Google Ads Extensions – How Can it Benefit You?

Google Ads has proven to be one of the best ways of marketing your products and services online. With almost 9 billion daily searches, you can count on someone stumbling upon your company at some point.

So, to help you advertise on this platform, we have prepared a walkthrough of all the best ad extensions you can use in your Google Ads account. We’ll go video, affiliate location extensions, call extension, and many more – all useful and productive! So, without further ado, let’s dive into some Google Ad extensions.

Manual and Automated Extensions

Manual and Automated Extensions

First, look at the most basic way to filter any good Google Ad extension. There is a difference between automated and manual ad extensions. Both are great for some purposes and worse for others, so let’s review each to see whether they would fit you well.

Manual Extensions Google Ads

Let’s start with manual extensions. Those are the ones that grant you full control over your ad campaigns and grant you complete customization options to change things up anytime you want. You can change what appears in the extension, what information is displayed, and who the target audience of this particular ad will be. You will also be able to monitor and optimize however you want with no issues whatsoever.

Automated Extensions Google Ads

On the other side of things, we have Automated extensions Here, Google Ads predicts your potential customers, what it should show them, and in what form it will be presented. It’s straightforward to implement, and automated ad extensions have proven to be highly effective in performance.

But, as you can imagine, you have much more limited control over the ad types and the campaign overall. It is recommended for those unfamiliar with the whole Google Ads extensions free-for-all and would use some guidance in that department. 

Google Ads Extension Types

So, now that we know the primary forms of differentiating Google Ads Extensions, let’s look at the most popular types you can use for your campaign. Of course, ensure that your ad quality is also up to standards, as just choosing the right extensions will not guarantee success.

Sitelink Extensions

Let’s start with the most basic one – site link extensions. Sitelinks are additional links appearing under your main ad in the Google search. You can use it to advance the critical elements of your campaign, add some context to your ad, or even promote some accessories to your main product. Additionally, it will enhance your visibility on the search results page and allow you to give even better options for your customers to explore.

With this extension, you can easily modify your promotion and create ad extensions. There are plenty of opportunities, so make the most out of them.

Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions

Next up, we have the callout extensions. Those are all the additional snippets shown next to your ad, with promo offers, codes, free trials, etc. Why is it useful? 

  • For starters, it can be used as an eye-catcher that people would see and take an interest in; 
  • It can be an addition to your original ad copy with some sweet promo you’d like to emphasize; 
  • It can serve as additional information to potential customers.

There’s a lot to consider in that regard, and as it does not cost you anything extra, it’s a shame not to utilize this tool to your benefit. Of course, you can say that it looks cheap, but it doesn’t matter in the end. What matters is the conversion rate and CTR, so you’d better start adding your snippets!

Call Extensions

Call Extensions

Next, we have the call extensions. As you may have guessed, those are phone numbers you can add to your ad. With Google, you can even directly call your business by just clicking on the number, and you will be automatically transferred to the ring on your phone. 

Plenty of benefits come from phone extensions, so if you are not using it, you’d better start already. First, it gives all the customers a direct line to your business if they want to purchase something or just ask about a particular product or service. 

Additionally, you are seen as a more viable company because someone can call this number and talk to you. You may be surprised that not many companies are willing to put out their phone numbers for everyone to see.

With your phone number displayed next to your ad, you will have an excellent opportunity for real-time conversion tracking on who is calling you, why they are doing that, and what they typed to find your company. There are plenty of utilities that come from call extensions! Especially if you are running a local business. 

Location Extensions

Location Extensions

Speaking of locations – we have location extensions. With this tool, you can easily create dozens of additional conversions and leads for your business, especially if you add open hours.

Location extensions are essential when it comes to creating powerful business opportunities. Local companies need to try to get more and more people to visit their stores. And, if you are running a service-based business – it’s a must.

Additionally, it can increase the relevance of your ad, as you will be targeting people near your location. Just think about it: how often have you typed – restaurants near me or something like that? Well? Then think about how people usually mindlessly order – dentist, florist, game shop near me. No one wants to drive 2 hours just to buy a new Assassin’s Creed game. Everyone loves convenience, so make sure to give people what they want.

With this extension, you can also give people directions to your store using Google Maps. You will be directed to the business with no issues by simply clicking on your location extension. And, if you have many different locations, people can scroll through those to find which one is the nearest or which one is open.

It’s a great tool to add to your portfolio, especially for businesses requiring people to go to the physical store rather than order everything online. It may not be the best idea for e-commerce people, but as everything changes, it may be an option for them.

