How to Create and Set Up Profitable Facebook Video Ads

Facebook advertising has shown to be one of the most effective ways of promoting your business, and its paid ad campaign platform has all the tools you need for perfect results. Creating Facebook ads is not limited to text or images. The platform allows the ads manager to create numerous digital assets, including videos.

Animated assets, like slideshow ads and videos, tend to achieve a higher Facebook ad performance and more effectively reach the target audience. The best part is that using these ad formats drastically increases audience engagement, helping to generate more profit and increase brand awareness.

If you want to know how to profit from your Facebook videos ads, this article is perfect for you. We will show you everything you need to make your Facebook page more than a simple social media account.

Make sure to take a look at all steps and process carefully. This way, you ensure the best results from your Facebook business page and avoid any problems with your campaigns.

What Is Facebook Ads

screenshot from Facebook Business showing the different tabs from the platform

Facebook Ads is Meta’s platform dedicated to creating paid advertisements inside the main platforms of the company. This means that a Facebook ad campaign is not necessarily attached only to Facebook itself but can also be uploaded to Instagram.

It is one of the biggest platforms for this kind of marketing and has numerous tools that allow managers to create Facebook ads however they want. It is a powerful platform that can be a game-changer for any company looking to shine among the competition.

The platform also counts on a variety of formats to attend to the different needs the Facebook ads manager might have. Whether you want to run a Facebook campaign containing images, GIFs, or videos, the platform allows you to upload various formats to ensure you reach your campaign objective.

It is proven that the platform can drastically improve the numbers regarding your business results, from impressions to sales volume. There are several benefits to creating marketing actions in the platform, and each goal requires a different strategy.

Why Creating Videos

image showing a smartphone displaying Facebook pages with multiple video ads

We know that nowadays, there is an infinity of different ad formats you can choose to create a marketing campaign, whether digitally or physically. However, video is still one of the best options for almost every kind of company. To start, video is still one of the most engaging media types on every social media platform, especially Facebook.

Generating impressions, clicks, and other types of engagement is much easier. If you want people to stop every time they see an ad, this is the best way to do it.

Videos are usually more attractive than static pictures or a simple promoted blog post with ad copy. The more interactive the media is, the higher the chances of your campaign’s success.

Why Running Facebook Ads

image of a person holding a smartphone with the Facebook app open

There are several reasons why Facebook is one of the best places for running paid ads, especially videos. It is not the only option for this task, but it is surely one of the best ones, with years of experience and an enormous market to explore.

Here are some of the main reasons why this platform can grant your company an enormous advantage when advertising:

Best Visual Integration

Meta’s platforms are famous for having a high volume of visual content. Whether exploring Facebook or Instagram, we see much more visual content than just pure text. 

Thanks to this, when you post a picture or video, it looks like part of the posts you see daily. On the other hand, when displaying images on platforms like the Google Search Engine, your images are highlighted among the texts and are evidently a paid promotion.

When using Facebook, it gets much more natural when you see a paid video while scrolling through dozens of others, making everything more organic and increasing the chances of someone clicking on it.

Number of Users

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform globally, with over a billion active users. If there is a place where your videos can be seen by an enormous number of people, this place is Facebook.

You can easily target specific audiences based on your own criteria to make results even more positive when trying to reach your target persona. It is an excellent platform for visibility, thanks to the many users using the platform and seeing your content daily.

Variety of Tools

Along with the numerous formats available on the platform, Meta also offers a variety of tools to help marketers make their content look precisely the way they want it. From dashboards containing results information to tools dedicated to optimizing your performance, several solutions make the process easier and more optimized.

The paid advertising platform has existed for more than ten years, and over time, Meta has implemented numerous tools, and this will continue. The more time passes, the larger the number of features at your disposal to optimize your ads and help you generate efficient results.

Bigger ROI

graphic statics showing how much does a click cost on each social network

Another great advantage of using Facebook Ads for running your video campaign is its incredible return on investment. Facebook has one of the biggest ROIs compared to other paid advertising platforms, including Google.

