What Are PPC Audit Tools and What They’re Used For

A PPC campaign comprises numerous parts, and the results gathered from the metrics can also feature a considerable volume of information. Because of this, it becomes almost impossible to track and remember all the relevant information from your PPC efforts. 

With this comes the necessity of a tool which lets agencies and professionals track their PPC accounts and save all relevant information. The PPC audit tool is a solution used by most companies working with PPC ad management.

In this article, we will show you what this tool is, along with some tool examples that can be used for managing your PPC campaigns. Take a look at each one of them to see which free PPC tool best fits the needs of your PPC strategy.

What Is a PPC Audit

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The PPC account audit is a detailed look at the overall performance of a company’s ad spend efforts. It is responsible for showing numerous details, like the PPC campaign performance, weaknesses, strengths, and actionable insights, for example.

On top of that, the PPC audit is also responsible for registering valuable information about your PPC ads, like negative keywords and valuable insights that should be considered. A PPC audit can be the perfect way to generate new strategies and ideas for the ideal campaign.

It also helps to evaluate if everything is aligned with your company’s main objective. PPC account audits are indispensable for effective pay-per-click action.

What Is a PPC Audit Tool

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The PPC audit tool is a platform used by companies running a PPC campaign to track its performance and overall results. There is not only one type of tool for monitoring ad campaigns; each can have different features to help with this task. The only way to choose the best one for your case is by testing them.

Ad spend tools are responsible for tracking almost every aspect of the PPC audit and can go from traffic level to the wasted ad spend on each channel. Each one also has its own pricing, so make sure to use a tool that fits your budget without impacting the rest of the project.

It is a valuable tool that, if used correctly, can save you a lot of time and make your entire campaign’s performance more efficient.

Why Using PPC Audit Tools Is Important

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There are several benefits of audit tools. The first one is that monitoring every aspect of your project helps you detect errors before they happen, making it easier to prevent any unexpected result.

Moreover, having a PPC audit tool lets you instantly measure and evaluate your PPC performance and generate advertising reports based on the collected data. The more information you add to the tool, the more complete your audit report will be.

On top of that, the PPC audit tool also keeps you in control of the wasted spend and which PPC services need to be reviewed for better results. You can quickly sort your ad groups and evaluate what’s wrong with each one.

Using a PPC audit tool also helps a lot with keyword sorting. You can highlight any negative keyword or irrelevant keywords that you don’t want in your articles. This also helps with SEO when doing landing page optimization.

What Tasks a PPC Audit Tool Can Do

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Now that you know what these tools are and why they can be vital for your PPC audit, it is time to check out their main features. Take a look at each them to understand what they are and how they can help you when running Google Ads or any PPC tool.

Here are the main functions featured in PPC audit tools:


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Keyword research is a critical part of both PPC and SEO, and if you want your Google Ads account to bring the most effective results, you should dedicate a considerable period to it. Although the keyword research phase is extensive and can generate an enormous volume of information, it can become way more optimized and easy to do with the right PPC tool.

These tools can provide numerous valuable information and features depending on each one you’re using. Some tools can find misspelled keywords and even negative keywords you should avoid including.

With this, your texts and content rank better through paid advertising and organic search. It can also sort your main keywords by relevance, making it easier to know which information is more important for your CTAs and website content.

Potential Risks

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Some PPC audit programs can also identify potential risks based on a strategy adopted or the keyword used. They can have valuable prediction features that will help you save money and avoid campaign strategies that can lead to bad results.

Based on these risks and predictions, they can even make recommendations to help increase the project’s efficiency. This way, you increase the quality score and increase ad relevancy.

Dashboard Creation

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Most quality audit tools allow managers to create detailed dashboards with the main information regarding your campaign, whether on Google Ads, Bing Ads, or any other paid promotion platform. These dashboards will help the manager and the rest of the team visualize your campaign’s achievements and future goals.

PPC experts usually choose tools that have automation features. This way, your work can become even more effective and optimized.

