The Best PPC Management Software to Boost Your ROI

PPC marketing requires a meticulous study of the market and the products or services buyers are looking for online. To create the proper pay-per-click campaign for your business needs, PPC specialists invest hours of knowledge, experience, and hard work.

One crucial tool that PPC marketers rely on is PPC Management Software. By utilizing the best PPC software available, marketers can effectively manage their ad budgets, bid management on platforms like Google Ads, and create ads using profitable keywords to reach their desired audience.

In this article, we will explore the world of PPC software and online tools, delving into the calculation of ad budgets, bid management, and ad creation. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the best PPC software in the market and the PPC managers you should consider checking out.

What Is PPC and Why Is It Important for Businesses?

A woman using a PPC management software

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising and corresponds to a marketing strategy intended for users to click different types of ads to lead them directly to landing pages. PPC campaigns consider a specific budget, and advertisers only pay for each click. 

PPC campaigns are some of the most relevant marketing campaigns you can adopt for your eCommerce since pay-per-click directly encompasses users interested in products or services your company offers. PPC campaigns will help you increase the number of website visitors, which eventually translate into more conversions.

In this context, PPC software will supervise your pay-per-click campaign workflow and the budget spent. It will also optimize every campaign stage to stop leakage and leverage every penny.

PPC Campaign Essentials

The PPC management should focus on the following activities to create an outstanding pay-per-click marketing campaign:

  • Keyword research. Find massive main and long-tail keywords for your niche to a comprehensive search engine optimization of ads. 
  • Competition ads and keyword analysis. Studying the market and other ads published by marketers is crucial to understand what actions you need to take and avoid.
  • Ad copies, graphics, or video creation. Images, information, and descriptions of your ads can make or break your campaign. 
  • Optimization of advertisement. Often ads do not work as well as expected. Thus, you should continuously check results to optimize ads by creating new combinations with available information.  
  • Publishing ads. This is the cornerstone of any pay-per-click PPC strategy since ads must reach as many users as possible in a specific period. This cannot exist without publishing.   
  • Monitoring PPC campaign performance. To optimize campaigns and measure results, you should continuously monitor ads performance, analyzing whether the campaign is reaching the goals you set in advance.  
  • Learning from the past for optimizing the next campaigns. You can use past campaign results and previous competitive insights to draw new conclusions, which you can utilize in future strategies on the different platforms.  

Types of PPC Management Software

There are hundreds of PPC management software available on the Internet. Each boasts unique tools or specializes in some specific aspect of the activity. Still, most of them feature a central dashboard where the marketing agency can manage all the elements of the campaigns. Still, we can divide PPC software into three main types:

  • PPC analytics tools and marketing data integration. This type of software heavily focuses on analyzing data and statistics that measure results for improving ads and outcomes.  
  • Management tools and marketing automation tools. This type provides valuable tools for automating, creating, and maintaining multiple ads, such as search or shopping ads. Its features include responsive tools, analytics, and reports to optimize landing page optimization.  
  • All-in-one PPC management and automation software. This type of software is designed to manage ads from any point of view, integrating all the necessary tools that any PPC agency needs.  

Why Using a PPC Management Software is Beneficial for Your Business?

Whether you use PPC management software by yourself or hire a PPC marketing agency to help you increase visitors and get more sales, you’ll be beneficial from multiple perspectives. Some key features regarding this are the following:

  • Multi-channel dashboard. It lets you connect and interact with multiple accounts and platforms to develop the best bidding strategies.
  • Real-time optimization. The software continuously reviews and evaluates online ads, and shopping campaigns, sending you recommendations to improve advertisements. 
  • Accurate performance reporting. After evaluation, the software will display reports to review general campaign performance and particular ads. 
  • Automated tasks and management. When using PPC software, digital agencies automate repetitive tasks to enhance efficiency in creating multiple ads for different platforms and media. 
  • Analysis of ads competition to stand out above the average. PPC software will conduct competitive research to understand who you’re competing against. Besides, this action will provide you with the right keywords to include in your ads.   

