10 Gamers Types and Bartle Player Taxonomy

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In the gaming industry, understanding the landscape of gamer types is crucial for developers aiming to craft experiences that resonate with a broad audience. At the heart of this endeavor lies the concept of gamification. But what is gamification exactly? It’s a strategy that employs game mechanics to engage users and influence behavior. As more … Read more

Ultimate Guide for Creating Quality Marketing for Gaming Industry

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Everybody loves playing video games, and there are hundreds of titles being released every day, whether console or mobile games. With this comes the necessity of a good marketing strategy to make your game known among the competition. However, video game marketing is challenging, primarily due to the need to deliver the precise type of … Read more

Easy Tips on How to Do Marketing for Gamers

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When dealing with video game advertising, marketing professionals have to consider many different details. Each platform lives its own life, requiring different marketing solutions to reach its community. From Sony’s console games campaigns to King’s advertisement campaigns for their mobile games, the selected strategy is well-thought by dozens of professionals before launch. This is to … Read more

Easy Steps on Marketing Indie Games

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The everyday growth of the video game industry opened space for indie developers to enter this competitive market and start creating their titles without the help of big companies. However, it comes with the necessity of an effective marketing strategy to guarantee the game’s success among numerous titles released daily. From mobile games to console … Read more