How Much Do Twitter Ads Cost | Ad Types, Goals, and Bids!

Twitter has a potential audience of 400 million users, making Twitter, currently X, one of the most relevant social media to drive more link clicks and generate more engagement with users. It is also one of the best places to promote your brand or product, as people respond well to Twitter advertisements. 

But How Much Do Twitter Ads Cost? It is a crucial question we answer in the subsequent sections. So, keep reading this article and discover everything about the costs and more.

What Is Twitter Advertising?

Twitter online advertising statistics

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Twitter advertising, currently known as X, is an online marketing strategy where advertisers, retailers, or marketers advertise their brands, products, and services through sponsored tweets, promoted accounts, promoted trends, videos, and more.

Twitter advertising aims at different audiences and will reach people according to their preferences or whether they follow a determined account or not. Twitter advertising also will target people based on their locations, keywords, and other factors. 

What Is Twitter Ads Manager?

Twitter Ads Manager, now X Ads Advertising, is the central platform where you plan, manage, create, and optimize your Twitter ads campaigns. From Twitter Ads Manager, you can easily run a campaign by pressing the “Launch Campaign” button and then measure its results to adjust strategies, ad formats, bids, and more. You can enter Twitter Ads Manager directly from your Twitter X account.

Twitter campaign structure

In Twitter Ads Manager, the campaign structure is divided into three different levels:

  • Campaign. At the top of your campaigns, you select the campaign name, the objective, and funding sources. A single campaign corresponds to a single campaign objective.
  • Ad groups. Each ad group corresponds to a series of decisions on how you expect to spend your money. We can say that it is a combination of goals, bids, targetings, and placements. A campaign can have more than one ad group, and each group can have multiple ads, such as moment ads, promoted ads, and more.   
  • Ads. These are creatives that the Twitter users will see. Ads can be from ordinary tweets to brand advertisements on special videos. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Twitter Ads?

Twitter ads revenue in 2020 and more statistics

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There are four main benefits of implementing an online marketing campaign based on Twitter ads for the advertiser.

  • The potential of reaching a wide target audience. Over 400 million people use Twitter nowadays. It means no matter if you have a small business or a middle-sized company, you can connect with millions of monetizable users. Besides, many of the trending topics are actually being discussed on Twitter. It’s a situation you can leverage. 
  • The facility of implementing campaigns based on goals and objectives. Twitter advertising is designed to help you easily reach your objectives, letting you choose your goals and giving you the best tools to reach them. Whether you want to gain followers or increase brand awareness, Twitter advertising will push you towards your objectives. 
  • Great demographic capabilities. Similar to Google Ads, Twitter allows you to choose several targeting options to have complete control over your target audience. This way, you can refine your campaign and target people with real chances of getting a product like yours. You can determine your target audience according to:
    • Age;
    • Gender;
    • Location;
    • Language;
    • Device;
    • Career.
  • The impact of the platform is growing and growing. Twitter ad engagement grows daily since new customers and users arrive at the platform every day. In the same way, the possibilities of attracting customers to your brand or product increase significantly.

What Type of Ad Can I Publish on Twitter?

Twitter allows you to create and publish several types of advertisements. In this complete guide, we will describe them all. 

Twitter Promoted Ads

A promoted ad is a tweet you have already posted in your Twitter feed and that you use as sponsored content to entice more viewers to your posts. These ads correspond to the most common Twitter promotion mode and the best to boost the existing interest. Here, you’re paying to display the content to people who are not already following you on Twitter. Promoted ads come in different forms.

  • Text ads. 
  • Image ads.
  • Video ads.
  • Moments ads.
  • Twitter live ads.
  • Carousel ads.

Twitter Follower Ads

Twitter followers ads

Follower ads, also known as promoted accounts, are a special type of promoted ads where you share an entire Twitter account with users who do not follow you on Twitter but who might be interested in your brand. This way, you look for new customers and increase the campaign awareness. These ads are displayed in the potential follower’s timeline and the Who to Follow suggestions. 

Twitter Takeovers

The Twitter takeover is a premium advertising service that puts your brand at the forefront of the platform, boasting ownership platform’s real estate. As such, it involves additional Twitter advertising costs but brings multiple benefits to your brand. There are two types of Twitter takeovers you can implement during your campaign.

Trend Takeover

This type of takeover allows you to advertise your brand or product alongside trending topics. This way, you can place sponsored ads in the Explore tab and in the What’s Happening section on Twitter’s homepage. A trend takeover can be integrated by an image, a video, or a GIF, and it will appear in the first spots of the Explore tab. 

