How to Run a Successful Business Twitter Account

It’s entirely inaccurate to suggest that Twitter is solely a platform for sharing memes, images, and sending direct messages. This social media giant is one of the largest platforms globally, and your business can leverage its potential to your advantage.

A strong Twitter presence brings numerous benefits, and posting Twitter content professionally can elevate your company to the next level. But running a Twitter profile is more complex than it sounds.

It is crucial to create a solid strategy for your communication and make your Twitter accounts follow the ID of your company, from the profile photo to the way you speak to your audience. Not only that, but learning Twitter’s algorithm and using it in your favor also grants you numerous advantages, helping you to stay ahead of the competition.

If you want to learn how to create the perfect Twitter strategy for running a successful Twitter account, this article has everything you need. Make sure to follow all steps and tips carefully. This way, you’ll gather numerous Twitter followers in no time and find countless potential customers.

Why Using Twitter for Business Is a Good Investment

image of an iPad displaying the twitter app in the App Store

There are several social media accounts you can create, from Instagram to LinkedIn, but Twitter has some of the best features for creating a business space. Here are some of the main reasons for that:

User Diversity

The platform has one of the largest audiences among social media alternatives, with almost half a billion Twitter users actively interacting with each other. Thanks to this, Twitter created an extremely diverse audience.

Whether you want to reach younger users to talk about video games or seniors and CEOs for marketing your administration content, Twitter will always have the type of user you’re looking for.

This is a vital factor, especially when comparing it to LinkedIn, for example, whose audience is way more segmented and limited. Here, you can promote your content, regardless of what it is, and will always have an elevated number of impressions.

Format Variety

Another reason to use Twitter for business purposes is the variety of formats it allows you to create. Whether you want to post a picture of your new company logo on the Twitter feed or send a video to your customer’s DM, the possibilities are much larger compared to other social media platforms.

This allows you to create your own strategy for communicating, dismissing the need for adapting it to the platform’s limitations. You can follow the industry trends regardless of the type of content. 

You can even talk directly to your audience in creative ways. For example, you can host live audio conversations with them to answer questions and curiosities about your service or product.

Twitter Analytics

Another reason for this platform to be one of the best for your company is its analytics tab. Accessing it allows you to see every detail of your posts and all kinds of interactions they had, whether they’re Twitter ads or organic posts on the feed. 

You can see details like the number of impressions, how many users visited your profile through the post, and how many new followers you got thanks to it. However, it is essential to understand what to look for and which information is more meaningful for the type of business you have.

Twitter Spaces Variety

Twitter is a versatile platform not only because of the formats supported but also thanks to the numerous spaces it allows you to post your content. For example, you can use Twitter chats to send private messages to other people, but you can also create “circles” and communities for interacting with your target audience more efficiently. The discovery tab also gives you an overall view of what’s happening in the world, not only in your industry but in every other.

Twitter Terminology Basics

picture of a cellphone displaying Twitter's official profile on the platform

Before we see how you can set up your Twitter account and adapt it to your business, it is important to understand some basic expressions and their meaning. Knowing these is indispensable to know how to communicate with your audience and make your content look more natural among the other posts.

Here are the main terminologies you should know, whether when creating an organic or paid Twitter marketing strategy.


DM stands for “direct message” and regards messages sent through the traditional private message feature of the platform. These DMs are always between accounts, but not necessarily only two of them. You can create groups in your direct messages featuring multiple profiles simultaneously.

Receiving DMs from users you don’t follow is not something that comes as a standard in the platform. To allow it, you must access the privacy tab on the settings and activate it.

Direct messages from accounts you don’t follow won’t appear directly in your inbox. They will be located in a dedicated tab called “requests,” where the user chooses if they allow you or not to keep sending messages.


Retweet, or RT, is the equivalent of sharing. A person who retweets your content is just sharing it with their followers. You can easily identify how many people retweeted your post by looking at the symbol at the bottom of it. It also appears in the analytics of the platform. By clicking on the number next to the symbol, you can also visualize who these people are, making it easier to identify potential customers and DM them.

Quote Tweet

The quote tweet is similar to the RT, but with the difference that the user sharing also comments about it. The comment will be located at the top of the post, above the original tweet.

When quoting other tweets, you’re not limited to only text comments. You can also comment with images, videos, and many others, allowing you to create numerous tweet ideas.


Topics are like subjects the user can follow to see posts related to them. It is like following a profile, but you’ll see posts from different people. You can follow as many topics as you want, having no limits to it.

As a business owner, it is crucial to follow topics related to your industry to understand what is happening, how your competitors communicate, and how to create quality content for your company. You can also create Twitter lists, adding content references to get inspiration when making your posts. Quality content is indispensable to maximize engagement and increase the brand’s visibility, so always keep an eye on what other industry influencers are doing.


