Google Ads Examples to Inspire Your Next Ad Campaigns

Creating a Google Ads campaign can be a challenging task, especially when considering its numerous possibilities. The results can be influenced by various factors, from the platforms to the type of ad you’ll run.

Through your Google Ads account, you can explore endless possibilities, letting you create content that goes from video ads to simple ad copy. There’s no right or wrong when creating Google ad campaigns; it depends on the product or service you’re selling and what your audience wants to see.

If you still don’t know what type of search ad you want to create, don’t worry. This article is for you. 

We will show you numerous examples of what you can do to promote your business, whether you’re looking for examples on the Google display network, shopping ads, or any other type of marketing the platform allows you to do. Make sure to take a look at the examples and tips to help you generate insights on what you can do to successfully promote your business.

Google Ads Examples to Inspire Your Campaign

image showing multiple Google Ads landing page examples along with the platform logo on the left

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Google Ads campaigns ever created for the numerous platforms of the company. Make sure to look at each one to see what makes them unique and how you can do the same to make your business shine among the competition. 

Don’t forget to add your DNA to the campaigns so they look like the rest of your communication and not just a copy of someone’s ad. Originality is also crucial in attracting customers and making your marketing actions appealing.

Here are some of the best Google ad campaigns ever created:

SEMrush Approach on Competitors

screenshot from SEMrush text ad on Google search engine results page

This is a great Google ad example of how to use your competitors to boost your searches and drive traffic to your website. Semrush noticed that it was common for its target audience to look for alternatives for their services.

With this in mind, they created an article talking about the main alternatives to their services and promoted the article on the SERPs with a paid campaign. Even though the user will be looking at competitors and alternatives for their services, SEMrush is still generating user engagement and driving traffic to their web page.

Bidding on “X alternatives” is a great way to gather users from other competitors and can generate a great ROI if done correctly. Sometimes, talking about competitors is not necessarily a bad thing.

Adsmurai PPC Max Example

image of a PPC Max Campaign showing the same ad throughout different platforms from Google

This might not be a real case, but it surely exemplifies how local businesses can benefit from search terms and a proper Google Ads strategy. In the example above, you can see a business using a PPC Max campaign, which allows you to use the entire Google Ads inventory in your favor to create ads on the supported platforms.

You can have a local clothing store, for example, and with the right keywords and strategy, the volume of customers can be drastically increased. You can run ads on Google Shopping so people can easily visualize your products when looking for clothes. On top of that, you can combine it with Google Maps ads, so when potential customers use it, your store will be recommended to them.

PPC Max is a great way to help your business grow as fast as possible and combines all the best elements of Google Ads to help with this task. All of that, combined with the sharp and precise algorithm of the platform, is the recipe for success, whether you’re a small or big company.

Grammarly YouTube Ad

screenshot from Grammarly ad on youtube

If you plan on doing video ads on YouTube, this advertisement from Grammarly is the perfect example of mixing great storytelling with creative CTA. Instead of just choosing a boring CTA like “correct your grammar” or “join us now,” the marketing team chose the phrase “turn ideas into action,” evoking our emotions and creative side.

All of this, combined with a catchy and emotional video in the background, creates an ad that is more likely to convert new users. It is a powerful example of using the YouTube advertisement space to convert and generate new leads.

Another particular characteristic of this CTA is that the second phrase complements it, answering. Turn Ideas Into Action. How? By getting your tone just right.

It aims at the pain point of the potential Grammarly customers and brings a message that will increase brand awareness and, more likely, convert impressions into customers. More than just gathering one thousand ad impressions or appearing to as many users as possible, the campaign’s emotional side can help drive qualified traffic and increase the click-through rate.

GWI Discovery Ads

screenshot from a GWI ad on Google discovery

Google Discovery ads are one of the most promising tools of the ads platform and can help you quickly make your brand known through the different ad spaces provided by Google. One example of how to make quality Discovery ads is GWI’s approach to YouTube discovery ad placement.

When advertising on the video platform, your options go far beyond just skippable videos. You can create intractable cards and many other marketing placements to help you gather clicks and visitors to your landing page.

The best part of Discovery ads is that they aim at customers who are already interested in products and services like yours. For this reason, its conversion rate is usually higher than in other types of ads, being able to increase your ROAS up to 62%

Rather than just presenting your product or brand to people, the Discovery ad helps users discover your solution to their problems. In this aspect, this kind of ad is very similar to paid social in its objective.

Why Google Ads Are the Best Pick

illustration of a woman painting a canva and buying art supplies on google shopping

There are several platforms to choose from when doing paid advertisement, but Google Ads is still the best option, regardless of your industry. Running Google ads brings you numerous advantages for a series of reasons. Some of the main ones are:

Larger Visibility

If you want your search ads to be seen by the largest number of users, there’s no better option. According to data collected from Google, calculated that the search engine counts over a trillion searches per year, being the most used engine in over 90% of the countries.

Your ads will be seen by many users searching for your company or relevant keywords related to it every single day. Whether doing Google Shopping ads or any other kind, you ensure the best results for lead generation and reaching more potential customers.

There’s no other strategy like creating Google search ads regarding the number of impressions. This makes it one of the best platforms for any industry and business.

Platform and Type Variety

Another highlight from Google that makes it the best option is that you can create different ad groups on various platforms. You’re not restricted only to text ads on the results pages. 

The possibilities are endless, going from Google Discovery ads throughout all company spaces to in-feed video ads on YouTube, for example. 