Structured Snippets Extensions

Structured Snippets Extensions

Another exciting ad extension you may be interested in is the structured snippets. Those extensions allow advertisers to further modify the critical aspects of their products or services ad by adding the essential details about the product. This could mean different types of shades, maybe a few flavors in circulation. There are plenty of possibilities, so make sure you pick the right one.

Those ads usually have a header listing aspects, categories, brands, etc. All of those things are relevant to the business as a whole. You can change it up as you like, with styles, types, and such, based on what is currently available in your offer. By utilizing this extension, you can further improve the relevance of your ads, especially if you are selling different types of products. And it can improve your click-through rates by increasing engagement and even better CTR. With this kind of visibility, you can get straight to the point with your customers and catch their eye in the most critical aspect. 

It’s suitable for local businesses and e-commerce, as you can just list all the brands you are working with and make people see all the potential in your company.

Price Extensions

Price Extensions

Next, we have the price extensions. And here – it’s not that simple. It’s highly dependent on the market situation, as it allows you to either show yourself as a cheaper company than competitors or bury your chances to find any potential business partners if you have overpriced items. Why is that? Well, depending on how much you are selling for, people can dismiss your entire effort altogether if, after your ad, a slightly cheaper display is displayed.

But it can also benefit you. People are often overwhelmed with uncertain information about many different products and services. Sometimes, giving them the price upfront is reasonable and can make you more reliable than the competition, who is always trying to get you to visit the site, go through the logging process, and such. 

It’s too much of a hassle, and no one has time for that! So, a quick look at the price is sometimes better than no. Especially if you are trying to get some sales across to your potential customers, it can benefit you and show them that you can deliver the goods, not only speak of them. So, if you are willing to use the price extension, ensure you have the marker researched, as it can make or break your efforts.

Promotion Extensions

Promotion Extensions

Another great extension you can use is the promotion extension. And let us tell you – those are some of the best concepts in this entire list. Just think about it – if you are looking to buy something and you see that something is 40% off – you are automatically interested!

And so, it works exactly like this with promotion extensions. You are looking to buy something – great. How about 10% off? Just for the start. Right at the corner of your eye. Will it work? Well, it’s a strategy that’s being used all over the world, so it must be something in it. Although people are starting to feel a bit iffy about it ever since the EU created the “lowest price in the last 30 days”, it turns out that the cuts were not cuts at all.

But, it’s still a great boost for most campaigns, and if done correctly, it can increase the visibility of your ads and boost your conversion rates, as people tend to fall for the “sale” sign these days.

App Extensions

App Extensions

For the more advanced advertisers – we have the app extensions. And let us tell you – this is one of the least used ones on this list. Even more, people are likely not to download another app just to buy something online. It’s in the ten internet commandments; you can look it up. Jokes aside, if it does work, it will bring you a lot of conversions and sales.

It’s pretty simple: your ad will get locked with the ad for your app. So, for everyone who types – games for Xbox, your store’s ad will show up. Most likely, little to no one will download it. But if they do – it’s all up to you! Create a world full of opportunities, where great prices are roaming free, and for signing in, people are getting a free Steam game, one month of Xbox Game Pass, and a new Tesla (that last one may be an over-exaggeration).

And, if you only have the app to market, you can easily find an ad group to advertise to. There are plenty of people who are willing to give an app a chance online if this is what they’re actually looking for. So, marketing to them can be pretty easy, as they are already interested in the app market. 

In essence, it’s one way or another. It will most likely be a flop most of the time, but when it works – well, it works pretty well, let us tell you. 

Lead Form Extensions

Lead Form Extensions

Lead Form Extensions is another type of Google Ads extension that could be interesting for potential advertisers. Here, you can allow the potential customer to get all the information about your offers directly from the ad. You can create an extension allowing customers to buy something or give them information about their buyer status.

It’s an extremely good tool for everyone interested in selling their products and services with profit, as this tool will allow them to lose a few steps between the customer and the purchase. And, as we all know, the fewer steps to the purchase, the less likely someone will change their mind. You can submit information in the form and never have to think about it again, as the markets will contact you with a great offer.

All the forms are customizable; you can change them any time you’d like and add some questions or other elements that you deem worthwhile in that particular situation. There are plenty of things to further advance your case – getting more leads.