Lastly, we have hashtags. They are characterized by the # symbol and are one of the most important aspects to keep an eye on. A hashtag regards a word or phrase and can be featured in comments, posts, or any other place on the platform that allows text posts.

For any business or company that wants to build brand recognition and promote tweets with quality, these hashtags are one of the key metrics. Keeping an eye on trending hashtags and trending topics is extremely relevant since it shows what is happening around the world next to you and what people want to see.

Creating content related to these relevant hashtags can also be a creative way to increase your engagement rate and reach the potential customer more easily.

How to Run a Business Twitter Account

image showing multiple posts on the Twitter timeline

Now it’s time to see the main steps and tips for running a Twitter profile for your business like a pro. Make sure to follow the tips carefully to ensure the best results, whether when creating your profile or planning your Twitter marketing strategy.

It is important to have everything aligned, from the communication to the visual ID of your profile. Here are all the steps you need to follow to create a strong Twitter presence and reach new audiences.

Create Your Profile

image showing the main elements that compose a twitter profile

The first step for setting up your account is to create it effectively. After filling in all the necessary information, the platform will ask you to customize your profile and fill in the fields as you prefer.

First, you must add the two main visual elements of your Twitter page: Header Image and Profile Image. As you might expect, the header will be featured at the top of the profile and will only appear when people click on your profile page. On the other hand, your main picture will appear everywhere you interact, whether when tweeting or liking a post. If you want the best results, follow your company’s visual ID when uploading these images.

Along with your profile and header, it is also essential to add a creative description of your business in the “bio” section of your profile. This space is entirely dedicated to writing about your business and what makes it unique.

Speaking of uniqueness, it is also important to choose a unique Twitter handle when creating your account. Your handle is the display name of your profile. It can easily be changed through the profile settings. Choose something easily recognizable that helps identify your business from the other accounts.

Lastly, it is also vital to add a relevant pinned tweet to your profile. A pinned tweet will always appear first, regardless of how many others you post. Consider adding a post that somehow is relevant for your potential customers to know.

Apply for the Blue Verification

This is an optional process but can grant you numerous valuable features, especially when using Twitter for your business. The verification badge is a blue checkmark that is always exhibited next to your name to show other users you’re the original business account and not a fake.

In the past years, the verification process was manually done by Twitter, and the only accounts that could receive it were the ones that accomplished a series of criteria. Now, the blue badge can be bought through a monthly subscription.

By signing up for Twitter Blue, you can access additional tools, like unlimited characters per post or sharing videos of up to 120 minutes. It also benefits you when doing promoted tweets, making it a good investment if you’re a new business that wants to take the best out of your promoted accounts.

Follow Other Profiles

image of a twitter profile with the "follow" button highlighted

Next, you’ll want to follow other profiles related to your industry. For example, if you’re a game developer, it is good to follow the main news portals about the industry and publishers to see what they’re talking about. 

Twitter is also a great tool to study your industry. Take a look at important names, including how many followers they have and other characteristics, like their header photos and what they do to build engagement.

Along with that, by following other profiles, you can better understand your audience and create new bonds with people who find interesting what you post.

Research Your Competitors

image of a person using a binoculus along with the text competitor anlysis on the side

Twitter goes beyond just the social purpose and can be a valuable tool to understand your competitors. You can type a specific term on the industry and search results of what people say about it and what the main profiles talking about it are. It is a great way to identify potential competitors, not only in the platform but also when it comes to sales.

By identifying who they are, it becomes easier to take a look at their profile to identify their strengths and weaknesses. From their profile picture to the type of posts they make, everything will help to increase sales and drive traffic from a wider audience. Make sure to take note of these aspects to generate insights into what you can post that will help increase brand awareness and the number of followers.

Plan Your Communication

illustration of a mouth talking along with other elements around it

Every brand needs to have standard communication when running social media profiles. It is part of their identity and should not change constantly. From the language you use to communicate to its tone, everything makes part of how others see your company.

Before you start creating your posts, it is vital to plan these aspects to make sure they’re aligned with the other items. The ideal type of communication will depend on the industry you’re into and who you want to reach with your posts. 

Remember that Twitter is a social media platform with casual language, so being too formal will result in unnatural posts that don’t blend well with the rest of the content. There are three main aspects of your communication you need to take into account:

  • Tone
  • Visuals
  • Verbal Language

Once you plan all these aspects, you can start thinking about which posts to make and how to reach followers’ timelines. Make sure your visuals are aligned with your Twitter profile photo and website since they also visually represent your company.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy

image showing the main items that compose a marketing strategy

After planning your communications, you can start focusing on what you’ll do for your marketing efforts. Remember that marketing here is not limited only to promoting tweets with money. You can also do free marketing through multiple strategies to help increase your visibility and followers.

Creating marketing strategies here is like creating them for any other business platform. First, you need to consider what you want to achieve with your campaigns and what is the most important goal. After that, you can start thinking about what you’ll do to reach this goal.

