Google Ads Cost in UAE | Key Factors that Define the Costs!

How do you know if you are implementing the right approach to Google advertising and bidding correctly on keywords to ensure visibility for your business? This is a difficult question as there are many factors and advertising conditions change all the time. Furthermore, the region and country where you deploy your ads are also crucial to evaluating the effectiveness of your Google Ads marketing campaign and calculating the cost of your ads.

In this context, one of the countries where running a Google Ads campaign is more expensive is the United Arab Emirates due to many factors that we summarize below.

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In the following lines, you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • How much do Google Ads cost in UAE?
  • Factors you tell to Google to calculate your ads.
  • Best practices and tips to optimize your campaign and lower CPC.

How Much Does Google Ads Cost in the UAE?

Google Ads cost in the United Arab Emitares infography

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The United Arab Emirates (the UAE)  has an average CPC of 8 percent greater than the US average.

According to Medium, a specialized media on multiple topics and news, the average CPC for Google Ads in the UAE ranges between $4.43 and $4.64. However, this average measurement decreases a bit depending on the industry and keywords.

Some of the most important industries in the UAE that drive high CPC are the following.

IndustryAvg. CPC (AED)Avg. CTRAvg. CPA (AED)
Health & WellnessUS$8.5014.20%US$76.24
Home AppliancesUS$7.3013.30%US$70.80

Source: Xyzlab.

Why Is the Google Ads Cost so High in the UAE?

Why Google Ads cost in the UAE is so expensive


One of the main reasons why your Google Ads campaigns in Dubai can be higher than in other parts of the world is because of the booming economy of the seven emirates. Besides, the country has many small businesses and industries related to tourism and finance that face each other in an extremely competitive space. Moreover, search engines compete for better visibility, which results in a higher CPC in the long term.

Factors of Google Ads that Determine the Cost-per-Click CPC of Your Campaign

The cost of Google Ads in the UAE depends on several factors, each with a unique level of relevance. Here are their descriptions:

  • The Industry. It’s probably the most important factor when calculating costs in Google Ads. The bigger and more relevant the industry in the country, the likely higher the costs of your ads. 
  • Competition. As the implementation of Google Ads is increasing across most countries in the world, more advertisers get interested in online advertising, which augments competition. This situation increases the cost of advertising and CPC. 
  • Keywords. Depending on the industry your business is in, you bid on different keywords, either relevant or not so relevant for your business. The more relevant or higher-volume the keyword, the higher the cost. In the image below, you can see some crucial keywords for Real Estate and the bid range.
Important retail keywords in the United Arab Emirates
  • Bidding. The amount you bid on keywords majorly depends on the particular keyword you choose. Yet, Google Ads will help you by indicating the average bid on that specific keyword. You’ll want to respect that suggestion and even go higher to ensure the selection of your ad.
  • Ad relevance. Google Support defines ad relevance as the following: How closely your advertisements match the intent behind a user’s search. It means whether your ad fulfills the requirements of the searcher, such as the keywords or the call to action.
  • Targeting options. Another fundamental aspect when advertising on Google is targeting since you can target a specific audience with a high purchase intention related to your product. Targeting allows you to narrow your ad group and show ads to the best audience possible. Here, you can select gender, location, age, and other demographics.
  • Ad Rank. Google Ads calculates the ad rank each time a user searches for a particular keyword. Google considers your bid for that keyword, auction time, ad relevance, and landing page experience to calculate your Ad Rank.
How Quality Score Impacts Cost per Click in the UAE

Source: Wordstream.

  • Ad quality. Google directly uses Quality Score to determine cost per click and even ad rank. Ad quality involves the relevance of your ad, the user experience, and the expected CTR. Simply put, the higher the Quality Score, the lower the CPC.
  • Particular conditions. Several factors, such as location, the type of device users use when clicking the ad, and even the time of day, affect the cost per click.

Best Practices to Optimize your Google Ads Campaign and Lower your CpC in the UAE

How Quality Score Impacts Cost per Click in the UAE

Source: Gitnux.

Let’s discuss the most important part of this article, as you can learn how to improve the results and performance of your Google Ads campaign, whether you are advertising in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, or wherever. Paying attention to the following tips will certainly help you with your marketing plan.