Whether when running photo ads or any other kind of marketing action, if you have the same ad running on Google and Facebook, Meta’s platform will probably provide a bigger ROI. This happens mainly because running ads on Facebook is cheaper and requires a smaller campaign budget overall, so it is easier to profit, generating more ROI.

Multiple Social Media Platforms

One of the best parts of using Facebook Ads is that you’re not restricted only to Facebook itself. Meta’s paid ad solution allows you to create an ad account for any platform supported by the group, including Messenger ads, Instagram ads, and many others.

This variety makes it much easier to find where your audience is and how to make your ads reach them. You can also integrate your ads in multiple platforms simultaneously so both Instagram and Facebook users see the same ad placements.

What Are Facebook Placements

screenshot from Facebook ad creation tab

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Ads counts with multiple platforms where you can create your ad set. Placements refer to the apps and areas where you want your future campaigns to appear. This option can either be automatically chosen by Meta based on your ad objective and the ad format you choose, but it can also be manually decided.

The main platforms supported by Meta are:

  • Facebook – News Feed, Instant Articles, Marketplace, Stories, Stream Videos, and Right Column
  • Instagram – Feed and Stories
  • Messenger – Sponsored Messages and Home Screen
  • Audience Network – Rewarded Videos, Banner Ads, Native Ads, Stream Videos

It is essential to consider the options and think about where you want your Facebook video ad to appear before creating it. All aspects of your strategy must be aligned with your main goal for it to work.

We highly recommend using the automatic placement if you don’t have experience with the ads platform. Through Meta’s algorithms, it will decide the best places your ads can be displayed based on factors such as your objective and the budget you have available.

How to Create Video Ad Campaigns to Make Your Business Profit

illustration of a laptop displaying a social media ad along with the text facebook video ads

Now it’s time to see the steps to create the perfect campaign featuring paid video advertisement. Make sure to follow carefully every time to ensure optimized results and good profit at the end of your efforts.

Here is how to create the perfect ad creative video for your marketing actions:

Choose Your Objective

screenshot from the objective options available ad Facebook Ads

The first option that will appear once you log into your Facebook Ads Manager account is to choose what your objective with the campaign is. Whether you want to increase your company’s sales, website traffic engagement, app downloads, or anything else, Facebook has numerous options to attend to your needs in the best way possible.

Remember that this objective should be decided before anything else in the planning phase. How your video will be created and where it will be displayed should only be determined after knowing what your main goal is. Choosing exactly what the objective is on Facebook is important because if you select the automatic feature of the platform, it will set up your campaign based on this decision.

Filter Your Target Audience

image showing the audience filtering tool from Facebook Ads

At this point of the campaign creation, you should have well-structured audience research to know your customers and their behavior. The next step is to share these pieces of information with Meta for better filtering of who should be exposed to your Facebook advertising.

This filter can be done through different methods, including gender, age, language, location, and other options. The more filtered it gets, the higher the chances of turning an impression into a purchase of your product or service.

On the other hand, if you want to generate as many impressions as possible and gather new leads, it might be a good strategy to remove most of the filters. It will not be as effective for getting conversions, but depending on your strategy, it can be the answer to achieving your goals.

Most of the options are related to demographics, but there are also settings about the behavior of the users and what they search for when using the social media platform.

Choose the Type of Video You’ll Run

image of a person holding a cellphone and scrolling through Facebook's news feed

When creating video ads on the Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll find two main options to do it: standard video or slideshow. The recommendation will depend on what you’re advertising, but standard videos tend to be way more attractive and generate more engagement than just slideshows.

After choosing the format, you’ll need to select its details. Facebook will always recommend which settings to use, but you have total control over them and can make a video completely different from the recommended ones. But this usually leads to poor interaction and bad results.

The main settings you’ll have to choose are:


illustration of a hand holding a smartphone while watching a video

The first item you’ll have to choose is the length of your video. Facebook video ads allow you to create digital assets that go from 10 seconds up to four hours. According to the platform, it is always recommended to keep your ads short and at a maximum of 15 seconds. When featuring a video this short, the message needs to be well-planned to ensure you communicate everything essential and don’t forget important details.