Remember to consider all aspects of your communication when planning the actions. Everything needs to be aligned for the strategy to work and look like part of your content instead of something disconnected from the rest.

Use Different Spaces to Engage With Audience

image showing the Twitter Circle function

At this time, you’re probably already building your audience on the platform and have your first followers. It is important to constantly interact with them in the different spaces of the platform, like comments, circles, etc.

There are several different spaces for different purposes and types of content. Diversifying where you communicate is a great way of generating engagement in the platform. For example, you can create a Twitter Circle with the users that most interact with your brand, but you can also use Twitter Spaces to host a live conversation with people from your industry.

It is crucial to generate a connection between the users and your brand, whether through funny memes or answering potential customers’ main questions regarding your products or services. This social listening helps people trust your brand and generates insights on what type of content you can create.

Like any business social media account, your posts will likely feature comments on customer service issues. It is always a good idea to have a team accessing the account constantly and trying to address as many issues and complaints as possible.

Learn Twitter Ads

image showing three examples of ads being displayed in the Twitter timeline

As we mentioned before, your marketing doesn’t need to be paid for your profile to gather new followers, but learning how to use Twitter Ads can definitely help. If you want to generate more leads and reach new audiences, there’s no better way to do it than sponsoring your main posts.

Twitter Ads is a dedicated platform for marketing inside the company’s social media and has numerous tools that allow you to create the perfect strategy for promoting your tweets. All these tools, combined with the analytics tab, give you a powerful way to take your profile to the next level.

By analyzing all the gathered information, you can measure how successful your efforts are being and what you can do to generate even better numbers with your tweets. The analytics will give you a high data volume, and the most important ones will depend on what your goals are and what type of business you run.

Use Advanced Search 

screenshot from the advanced search feature on Twitter

Your Twitter will probably have a massive volume of content quickly, and searching for a specific post might be harder than it looks. This is where the advanced search feature becomes handy.

It is essential to learn how to use it for better filtering the content you want to see or finding a specific comment, for example.

If you see an interesting comment from a follower or a profile you like, it can be difficult to find it among hundreds of other posts. By using the advanced search, you can easily find it, saving time and optimizing your actions. The searching feature lets you sort the content in numerous different ways and even filter the content from those you follow.

Tips to Create Quality Content on Twitter

illustration of a laptop displaying the twitter main page

Now it’s time to see some tips you can follow to elevate your content and generate even more engagement. Make sure to take a look at each one of them to see how they impact your business. Here are the main ones:

Create Short Tweets

One of the main characteristics of Twitter is that it features short ad copy and texts instead of long descriptions. The shorter your tweets are, the more likely people will read and interact.

Creating long descriptions usually leads to fewer impressions and new followers. It is also important to notice that if you don’t subscribe to Twitter Blue, you’re limited to 144 characters per tweet.

Include Creative CTAs

CTA is an integral part of any text you create, and matching it with the message you’re trying to communicate is vital. Make sure to diversify your call-to-action and don’t repeat the same one every tweet you create.

Imperative verbs are the best ones to use and have more persuasive power. Don’t forget to align them with the rest of your elements to ensure everything gets connected and clear.

Comment on People’s Posts

One of the best ways to increase brand awareness and interact with other users is by commenting on their posts. Doing this also has an essential effect on the algorithm since it tells the platform that you’re an active user constantly interacting with the public, increasing your content distribution.

Pay Attention to Trends

Make sure to look at your trending topics regularly since they have a lot of valuable information about your industry and other aspects. You can always use trending subjects to create content and reach more impressions. Trendings are always located in the discovery tab, and they are constantly changing, so be quick when creating content about them.

Why Hiring a Professional Agency Is the Best Option for Your Business

image from GamerSEO showing the main services provided by the company

Twitter is a great place to market your business and increase its visibility. The platform offers numerous tools that allow you to develop creative content that generates a connection between your brand and the public.

But to achieve these goals, every aspect of your communication must be well-thought-out. This is why having a professional company handle this communication is crucial for better results.

At GamerSEO, we have the best professionals on the market with years of experience. We have everything you need to create a solid Twitter strategy that will help you get thousands of followers in no time.

By joining us, you will have full support from the beginning to the end in every aspect of your marketing efforts, whether you need a competition analysis or a complete communication plan. Join us, and let’s create quality marketing together.

Time to Start Your Twitter Efforts

image showing a twitter business profile being created

Creating a Twitter account for your business can be one of the best ways to gather more leads and stay close to your potential customers. Moreover, the tool is also an ally when researching the competition and what is happening in the industry worldwide.

But for your efforts to generate the desired effects, every aspect of your strategy needs to be carefully planned. From the profile image you choose to the type of media you share, everything will impact how others see your brand and their engagement with it.

Now that you know everything you need, it is time to start creating your Twitter profile for business. Make sure to follow all steps and tips to ensure a successful campaign when marketing your company on the platform.

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