An organized dashboard will also make it easier for you to write the campaign report at the end. Make sure to choose a tool that allows you to create visual elements so everyone can easily identify each piece of information.

Ad Spend

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Ad spend is one of the essential pieces of data of any campaign, and you can’t just spend all your budget without visualizing its returns or how much was invested in each PPC platform. Some tools can even send notifications regarding this kind of information to your email or preferred platform, and we highly recommend choosing one of these tools. It makes it easier to visualize and minimize the chances of spending too much on an investment that is not generating enough return.

Customization Features

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Customization is also important when choosing a PPC audit tool for your project. More than just for visualization purposes, each project has its particular needs and information that must be gathered. If you choose a tool that doesn’t have the necessary customization features, it can be harder to take note of what you really need.

Make sure to choose a versatile platform that can adapt to your project. This way, you ensure the best results out of each campaign, regardless of its type or channel used.

Multiple Projects Monitoring

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A good PPC audit tool also allows you to take care of and monitor multiple projects simultaneously. Especially in a PPC agency, it is common to work on more than one project at a time. Having a tool with visual elements help you to identify which project the dashboard regards quickly.

If you plan to promote numerous landing pages or products, it is crucial to analyze whether the chosen tool supports this need. Otherwise, it can become confusing to monitor both campaigns and their data precisely.

Best PPC Audit Tools You Can Use

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Now that you know the main tasks a PPC audit tool is responsible for, it is time to check out the best options available for monitoring your campaigns. Make sure they fit the needs of your project.

This way, you’ll have the perfect platform supporting your PPC actions. Here are the main tools available:

PPC Ninja Audit Tool

screenshot from PPC ninja audit software

This Amazon PPC audit tool is perfect if you love Excel spreadsheets. It generates you an organized document with the main metrics regarding your campaign, including the most effective keywords and those that do not convert.

The PPC Ninja tool has a partnership with Amazon Ads, so it’s the perfect software for monitoring your e-commerce. If you’re looking for a free PPC audit, today is your lucky day. This is the right one for you.


screenshot from Adalysis software

Adalysis is another incredible PPC ad tool and is one of the most used by small businesses. It is a paid option, and the price will vary depending on how much you’re spending on PPC campaigns.

The software features numerous automation features, and you can integrate your favorite tools with it. Another pro of using Adalysis is its customization features. You’ll find multiple options to make your program look exactly as you want.


screenshot from Opteo software

If you’re looking for the best tool for detecting problems and notifying you about any issue regarding your campaign, Opteo might be the best option for you. The platform works on a tier subscription basis and has numerous plans that adapt to your needs and business scale.

It will notify the user about any problems with the budget or performance of your campaign. With this, it becomes much easier to manage a successful campaign.

Why Hiring a PPC Agency Is the Best Option

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More than just choosing the right tool for your PPC campaigns, you must learn how to use it correctly, and that’s not something you do in one day. But along with that, there are several other reasons why you should hire a PPC company if you want the best results out of your PPC audits.

First, by hiring this kind of service, you ensure that the project will be executed by a professional with experience. Not only that, but you minimize the wasted ad spend and also don’t need to assign workers doing other tasks to take care of the PPC actions.

At GamerSEO, we ensure your project strategy will be planned by the best professionals on the market. By becoming our partner, you’ll have support in all project stages.

Whether you need keyword research or an entire PPC strategy, we have the perfect solution that aims directly at your objectives. 

Time to Choose Your PPC Audit Tool

Managing one or multiple PPC campaigns can be challenging, especially when considering the amount of information and details you must think of. To help with this, choosing a good PPC audit tool is indispensable.

More than just downloading a program and setting up your PPC project, you must choose software that reflects your needs and provides all the tools necessary for successful execution. To do it, you must analyze what you need for your project and what each tool does.

Now that you know everything you need, it is time to set up the tool of your choice. This way, you’ll be able to track all aspects of the strategy better and better manage your PPC campaigns.

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