Aspect Ratio

image showing the most common aspect ratios used

Another important aspect of your video is the aspect ratio that it will be posted at. Facebook typically suggests the aspect of 4:5, which maximizes compatibility with most platforms, but it will depend on where it will published and the audience you want to achieve.

If you plan on reaching mobile users, which is the most significant part, we recommend going full vertical and using 9:16.

It is crucial to select the proper ratio because this can not be changed after the Facebook video ad is uploaded. Any problems regarding its structure and the ad will need to be fully set up again.

Sound and Caption

image showing icons from both facebook and a video app

The last of the three most important settings when uploading a video is its sound and whether to feature captions or not. More than 80% of Facebook users watch video ads without activating the sound, so it could be a good idea to feature captions to attract users regardless of your video’s length.

The captions can be added by the video producer or automatically generated by Facebook when uploading the video. Make sure to double-check the auto caption to ensure nothing is wrong, and the message is clear.

It is also important to read Facebook’s guidelines about video size supported and how each aspect will look inside the social media platforms. This way, you can better tell which configuration is more effective.

Create Your Ad Copy

illustration of a person choosing between two ad copy options

Even though your main asset is the video, creating catchy and well-structured ad copy is vital. It is complementary information since the video is still the focus of your ad campaign.

Featuring quality CTA is a great practice and helps convince the users to visit your website or Facebook page and to click on the video and watch it. You can create different ad copy versions to test which performs better and attracts more clicks.

Your message also needs to be clear. For good ad copy, you are limited only to 125 characters. Otherwise, your text might get truncated if it is longer than that.

Pro tip: Be careful when featuring ad copy in your thumbnail. Facebook automatically limits ad delivery if the text occupies more than 20% of the entire thumbnail.

Upload Your Asset

image showing the multiple ad options available at Facebook

Lastly, you just need to upload your Facebook video ad to the news feed or any other space. Facebook might take a learning time to deliver your assets in the most optimized way, and a period is also required to be able to access information regarding your campaigns. After this time, you can easily access your management page to visualize the number of impressions, clicks, and other valuable details.

Remember that the performance of your Facebook ads will depend on all of the items below. Creating a solid strategy is the key to generating the best results possible.

Tips for Generating Better Ads and Profit

facebook's icon along with a screenshot from an ad

Now it’s time to see the main tips you can use to increase the results of your ads and generate an even bigger profit from your marketing actions. Make sure to take a look at each item to see how your company can benefit from it.

Each marketing action is unique, so there’s not only one way you can use these tips for your company. Everything will depend on the ad you’re creating and the objective you’re trying to achieve.

Here are some tips you can use for better results:

Use Narrative Imagery

As we mentioned before, most people watch Facebook videos without any sound, so creating imagery that tells a story, even without any soundtrack, is very important. If the users don’t understand what is happening only with images, there is a high chance that they’ll skip your ad, decreasing your video views and, consequently, your campaign results.

Creating a clear video and uploading a story that can be easily understood can drastically change the results of your marketing efforts for the better. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add sound to your videos. Adding a straightforward narrative or a good soundtrack in the background is vital, but make sure the message can be understood even without these elements.

Create Short Videos

Unsurprisingly, users prefer shorter videos than long productions with more than a minute. The ideal duration of an advertisement video is around 15 seconds.

With this comes the challenge of creating a clear message and sharing all the necessary information in this short time. You must carefully plan every second of your ad to ensure it has all the essential information for the users while still interesting and engaging so people interact with it.

The more time passes, the more challenging doing this gets. We live in times when everyone has short time available, so consider this when creating your Facebook ad.

illustration of a person using a chronometer

Prioritize Mobile Aspect Ratio

Although Meta’s platforms are available on mobile devices and desktops, almost all users use the mobile app to navigate through the feed. People are most likely to watch your video if it’s in a comfortable format. Prioritize aspect ratios like 9:16 or 4:5 since they are the ones that work best when exploring the mobile news feed.

This way, you increase the number of views in your video and the probability of people clicking on your ad and accessing your landing page.

Create Catchy Call-to-Action

The most essential part of any marketing activity is its call to action, and when creating Facebook advertising, it is no different. If your video doesn’t feature a good CTA, it might have a huge number of impressions, but its conversion rate will be way lower than expected.