Timeline Takeover

With timeline takeover advertisements, you can place an ad at the very top of the user’s timeline. It means that when a user opens Twitter for the first time in the day, they probably will see your ad.

Twitter Amplify

Twitter amplify ads

With this option, you can place your ads in video content of highly relevant publishers. There are two types of Twitter amplify to choose from:

Amplify Pre-roll

It lets you choose among over fifteen categories of video to place your pre-roll video ad. It provides you with a wide range of alternatives when creating your creatives, which increases your possibilities and combinations.

Amplify Sponsorship.

It’s a one-to-one partnership with a single publisher. Still, this option is not available for self-serve advertisers. 

Branded Hashtags

Through branded hashtags, businesses can promote their brands by inserting their hashtags in other companies’ publications or ads. It’s a good way to achieve an increase in brand awareness and join a conversation.

Dynamic Ads

These types of ads are great for showcasing your brand or products to people highly interested in products like yours. It’s you who promotes products to the right audience with a great chance of clicking the ad or completing an action.

Collection Ads

Twitter collection ads

This option lets you create an ad that contains several images of the same product. It’s great to showcase different aspects of your product. In general, businesses show an excellent primary image followed by thumbnails or contextual images.

How Much Do Twitter Ads Cost?

How much do Twitter Ads cost and percentage of B2B businesses using Twitter

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There is no minimum budget you can allocate to your Twitter advertisements. In other words, you can spend as you desire in your Twitter ad campaign. This situation is significant for small businesses or startups that need to customize their campaign details according to their budget and possibilities.

Still, it does not mean that the Twitter advertising cost is completely defined by how much you’re willing to spend. A Twitter ads campaign, just like other campaigns in most search engines or social media, works through a bidding process and an auction system.

The Twitter ad system is very simple: you set a bit for a certain action that the user has to complete. If the user takes the action, then you pay for the ad. This system also works through a daily budget system.

Below, there is the table of actions you pay for.

ReachThousand Impressions (CPM)
Website TrafficClick
Video viewsView
Pre-roll viewsView
App installsClick or impression
App re-engagementsClick
Table of actions you pay on Twitter.

Besides, Twitter ads costs depend on the type of advertisement you will use. However, according to Adstargets, a cost of $0.38 per action is an average amount you can expect to spend. Still, some average costs are the following:

  • Twitter-promoted ads average – $0.25 to $2 per action.
  • Twitter follower ads average – $2 to $4 per follow.
  • Twitter takeovers average – $200,000 per day.

Other factors, such as the quality of your ads, the relevance for your target audience, the competition, and the industry, define the total costs of your advertisements. 

  • The quality score of the ads. Twitter advertising runs through an auction system in which you place a bid for better ad placements on the platform. Still, the quality of your organic tweets is also relevant. Then, the ad copy is crucial to get a good performance while advertising. In this sense, you should trust a reliable social media marketing company and agency, such as GamerSEO, to select the best Twitter ad type for your purpose and create the best ad copy for your Twitter ads.  
GamerSEO professional marketing agency for twitter
  • Competition. Twitter establishes a system where the final amount you pay when a particular user takes an action also depends on the competition’s bid. For example, if you win the auction, and the second place bid is $1 under your bid, then you will only pay $0.01 more than the second competition’s bid.
  • Actions. As we mentioned above, and based on your campaign setup and objectives, each type of Twitter ad has its billable actions. Actions are the most predictable and approximated way of calculating your ad spend. Before launching your campaign, consider all the ad types and decide what is the best for your purposes.    
  • Bid type. When target bidding for regular tweets, there are three types of bids.
    • Automatic bid. Twitter automatically chooses the best bid to optimize your campaign and reach your campaign goals.
    • Maximum bid. In this type, you determine the maximum amount of budget you’re willing to pay per each action. 
    • Target bid. It is an interesting one. Here, you establish an average bid. Twitter, for its part, will optimize the ad to get the best campaign results. 

Additional Aspects You Need to Consider

Twitter followers ads how much does it cost to advertise

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Promoted ads and accounts give you more budget flexibility, allowing you to reach most Twitter users or spark engagement from their existing followers. On the other hand, when you create takeover ads, you pay a daily set price.

If you want to establish a campaign budget for your promoted ads, it’s recommended you use previous campaigns with a similar ad objective as a benchmark. It will help you to determine an approximate budget per action you should allocate. However, if this is your first time as a Twitter user, or it’s your first Twitter account, then you should consider the average cost above to estimate the amount of money you should spend.