What Should You Pay Attention to When Looking for PPC Management Software?

Selecting the best PPC management software for your business is a challenge. For such purposes, you should keep an eye on the following features:

  • Multi-channel dashboard;
  • An account manager; 
  • Real-time optimization across various platforms; 
  • Automatic machine learning and bid optimizer; 
  • Advanced features for company growth;  
  • Managing and syncing products;
  • Several PPC channel integrations across social media platforms and search engines;
  • Digital marketing and PPC experts that can help you to build the best campaigns.

What Are the Top PPC Management Software?

Below we have described ten of the most recognizable and useful PPC management tools you can currently find online that help you develop your strategy across different channels. 

Google Ads Editor

Google Adwords official site and main page

Google Ads Editor, also known as Adwords, is likely the most popular PPC management software currently online since it manages ads appearing on Google and when navigating through the search engine. 

With Google Ads Editor, you can easily create and run ads accounts and campaigns that you quickly manage and edit. Adwords allows you to export and import files from dashboards and see reporting to check the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns. It also allows you to share data with internal and external participants across platforms easily. 

All these PPC tools work together to ensure that your targeted advertisements are displayed in the most effective place and time. Furthermore, ads will be directed to target audiences to enhance results and the efficiency of each cent spent.


SEMRush official website and main page

SEMRush is a comprehensive management software worldwide, providing many valuable tools to create and run PPC advertising campaigns that fit your requirements. Among these, SEMRush stands out over other management software because its keyword research tool will provide you with the primary keywords for your industry. 

The keyword magic tool allows you to find massive keywords, type in a phrase or keyword, and get related data, such as the search volume.  

Another interesting tool SEMRush boasts is the competitor’s checker, through which you can see a list of domains competing directly with your business organically and in paid search. With this tool, you can also see which keywords competitors have used and whether it’s worth taking a similar bidding strategy.  

SEMRush has four pricing plans starting with the lowest one, focusing on tools for freelancers, startups, and small businesses. Larger plans are designed for bigger companies that want to attract thousands of new customers through PPC ads. 

SEMRush integrates Google Ads and Bing Ads.


Opteo official site and main page

Opteo is the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their PPC marketing campaign performance through Microsoft Ads and Google Ads applications. This interesting management software optimizes processes and helps you to save time since it automates repetitive and tedious tasks of Adwords. 

Opteo continuously monitors Google Adwords to identify key performance indicators and patterns. With the gathered information, Opteo will suggest improvements that will be sent to your Google Ads account in seconds. 

Moreover, Opteo is an interesting diagnostic tool to quickly measure the performance of your PPC strategy by counting all the intricate systems and factors that determine its reach. It uses advanced algorithms to get off the best of planning and provide valuable metrics that Adwords does not offer alone.

Opteo integrates Google Adwords and Microsoft Ads.


AdEspresso management software official site and main page

AdEspresso is a top e-commerce tool meticulously designed to help you to manage PPC campaigns at another level. Whether you are building a small business or a startup, AdEspresso provides interesting tools to create and design advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. If you want to cover this segment of your target audience, AdEspresso is one of the best PPC management tools.

With AdEspresso, you can easily create advertisements across multiple channels in minutes and analyze their performance to get actionable insights—all this in one place to facilitate the creation and future analytics.    

This powerful tool also allows digital marketers to collaborate straightforwardly with clients by getting access to their accounts. This way, you can receive their approval before your campaigns go live. 

Last but not least, AdEspresso stands out due to its automatic optimization tool, which will automatically optimize ads after checking all the existing ones. It will reallocate the budget to working ads and stop those that cost the most.


Optmyzr official site and main page

Optmyzr is one of the best PPC management software since it doesn’t just focus on creating a Google Ads campaign. It also is a valuable tool to create and manage Amazon Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads. It also supports a wide variety of ads, such as shopping ads, search ads, and display ads. 

Optmyzr has a vast group of experts and ex-Googlers looking to make PPC management and reporting more profitable. These experts have designed an algorithm to optimize campaign management with a single click. 

