The Best Influencer Marketing KPIs for Your Business

influencer marketing kpis

Everyone trying to develop a business in this digital world knows how hard it can be. Besides advertisement, digital marketing, and a good SEO strategy, Influencer Marketing Campaigns are another critical factor that can help you stand out compared to your competitors. To build up a successful influencer marketing campaign, you must understand exactly what … Read more

Sponsored Content vs Native Advertising – Big Differences, Great Results

If your ad placement strategy fails to create engagement, then your business will be long forgotten in a sea full of other alternatives. We all want our website to have visibility, but the digital marketing world is now more competitive than ever before. Consumers are constantly bombarded with ads by businesses. Naturally, we all want … Read more

How to Improve Click-Through Rate – Tips to Take Into Consideration

how to improve ctr

In online businesses, marketplaces, or stores, the click rate is one of the main aspects when it comes to convertibility and successful sales. Click rate represents the number of potential customers that are interested in purchasing your product or service. In this guide, we are going to address: Let’s take a look at the different … Read more

Startup Conferences 2024 – Best Events You Must Attend

best conferences for marketers 2024

Being an entrepreneur is an ever-learning path on how to run a business. You could say that about any business industry, but starting out is usually the hardest. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, learning from industry leaders, or choosing the best startup – it’s not that obvious for aspiring entrepreneurs. Therefore, if … Read more

Best Conferences for Marketers That Will Inspire Your Team

best conferences for marketers

Digital marketing has faced some serious improvements in recent years. AI business is getting stronger than ever, with over 15,000 new companies in the US alone, not to mention two new social media platforms (Lemon8 and Threads). Therefore, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. As we inch closer to 2024, digital marketing … Read more

How to Get Quality Traffic to Your Website – [20 Effective Ways]

how to get quality traffic to your website

High-quality website traffic is everything for a web business. Conversions and effective sales of your brand depend on it. Regular traffic is actually nothing if users don’t convert.  With this in mind, we have brought for you this “How to Get Quality Traffic to your Website Guide” so you can get quality traffic and more … Read more

How Much Cost eCommerce Website? – Check the Real Costs!

how much cost ecommerce website

We are in the era of digitalization. Not having your store or your business online will result in your audience choosing other alternatives. It is extremely important to create an eCommerce website in order to have a chance against your competition. Nonetheless, not all people know how much an eCommerce website costs. It’s not about … Read more

How to Increase Sales in eCommerce [12 Data-Packed Ideas]

how to increase sales in ecommerce

By 2022, eCommerce sales are predicted to account for 20% of global retail sales. That’s a massive jump from only 10% in 2017, showing a doubling in just five years. Becoming an increasingly important part of the consumer experience worldwide, eCommerce offers immense opportunities for business owners. However, many businesses struggle with taking advantage of … Read more