All Conversions vs Conversions Google Ads – Difference Explained

There is one thing that people never seem to get enough of when it comes to Google Ads – conversions! In this article, we will go over the difference between All conversions and conversions in Google Ads. Every conversion can benefit your business, but tracking conversions and seeing where they come from may elevate your marketing efforts from standard to professional.

Additionally, it can give you a broader view of how you are operating, what kind of people are coming to your site, what their backgrounds are, and such. Google Ads track conversions in their own way, but there are plenty of things to keep in mind when it comes to Google Analytics Conversion Actions. Let’s see what exactly we can extract from differentiating between different types of conversions. Let’s dive in!

What Are Google Ads Conversions?

Google Ads - list Conversion Actions

But what exactly are Google Ads Conversions? Well, this is, in fact, a very good question. As it can be almost anything you’d like it to be! Google Ads tracking data can be tied to pretty much any action you would consider to be a conversion. For some, it can be a newsletter sign-up or going to the checkout page on your website. Maybe a download? Whatever it is, you can track it down and see what kind of conversion is the best for your business. Let’s go over some of the most common examples of conversions!

Website Visit

This is one of the most prevalent conversion types. When a visitor lands on your website and completes a desired action, such as signing up, downloading purchasing, or any other pre-defined action, you receive a notification of the conversion completion. It’s one of the best ways to set up your account because it actually follows the customer all over your website and gives you great insight into their activity.

Phone Calls

Furthermore, you can track calls that originate from your advertisements. Whether we’re talking about the click-to-call button and website-initiated calls, where a visitor arrives on your website and manually dials the phone number – you can track all of those conversions with ease. 

Phone calls are a great way of improving your company’s reach, as when people talk to a real person, they tend to be more prone to buying. Additionally, if you have a phone, you will be able to track the calls that were initiated from your ads. You can use the click-to-call button or the website calls, meaning – the ones made after someone visits your website and copies the phone number. 

It’s no surprise, then, that phone leads have a significantly higher closing rate compared to form leads. In fact, phone leads have a 25% to 40% conversion rate, whereas form leads typically convert at only about 2%. This is precisely why many small and medium-sized businesses consider phone leads to be the most valuable type of leads they receive.

In-Store Visits

Moving on, we have the in-store visits. You can incorporate conversions based on physical visits into your evaluation, although it can be quite complex at times. Google can track conversions if a visitor uses Google Maps to navigate to your store or logs into their Google Ads account with location services enabled.

Smart Goals

Finally, we have the smart goal conversions. This way, you will utilize automated conversion tracking created by Google. That way, you will be helped with machine learning straight from Google, which will optimize conversions for you, analyze visitor behavior, and select the most valuable conversions as those best suited for you.

App Installs

Next, we have the app installs that are pretty interesting when it comes to conversion types. Here, you can get insight not only into whether or not the customer has installed the app but all the other elements as well, such as what they did in there, how they behaved, and such. It’s pretty interesting, so if you have an app for your digital marketing purposes, this is a great way to utilize Google Ads conversions.

Google Ads Offline Conversions

Lastly, we have the imported Google Ads offline conversions. This encompasses leads and sales that occur offline or via phone calls. These can be integrated into the system and monitored as conversions. This is particularly useful when customers mention they discovered you through Google or to accurately account for conversions resulting from marketing endeavors. Conversion data is invaluable!

What Is Google Ads All Conversions?

Google Ads Conversions

So, we know about the Google Ads conversions, but what exactly are the All Conversions we were talking about in this article? Well, this one refers to the total number of conversions that have happened across all of your online activity.

All conversions in Google Ads refer to the total number of conversions that have occurred across all conversion actions that you’ve set up and are tracking in your Google Ads account. Those would be primary and secondary conversions, mobile, tablet, and computer users – all the conversions that have happened since the implementation of Google Ads.

This kind of activity is great for tracking the impact and the overall success of Google Ads. Running Google Ads Campaigns can have many possible outcomes, and certain phone calls or visits may or may not be directly related to the primary but secondary conversion actions. To get a more accurate understanding of your Google Ads conversion rate, you need to see whether or not Google Ads campaigns drive people to your store. 

You can check out the data for all conversions in the Conversions column in your campaign settings. Just find the right Google Ads Conversion ID.

When to Use Google Ads Conversions?