Optmyzr also provides PPC automation when building ad reports and defining ads and budgets. What’s more, automating all the processes is possible to create more accurate ads for ad groups.

The services of Optmyzr are designed for digital marketing agencies or marketers with larger budgets looking to run multiple campaigns in several channels or for more advanced tools to manage campaigns in bulk. 


Adzooma official site and main page

Adzooma is an interesting PPC marketing software focused on providing rules-based automation tools that help you to save time, money, and effort. Adzomma uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to run multiple PPC campaigns and managing all the factors interacting with the creation and visualizations of ads.

This PPC tool has a relevant reporting feature that lets you know which accounts stand and how to improve current results according to the performance data. This software also detects which ads are doing fine and underperforming via its analytics which work 24/7. 

Adzooma lets you adjust your bidding strategy and scale website traffic differently. It also offers four pricing plans and a free trial to test whether it works for you.


WordStream official website and main page

WordStream, as its name indicates, integrates multiple platforms in campaign planning, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The tool focuses on providing services for small businesses and startups interested in growing as fast as possible. 

As WordStream specializes in working with enterprises with short budgeting, it pays special attention to taking off the best of any penny you invest in Google Ads. 

How does it do this? By studying users’ search intents and creating the best ads according to titles and descriptions it built from searches. 

WordStream also features an interesting tool called “2o Minute Work Week.” This is a tool featuring ad testing which analyzes your paid advertising campaigns and sends you pieces of advice and recommendations on how your PPC account managers can improve them.


Acquisio official website and main page

Acquisio is a modern and exciting PPC management software that integrates all the tools your business needs to position your ad formats in the right websites and the first place in SERPs. All these tools correspond to end-to-end features that ensure the easiest campaign management. 

Acquisio contains sales tools to predict the outcomes of PPC campaigns of multiple accounts. Moreover, it integrates AI and automated bidding to streamline accounts and perform better PPC budget management. 

Creating campaigns with Acquisio involves building strategies through cross-channels and using machine learning optimization for digital ad campaigns. This machine learning will analyze and adjust bids and budget distribution for better and more accurate campaigns. The factors used for adjustment are the day of the week, seasonality, time of the day, and ad platform.


AgencyAnalytics official site and main page

As its name implies, AgencyAnalytics is a management software designed to analyze ad strategies by offering automated reports. The tool allows you to create a unique dashboard where your digital marketing teams can check, review, and manage all the client’s accounts in a single spot.

This AI-powered PPC software uses a powerful reporting builder that allows marketing managers to evaluate the ad creation to improve or change it. This builder also lets PPC agencies easily insert the logo of their brands or change the color palette to create tailored reports that look outstanding.     

AgencyAnalytics insert ads automatically in its reports, helping you to save time and effort during the entire process.


DashThis official site and main page

DashThis provides a single dashboard where you can quickly connect SEM and PPC tools to improve their performance, combining different elements and metrics. This way, you can create integrated campaigns to improve ads and their position in SERPs and specialized websites. 

With DashThis, you can quickly monitor PPC ads and traffic and measure results in real time by analyzing metrics such as click-through rates. You can also customize your dashboards for a better management of all the components of different media, platforms, and campaigns. 

DashThis also lets you choose among three available templates: Campaign, Periodic, and Rolling. The first one puts all the data in a specific campaign, while the latter work with live data to implement and modify ads in real-time.

Finally, DashThis integrates Google Ads, Facebook Insights, Youtube, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and Google Analytics. 

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the proper PPC management software, you can optimize your PPC campaigns by planning an accurate budget projection and monitoring all the ads you’ve inserted on the Internet. 

Still, we recommend you get advice from a marketing agency like GamerSEO. The professionals will ensure that your campaign is based on the best strategies aimed at increasing visitors and conversions.

GamerSEO uses the best PPC management software and other strategies, such as search engine marketing, to improve your underperforming ads and boost your results. Contact us for more information!

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