admin;
  • Create your reader’s persona focused content;
  • Place content in authoritative and relevant niche websites;
  • Use various link-building strategies;
  • Measure the results and update your approach when needed.

Comprehension of the importance of both backlinks & outbound links should account for a portion of your SEO resources and strategy from the get-go.

Even though planning a link-building strategy looks more challenging than it may seem – it’s still best if you work with someone who knows what they’re doing, like us at GamerSEO, for example.

Consider this - not all the links are equal; they don’t “act” the same.

If you make the wrong choice (like using PBN’s, non-relevant websites, to name but a few), you can end up lowering your website’s authoritativeness beyond repair. That’s why those are vital elements that can drive you towards success.



To trust our work, you have to know how we get our backlinks and our pipeline for the process in general. To illustrate:

  1. We have a database of niche websites that we have already worked on in the past. They are as relevant as you can get;

  2. We search for new authoritative and relevant websites to get in touch with to publish content on your behalf in the future;

  3. We negotiate the terms and conditions of the articles we will publish once we start our conversations with the web admins. We deal with all the criteria like length, duration on the homepage, and placement;

  4. Once the above is covered, we can start writing the content. We will consider the type of articles and news the website uploads to be as natural as possible. Here’s where we insert your URL as a backlink;

  5. We ensure that the content is published in the discussed time frame and stays online for the set duration;

  6. We provide you with reports on where the links are published. We include URL, domain name, and any other relevant information.

To elaborate further, here’re the types of backlinks we work on:

  • We focus on the gaming niche, where our team elaborates high-quality content.
  • Real websites only. We don’t use PBN’s, comment linking, social media links, or any other type of spam and black hat strategies.

We are aware of many ways to get high-quality backlinks for your website; we’re SEO specialists, after all. So, hear this:

It would be best if you weren’t building links recklessly.

We’re offering customer-oriented services - we take into consideration the website type and rank up keywords you have to find locations that fit best. Thanks to our SEO-optimized content, customization, and strong relationships with such places, we can publish without any delay. None of our strategies violates Google’s Webmasters Guidelines, and the sites we use have high SEO value and authority.



The answer is no. Each web admin has his criteria to maintain content alive, so there may be situations where the content gets offline eventually. If this happens, we commit to replacing the removed link with another one with the same DA and niche, without any extra charge for three months.

With GamerSEO, you can start to work on your link-building strategy within your budget today.

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