Additionally, it can simplify the whole process for the users, who will not have to look for a way to contact you or go through some extremely uninteresting signing process. They just need to leave a phone number or an email address, and that’s pretty much it. Easier done than said.

Seller Rating Extensions

Seller Rating Extensions

The next thing you can add to your ad, as funny as it may sound, is the seller ratings! And here, similarly to what we have said with the price extension, you need to be careful. Everyone feels that their business seems to be a great one, but it only takes a few bad reviews to make you seem unworthy of attention. So, if you have less than 4.5 stars, don’t even bother with it.

But, on the other hand, if you have some top numbers on your side, you can easily get across the point that you are trustworthy and credible. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that people will know that you are not some – created yesterday, closed tomorrow – type of store but a legitimate business that has serviced dozens of customers. And in the day and age of digital scams being more popular than ever, this kind of element is extremely important for people to see.

Dynamic Sitelink Extensions

Another interesting aspect of the Google Ads extensions is the dynamic site link. Those are automatically generated links that will appear below the ad and can direct users to particular pages on the website. But why are they called dynamic? Well, it’s simply because they dynamically direct users to the specific parts of your website. You don’t need to program it; you can simply allow this to happen. So, elements of your site, like contact, sales, or anything in between, can be accessed through this method. 

Those are usually generated next to a particular query of an individual, such as – shoes, and they will be shown shoes from your website, scarfs, the part of your website that’s all about scarfs will appear, etc.

The great thing about this tool is that it is automatically generated, and you don’t need to add any effort. It will increase your visibility and allow you to get things done. 

Automated Call Extensions

Automated Call Extensions

Next, we have the automated call extensions. This feature adds a phone number to your ad copy if Google predicts your users may be highly engaging with your phone number rather than simply getting onto your website.

It’s an automated ad extension, and it works pretty well. Based on all the information it has gathered on the users, you will get advertising opportunities that you did not know existed. You can decide if you’d like to leave or customize it, but more often than not, it just stays on. Google knows a lot about your customers, so you may start believing in its abilities if you want more clicks. There are more reasons, of course, to add it. Simply – getting in contact with a real place can expand the total number of your customers, and people searching will have a way of actually contacting you. 

It adds more value to your ad and can increase your click-through and conversion rates. Google offers it as a way of simply foreseeing what would be, among other benefits, the right thing to do now.

So, if you can add more sales to your business goals, then implementing it into your strategy is a great example of working ad extensions. You can trust their expertise as Google can collect information about their users.

Product Extensions

Product Extensions

Product extensions, on the other hand, are great examples of one of the best ways of promoting your products online with Google Ads. It’s a simple thing – you sell a product and show it to the people. If they’re interested, they buy it. If not – then not. But catching their eye is essential for a good conversion rate.

It works like this: Someone searches for something, the product prices come up with images, and yours is on top of the list. It’s great for business and visibility, and it’s an all-time winner when it comes to Google Ads extensions. But there are some caveats. For starters, no one will go to your website if you have an overpriced product. Well, someone might be by mistake. 

Getting linked to the Google Merchant Center means you will get on top of the page and right next to all the other players. So, if you want an increased click-through rate and get some better than average rating – you should await the expected impact and come before the storm. See what others offer and just cut the price by 10%. You will not lose much, but you will get a lot of happy customers.

Video Extensions

Video Extensions

And finally, we have the famous video extensions, a.k .a. (mostly) YouTube. Here you go for all the normal and mobile devices you spend most of your time on. YouTube is extremely good at advertising products, as people spend an absurd amount of time there.

You can utilize some bumper ads, skippable and unskippable ads before videos, add your video commercials to the mix, and overall – have a lot of fun with this concept of content marketing.

YouTube allows you to reach an absurd audience who will have to at least see a part of your ad before getting into their leisure time. So, if it’s the effectiveness you’re all about – you will be able to get it all and more with this kind of advertising.

There are some additions to it as well. You can also show your ads with this extension on multiple sites in the Google Display Network, which is great for retargeting marketing. Additionally, YouTube allows you to create some basic ads and something much more advanced when it comes to quality content marketing efforts. So – that’s a win-win for sure. The only downside is that you will have to spend money and time creating quality video ads. But – as all things are – the good stuff is always up there with the sour.

Google Ads Extensions – Conclusion

We hope that you found what you were looking for when it comes to ad extensions in Google Ads. There is plenty of knowledge about PPC ads and SEO optimization on our site – feel free to browse through! That’s it for today, thanks for stopping by, and we will see you in the next one!

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