You can create smart campaigns not limited to a specific format, being the perfect alternative for both online and local businesses. This doesn’t mean you can’t do standard Google ads on SEPRs. They’re still a favorite among Google Ads users, whether because of their simplicity or the huge return on investment some of them can have.

The most common platforms and ad types are:

  • Text Ads
  • Responsive Ads
  • Display Ads
  • App Campaigns
  • Video Ads
  • In-Feed YouTube Ads
  • Google Maps Ads
  • Others

Tools and Features

Another reason Google Ads are so popular among marketers of all industries is that it provides users with some of the most powerful tools for creating quality advertising campaigns. That includes features to monitor your landing page and your performance in the search engine results page to real-time metrics for your video ad and search campaigns.

Google Ads has existed for over a decade, directly impacting the depth of content and customization you can find when running a Google ad. Over time, the company added even more possibilities for business owners trying to market their companies. Some of these additions are:

  • Ad Extensions
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Dashboard Synchronization
  • Keyword Research Tools

Whether you’re running ads on the Google Merchant Center, in the Google Shopping tab, or in any other place, you’ll find numerous features to back you up and make every step easier and more optimized.

Google Ads Tips to Increase Success in the Advertising Platform

iamge of a laptop displaying data regarding a google ads campaign

Understanding Google Ads and how to make your ads stand out amidst competition is essential for achieving desired results in your business. Be sure to review each aspect carefully to optimise your marketing efforts on the platform for the best possible outcomes.

Whether running a standard text ad campaign or any other kind of ad placement, each tip can impact your marketing actions and help you reach the target audience. Here are some of the most important tips when trying to create ads on Google’s platform:

Research Your Audience

As we mentioned, Google allows you to market your business in various platforms and formats. But this doesn’t mean they all are equally effective.

You need to understand your audience and learn what content they consume to make the most effective Google ad. 

For example, if you work for a video games company, doing skippable in-stream ads will be more effective than email ads on Gmail. On the other hand, a newsletter is the complete opposite, and email marketing can be one of the most effective types of marketing to invest in.

Understanding who you’re marketing to is important before deciding on the ad format. Otherwise, you might not achieve the desired metrics or reach a thousand ad impressions that don’t convert or generate positive results for your business.

Matching Ad and Landing Page

Another aspect many marketers forget when creating their Google ad strategy is to match the visual IDs of both the website and the ad. If your business already has a solid visual ID, ensure it is also present on your ads, especially if you’re doing display or video advertising.

This matching visual ID ensures the user knows he has been redirected to the right landing page. If your landing pages differ from the ad group, the user might not complete the desired action or feel like the ad was a scam.

Moreover, a strong ID helps with brand awareness and makes your efforts more visually appealing, whether regarding the ads themselves or the web pages. It is an important part of building a solid and well-known brand.

Keyword Research

image showing multiple search bars with the words keyword research written around them

If you want to reach a high ad rank, keyword research is one of the most essential parts of a campaign. Search results are the most used part of the entire Google environment, and don’t think you’re the only one doing paid advertisement in your industry.

This is why having good keyword research and bidding on the right terms can give you such a great advantage. Since Google works with PPC campaigns instead of paid social, like Facebook, it is keyword-driven. Targeting keywords is an important part and will impact the entire strategy. Understanding which terms your target audience searches for when using the platform is indispensable for reaching and turning them into potential customers.

Looking for the best keyword phrase to put on your texts and ad description impacts your paid ads and your organic search result. You can use the same search keyword for both SEO and PPC efforts.

If you don’t know how to find the best keywords, don’t worry. Here are some tools you can use for this task:

The right set of keywords is the key to gathering more website traffic, whether through paid ads or organic placements in the search results. Make sure to invest in this aspect of your campaign if you want the best results possible.

File Type and Size

Even though Google supports a huge variety of formats, their guidelines are very strict regarding file size and which kind of digital asset is supported in each platform. Pay attention to these details when optimizing Google Ads or creating your campaign to avoid problems like files larger than what Google allows.

Google also provides clear articles about these guidelines, so you can easily check them. For example, if you plan on running display or bumper ads, you can check Google’s official article, which talks about all the aspects you need to know when creating the artistic part of it.

If you want the best results when running Google Ads campaigns, hiring a professional company to develop and execute your marketing strategy is best. There are several reasons why hiring professionals can drastically improve your results, mainly thanks to the experience and market notion that, when combined, can be strong allies for creating quality content.

At GamerSEO, we have the best professionals on the market, with years of experience, to ensure the best results for your marketing efforts. Whether you need simple keyword research or a complete campaign strategy, we work side-by-side with you to create a plan directly aimed at your goals and objectives.

From Google Ads campaigns to SEO strategies to make you highlight on SERPs, we have everything you need to take your business to the next level. Join us, and let’s create quality marketing together.

Conclusion on Google Ads Examples

illustration of a woman creating ads for her products on Google

Google Ads is one of the best platforms for making your business known locally or globally. To do this, you have a series of ad placement options and formats at your disposal, allowing your creativity to flow.

Thanks to this, you can create original ads that reflect your company and the type of communication you want to be known for. This creative freedom, combined with good strategy planning, is the key to achieving the best results when advertising on the platform.

We showed you some of the best examples of the different ways you can use Google Ads in your favor to make your business grow. Before choosing the format, make sure to research your audience to understand where they are and what they want to see when scrolling through your advertisement.

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