  1. Conduct Relevant Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

We previously mentioned that the relevance of your ad to the search query, keywords, and industries affects CPC. However, keywords are the quintessence of any Google Ads campaign since you bid and create your ads based on them. For this reason, it is important to look for keywords that best represent your business and products and provide the most meaningful results for your investments.

  1. Improve Your Targeting Approach

If you want to get the most out of every time you spend on the Google Search Network, you need to stop wasting time, money, and effort on insubstantial ads and audiences that don’t give you the expected results. Consequently, ask yourself who the right customers and audience are for your product. Also, consider refining your targeting options by defining locations and demographics.

  1. Improve Your Ad Quality Score by Creating Comprehensive Ad Copies

Most marketers, advertisers, and business owners forget that ads are created from titles and descriptions. As such, it’s important to work with the best ad copy possible to achieve better results in terms of click-through rate, budget, and conversions. Headers, descriptions, calls to action, and other content should be in line with the particularities of your brand and product and contain crucial keywords. It is best to work with a professional marketing agency or expert copywriters to create the best ads possible.

  1. Monitor Your Business Campaign and Adjust the Strategy

While Google Ads provides many automated services to get the best performance from your budget and ads (a good example of this is the Best Performance campaign type), you should never neglect constant monitoring and fine-tuning to improve campaigns every day.

Identifying areas for improvement allows you to make data-driven optimization decisions, which will eventually lead to a better understanding of the campaign and crucial improvements for businesses.

  1. Appy Ad Extensions to Enrich Your Ad Campaigns

Ad extensions are additional information that most retailers and advertisers often overlook as they only focus on basic advertising information. However, extensions are crucial in search and display ads as they can provide an additional reason for searchers to prefer your product or service over others.

Extensions can be location, images, sitelinks, callouts, affiliate placements, pricing, promotions, etc. These can really increase your CTR, of course, if you know how to implement them and what the end goal is for including them in your Google ad.

  1. Test Different Variants of Ads and Landing Pages

When it comes to creating ads from various headlines, subheadings, descriptions, and more, you can apply almost infinite combinations. In most cases, Google Ads automatically combines the resources you provide to create the best ads for different target audiences, inventories, and channels. Although this function is useful, you should also change assets frequently and implement different landing pages for different products.

After completing changes to your text ads, you should monitor and measure how the new assets perform. Performance and results may vary (most likely). Thus, if the performance does not improve, you can always try new assets and combinations.

  1. Implement the Conversion Tracking tool to Check the Effectiveness of Your Campaign and the Return on Investment

When you change assets and even bids, you will notice a change in the click-through rate of your related ads. Still, it is also important that you check the conversion rate, ROI and ROAS in the long term.

An important tool for achieving this task is Google Conversion Tracking, which is a free tool that reveals what happens to your ads after your target audience interacts with them. This interaction may consist of signing up for a newsletter, completing a purchase, contacting your business, downloading an app, etc.

Conversion Tracking is the perfect tool for the most seasoned retailers and advertisers who want to make informed decisions about their ad spend. Conversion Tracking also allows you to use Smart Bidding to implement optimization strategies, such as maximizing conversions, target ROAS, and target CPA.

  1. Hire a Professional Marketing Agency
GamerSEO professional marketing agency

GamerSEO is a professional marketing agency that will provide you with valuable insights and optimization strategies to help you make the most of your advertising budget. This way, you’ll get more visitors to your website and more conversions, resulting in a low CPC and a higher return on ad spend.

As the GamerSEO team knows that the UAE is a difficult environment to position your ads, we can help you create the best Google Ads marketing strategy to achieve your goals. GamerSEO will consider all the factors mentioned above and the reality of your business to enter the UAE market as the revelation of the moment!

Summing It Up

When implementing a Google Ads marketing plan in the United Arab Emirates, it is crucial to know all the components that determine the cost of advertising and the success of your campaigns and efforts. Knowing the cost of Google Ads in the UAE also allows you to deal with the situation better. Keep in mind that knowledge is essential to get the best performance with the same budget. Let’s clarify all your doubts about it! GamerSEO is here to help you earn your place in the UAE market!

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