The question remains – when should we use Google Ads Conversions and All Conversions? Both are important, and they have their distinctive differences that may be good for different purposes. It does not mean that one is better than the other; it just means that there are different uses for each one of them. Let’s start with Google Ads Conversions.

If you are set on a particular conversion that is the most important element of your development, then Google Ads conversions are the way to go. It will give you a focused view of your goals and greater insight into your digital marketing efforts. 

For example, if you want people to purchase something from your online store, then Google Ads conversion is the way to go. That way, you will have a greater insight into your store’s demographics and all the other valuable information you can use to further your marketing efforts.

When to Use All Conversions?

With all conversions, the situation is a bit different. All Conversions in Google is the total number of conversions that happened during the time when the Google Ads account was active. So, when analyzing conversions, you will get to see not only sales that came from just a single conversion but all the cross-device conversions, cross-platforms, and all the people who decided to buy anything from you during the time when your campaign was active. 

This will allow you to see the impact of Google Ads in a much broader sense. You will be able to manage your online and offline budgets, see how users interact with your site as a whole, and customize your standard or display ads. You will also be able to decide whether or not Google Ads is actually bringing you customers. For example, if you know that you have a spike in traffic thanks to your offline action and the response from those groups is within your interests as a marketer, then you may opt out of the system as a whole.

Here are some other elements to consider when deciding whether or not to use All Conversions.

Action Specific

All Conversions is pretty much action-specific, so it’s great if you want to exclude all the other methods of gaining clients. You can adjust it freely in your Google Ads account by selecting specific columns and metrics. 

Comprehensive Approach

Additionally, All Conversions is great if you want to get a comprehensive assessment and control over your digital marketing efforts. It’s all up to your preferences, but let us tell you – if you have access to more information – it can be profitable when it comes to setting up your campaign. Of course, there is a lot of explaining you will need to do in your own time, but tracked conversions can determine how you can count your resources. If Google Ads is your website’s only interaction source, then you should definitely keep on doing that, but if there are plenty of different ways that you can get leads – then this is the way to go.

Why Not Both?

In essence, you can easily switch between conversions and all conversions whenever you need some more or less advanced reporting. You can change things up by simply getting a different report each time you need one. It’s a great way to develop some understanding of what is going on in your company and get the requested information the easiest way possible.

Google Ads Management Services

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Everything above and more can be done with some good Google Ads Management Service! If you don’t have the time or you feel like you aren’t using your marketing power to the fullest, we are here to help you out! 

Google Ads Management Services are services provided by marketing agencies or individuals with expertise in managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns for businesses. These services encompass a variety of tasks tailored to enhance the efficiency of a company’s advertising budget on the Google Ads platform. For those seeking assistance with their campaigns, we confidently recommend our services. With our extensive experience in SEO and PPC campaigns, we are well-equipped to handle your Google Ads management needs.

The Benefits of Google Ads Management Services

With the right Management Service, you will be able to get the best Cost-Per-Conversion on the market and even greater reach than you can count on with your everyday marketing efforts. Let’s go over some of the key elements that a good marketing agency can improve your digital ads.

  • Google Ads Account Optimization – A Google Ads Manager doesn’t just create ads; they also optimize existing ones within your Google Ads account. This involves creating campaign structures, multiple ad groups, and various keywords. With a Google Ads Manager, your ads are in capable hands, ensuring they’re optimized for the best possible performance.
  • Keywords – Google Ads specialists can help you optimize your campaign for maximum conversions. With professional assistance, you can expand your reach even further, ensuring your setup reaches its full potential. This includes getting the right keywords for your particular situation. Finding the right keywords can be the most tricky part of your research, and a well-established company can help you find the right ones and optimize your bidding needs.
  • Ad Copy – Additionally, a company that is fluent in the matters that interest you can help you create an Ad Copy that will be in line with what the customers expect from a company such as yours. Professional ads will get more reach and, thanks to the high-quality Score, can be much cheaper!
  • Analytics – and finally, Google Ads Management Agency can help you get the analysis you need. You won’t have to worry about any kind of conversion tracking or other elements that may not be of interest to you personally. They will grant you a much deeper insight into how your company operates, what the best elements of your marketing strategy are, and how you can optimize them for even better results!

All Conversions VS Conversions – Google Ads – Conclusion

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In conclusion, the debate over Google Ads tracking, whether focusing on conversions or all conversions, is largely inconclusive. It’s best to utilize all available tools, including smart bidding and the assistance of a reputable marketing agency, to maximize your advertising efforts. 

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