With promoted tweets’ first actions, you set a bid amount for how much you’re willing to pay for each first action on your tweet. This action can be a click, a retweet, a reply, or a favorite.

With promoted accounts or followers ads, you set a bid amount for how much you’re willing to pay per new follower. 

How Much of Your Total Budget Should You Allocate to your Twitter Ads Account?

Total Twitter advertising costs will depend on several factors, such as your total marketing budget and your campaign objectives.

In general, most companies allocate between 11% and 20% of their total budget to their Twitter advertising campaigns.

How much percentage businesses allocate to Twitter ads

How to Create a Twitter Advertising Campaign

Creating a Twitter advertising campaign involves four main steps we will summarize in the subsequent paragraphs.

  1. Set Your Campaign Objective
Customize your delivery on Twitter ads

Like other social media platforms, Twitter or X allows you to select the proper objective for your campaigns. This way, the system will optimize your promoted tweet or account according to your goals. You will be prompted to choose among the following objectives.

  • Reach.
  • Engagements.
  • Followers.
  • App installs.
  • Views.
  • Website traffic.
  • Keywords.
  1. Build Your Ad

Now it’s time for the ad copy, i.e., defining the ad text and the relevant creative you will use. You can use up to 280 characters and use new media you can upload or an existing one in your library. When creating your ad, you must include a headline and a link or website URL. We recommend you insert your landing page or the main page of your website where you offer the product.

  1. Customize Your Delivery
Customize your delivery on Twitter ads demographics and audience summary

Now it’s time for the most important step of the setting phase: defining who will be your particular audience. The first step is to determine a few factors, such as demographics or target users based on keywords or the devices they use to enter the Internet. 

  1. Set Your Budget and Schedule
Setting your budget and audience on Twiiter ads

The final step is also relevant since, here, you define the maximum and minimum spend on your campaign. Like other advertising strategies on other social media, in this step, you set the cost per day you’re willing to pay. This way, regardless of the campaign types you set, Twitter will only show your ads until the budget limit.

Note you need to define the time frame of your campaign. It means the hours when you want Twitter to display your ads. You can also define the starting and ending dates during the campaign runs.

The final thing you need to do is add a payment method, preferably a credit card, to your Twitter account. Now you’ve established your campaign within a set timeframe, you can click the “Launch campaign” button to run your campaign.

Twitter Advertising Best Practices

To finish this article, we’re giving you some pieces of advice you should consider before creating your Twitter ads.

  1. Write an Ad Copy as Your Organic Content
Origina ad copy on Twitter ads

Source: Blog.hootsuite.

Previously, we mentioned that the ad copy is highly relevant when creating and designing ads. The copy should contain the proper keywords and mention the benefits of your product through engaging language. You should aim at emotions and feelings and make the customer feel special.

Remember that GamerSEO is a professional marketing agency that can help you create ad copies of your ads and get the billable action you are looking for.

  1. Use High-Quality Images to Get More Followers
Use High-Quality Images to Get More Followers

Despite Twitter being a “message” social media, visuals are crucial when it comes to engaging potential customers and showcasing particular characteristics of your brand or product. This is the reason why the images you use should be high-quality images to reflect professionalism and show your product in detail.

Moreover, the image you use should be in line with the aesthetic of your brand, i.e., using similar colors and fonts and expressing the main idea you want to communicate. 

  1. Insert a Call-to-Action
A Wendy's call to action on Twitter ads

Regardless of whether you select the followers’ objective or website traffic goals, you must insert a call to action when promoting your brand or product. This way, you encourage customers with a high purchase intent to know more about what you’re promoting and maybe acquire the product. 

There are several types of call to action you can include in your promoted content. We recommend you generate a FOMO feeling, which means to provoke an urgency sensation in the customer, making them feel that they can miss a great opportunity. The best calls to action in this sense are “Time is running out” or “Leverage this free and time-limited offer.”

Managing Twitter Ads Costs for Better Results

The functionality of Twitter, or X ads, is simple: each time a Twitter user clicks through your app or page or completes a billable action, you will pay for the action. The final costs of how much you must pay will depend on the campaign type and the amount you’re willing to pay.

Study your possibilities and bid types and choose the proper objective for your campaign. Keep in mind that you should spend more than 30% of your revenue on Twitter ads; at least you’re receiving a good ROI.

Regarding the ad copies, leave them to us! The GamerSEO team will create the best ad copy on your behalf to reach your objectives, improve brand perception, or whatever you desire. GamerSEO is the marketing agency you need when it comes to advertising on X!

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