How to Increase Sales in eCommerce [12 Data-Packed Ideas]

how to increase sales in ecommerce

By 2022, eCommerce sales are predicted to account for 20% of global retail sales. That’s a massive jump from only 10% in 2017, showing a doubling in just five years. Becoming an increasingly important part of the consumer experience worldwide, eCommerce offers immense opportunities for business owners. However, many businesses struggle with taking advantage of … Read more

Why Hire Influencer Marketing Agencies? [List of Top Agencies]

influencer marketing agencies

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a major that isn’t working with an influencer to advertise its products or services. Influencer marketing campaigns have taken the toll as a great tool to reach new customers from social media while carried out by influencer marketing agencies. Influencer advertising is worth the investment whether you want to promote … Read more

Best Blog Examples for Business – Let’s Learn From the Best in the Industry

best blog examples for business

Having a business blog is not optional these days. The competition is fierce and, guess what? – they are also targeting your ideal audience. As a company, we must definitely provide something more than just products and services. People are not just customers anymore: they also are users.  Business blogging is not only about creating … Read more

Email CTR – What is Click-Through Rate and How to Improve It

Email CTR - What is Click-Through Rate and How to Improve It

Creating successful email marketing campaigns is not easy at all. There are significant challenges that many marketers need to overcome to ensure the effectiveness of an email message. But how do we measure email effectiveness? Of course, some essential factors like having the emails delivered or achieving a good email open rate are extremely important. … Read more

How To Write a Case Study – Let’s Provide Trustworthiness and Results

how to write a case study

In the world of business, first impressions are crucial, especially during those pivotal moments when you’re engaging with a potential client. When hesitation lingers in the air and uncertainty looms, what can tip the scales in your favor?  The answer lies in the art of storytelling – specifically, the art of crafting compelling case studies. … Read more

Marketing Agency for Startups and How to Evaluate them!

marketing agency for startups

Small businesses and startups play a crucial role in driving the global economy, accounting for a significant portion of economic activity in both Western and Eastern regions. Despite their importance, startups, which often have a limited operating history, face the challenge of effectively promoting their products and services to secure capital, attract new customers, and … Read more

User Acquisition – 9 Tips to Attract More Customers

User acquisition with a professional mobile marketing agency

User Acquisition, or UA, is an essential practice within any brand marketing strategy. You can reach many new users and early adopters for your product, app, game, or different product through this activity.  User acquisition works through several strategies that your company can adopt to enhance the reach out of your project. User acquisition is … Read more

How to Write Influencer Contract Template [Examples Included]

influencer contract template

Today, 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family.  What’s more, influencer marketing generates 11 times as much return on investment (ROI) compared to traditional digital marketing methods. All that proves that social media influencers have already surpassed TV celebrities. However, to establish successful influencer marketing campaigns, both parties need to … Read more