You must create a message that convinces users that they need your product or service and that it solves their problems. It is important to understand your audience and their main pain points to understand how to do it. With this, your video ad will surely generate better results.

image of a play button with the text call to action

Always Show the Product

This tip is mainly for product advertisement, but several aspects can also help generate insights if you’re promoting a service. Since you have an extremely short time to catch the attention of those who cross through your ad, it is essential to display it as soon as possible for the users so they understand what the ad is about.

Videos with long introductions that don’t display the main product at the beginning tend to be tiring and generate fewer clicks and conversions, so keep this in mind when promoting your assets. Every second of the video is a new chance to convince the users, so align your content with the marketing objective.

Filter Your Audience

Just like with any ad, it is imperative to filter the audience who’ll see your ads. Facebook is a social media giant, and there are people from all kinds of backgrounds and with multiple different interests. Trying to achieve all the people would only bring negative results to the marketing action. 

Facebook allows you to customize every aspect of your audience to make your ads reach the right customers. You can set up a variety of characteristics, both demographics and behavior.

It is an important part of the process that will directly impact the performance of your campaign. More than helping it achieve better results, it also makes you achieve a better ROI since you won’t be wasting your budget on groups with no interest in your product or service.

image of a target with multiple profiles around it

Create a Focus for Your Video

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is creating a video ad that tries to share multiple messages at a time. The main reason why they do this is to optimize budget optimization and avoid creating multiple ads, but in the end, this might cause worse results and performance.

Sharing a single message with clarity is recommended to ensure good performance and increase the chances of achieving the video’s goal. You already have little time for your Facebook ad, and trying to split this interval for multiple messages might generate confusion for those watching the video ad.

Keep a Constant Visual ID

Just like when doing carousel ads or any type of advertisement, keeping a constant visual ID aligned with your company is vital. This helps build brand awareness, and users will start to instantly recognize your business just by looking at your ads.

Whether through the colors used during the video or any other type of identification, this is very important and helps create a uniform visual whenever you run ads. It is one of the most important steps for building a solid brand.

image showing the different components of a visual ID

Always Analyze the Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager is one of the most powerful features of the entire platform and allows you to easily control all aspects of your collection ads, from the daily budget to the number of impressions. Not only that, but it also allows you to easily analyze any aspect of your video content and its performance, making the insights generation much easier. This overview also dismisses the need for extra tools, creating an even more budget-friendly environment.

The results gathered are as important as the campaign itself because it’s through the data gathered that you’ll understand how the ad performed. With this, you can tell what should continue and what should be changed when producing your next Facebook video ad.

image from GamerSEO showing the services provided by the company

There are several reasons why hiring a professional company is recommended if you want to create profitable Facebook video ads. More than just uploading the asset and monitoring the results, there are several aspects that directly impact how well your campaign performs and, consequently, your ROI.

By hiring a professional agency to take care of your Facebook advertising, you ensure everything gets done by a professional. This way, even though you spend a little extra with this service, you drastically increase how much you earn from the campaigns and how many new customers you acquire.

At GamerSEO, we have the best professionals on the market with years of experience to help you create the perfect solution for your objectives. By joining our family, you ensure the best results and a team that will work with you side-by-side from start to finish.

Whether you need simple keyword research or a complete Facebook ads campaign, we have everything you need. Join us, and let’s create the perfect strategy together.

Conclusion on How to Create and Set Up Profitable Facebook Video Ads

picture of a person using Facebook on an iPad

Facebook is one of the best platforms for creating marketing actions, and videos are one of the most effective ad types for reaching potential customers. Whether you’re creating a new campaign to generate interest in a new product or just to increase brand awareness, there are infinite possibilities, and everything will depend on your strategy.

However, everything has to be correctly planned and thought out for this ad type to work. From the video ad length to the custom audience, you create, everything has a distinct impact on how your video performs and its final results.

Now, it’s time for you to create Facebook ads to catch new audiences and help your business grow and achieve its objectives. Remember that hiring a professional company to do these tasks is also recommended for optimal results. Make sure to consider all the aspects above before you start any of your marketing efforts.

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