How to Promote NFT for Free – Best Tips for Investors

Even though it may be surprising to some of you after the NFT crash that happened last year, with FTX bankruptcy and Bored Apes falling quite a lot, it seems that if you have a quality NFT collection, you can still make a good buck these days.

NFT space is full of people who are all about trading those non-fungible assets, and even though the significant speculation aspect of the NFT game seems to be behind us, we feel like there are still many things you can do with those fun little objects.

The NFT community is definitely one of the earnest of them all in the crypto space, with dozens of thousands of new people coming to the space each day. Artists, NFT collectors, everyone wants a piece of that pie. Well, that’s awesome, and we are here to tell you all about how to promote your NFTs completely for free! Those are great NFT promotion opportunities that you can perform entirely by yourself. Of course, putting some money into it will surely make it more popular, but with some luck, you can increase your NFT sales quite a lot if you do it the right way. So, let’s see what we have in store!

Promote Nft Using SEO

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The short and the long answer to the question of free NFT promotion is – SEO. The short is because it’s only three letters, and the long is because it takes some time and dedication, but the results will make it up to you. Search engine optimization is one of the key elements when it comes to successful NFT promotion.

When the average cost per click for paid advertising is around $2.6, you may be starting to wonder if it’s even a reasonable opportunity after all. It can get some traffic your way pretty quickly, but it will cost you quite a lot of money, and you will not sustain this traffic as when the paid search stops. With SEO, you will have all the traffic you need on a daily basis for entirely free – if you do it yourself. Of course, we – GamerSEO, as the #1 Video Game Marketing Agency – would be more than happy to help you out in this process, but you can do it yourself if you have the time. 

The effectiveness of this approach can be shown by the fact that over 80% of CMOs are planning either to keep or even increase their spending on SEO. Why is that? Well, there are a couple of reasons. 

Why Is SEO Effective?

The most important thing about SEO effectiveness is that it attracts people who are actually interested in your products. The NFT marketplaces host dozens of different NFT influencers and NFT artists, so getting ahead of them is key. It’s even more important when you have your own website with your artwork that you plan to develop. Getting the right keywords that people are actually searching for is the key to putting yourself on the map and not having to pay a giant price tag for that.

Search Engine Optimization is a pretty simple process to describe, at least at first glance. The way to go about it is to “trick” the search engines to show up your page high in the Search Engine Results Page. Google is the prominent search engine for that purpose, as it allows you to reach the most significant amount of people. There are 8.5 billion searches each day, and yes – you are a part of those as well!

Utilizing SEO for this purpose will not only allow you to get the people with the right keywords your way but also promote your NFT collection among the people who are actually searching for your products and services. Those actually interested in what you are providing. It improves the user experience rather than limits it. So, if you want to reach the NFT communities you are actually trying to reach – it’s the best way! 

How to Use SEO for NFT Marketing?

So, the question is, how do you use SEO for NFT marketing? There are a couple of options. First, you can optimize your website, which is a pretty standard way of using SEO. You need to add relevant keywords to it, optimize your landing pages, and make sure that it’s a user-friendly experience – the standard stuff. Additionally, you can do this at the NFT marketplaces as well. How to promote your NFTs on, for example, OpenSea? The Animal All-Stars collection is a great example of that. You have all the good SEO practices there:

  • Great keyword research for NFT descriptions and tags
  • The usage of relevant metatags for HTML code
  • A pretty unique content for descriptions and images
  • Optimized OpenSea profile
  • High-quality images

Social-Media Channels

nft is blockchain, interchangeable, cryptography, safe, inique and identity

Another way of promoting your NFTs is to utilize social media channels. The most popular ones for this particular task are definitely Twitter, Discord, and Instagram. Let’s go over each one of those to see how to better penetrate the market. 


twitter or x

As it turns out, Twitter is one of the critical elements when it comes to marketing NFTs. Plenty of NFT artists’ primary source of engagement is the immersive experience that Twitter is providing them with. Hashtags such as those listed below are essential to promote your NFTs: 

  • #nftdropalert.
  • #nftcommunity.
  • #nftart.
  • #nftmusic.
  • #nftgaming.
  • #nftfashion.
  • #digitalart.
  • #nftcollector.

With Twitter/X, as an influencer, you can quickly build relationships with other creators and potential buyers online. You can even create a Q&A session where you answer questions. It’s an excellent method to actually sell NFTs and let other people understand what you are trying to accomplish. As we will later discuss, it’s all about creating a buzz, and what better way to do so than actually discussing it among like-minded people?


Discord logo

Another great place where you can talk to people from your field is Discord. Here, you can find people who are interested in the art or the concept of NFT as a whole. On Discord, you will find dozens of communities that are all about the latest NFT trends and who will be more than happy to help other artists find collaboration opportunities or just some effective tips and informative content. Here are some of the groups you may consider joining if you want to grow your brand:

  • VeeFriends.
  • Rarity Sniper.
  • OpenSea.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • Decentraland.
  • Magic Eden.
  • Azuki.
  • Doodles.


Instagram NFT account

As we all know, NFTs are primarily visual mediums. So, it comes as no surprise that most people are interested in presenting their graphics in the form of, well, a graphic. To ensure your long-term success as an artist or a collector, you need to have a visual portfolio to link to in your bio. 

Instagram is the perfect place to promote your NFTs. How to do so? Well, you need to find relevant hashtags for your particular line of creation, find people who are interested in your work, and overall – do your best to ensure that you have pieces that are unique and interesting for a broad audience. Don’t assume you’d be widely popular at a moment’s notice; the process may take some time. Nevertheless, there is a large audience you can get to if you just enable people to actually see your work. In that regard, here are some exciting hashtags you may want to explore.

  • #nfts #nft #nftart #nftcommunity #nftcollector #nftartist #digitalart #crypto #cryptoart #art #ethereum #opensea #nftcollectors #blockchain #nftdrop #nftcollectibles #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #nftcollection #openseanft #cryptoartist #nftartists #eth #nftartgallery #artist #metaverse #nftartwork #artwork #d #artoftheday
  • #nftgallery #nftnews #contemporaryart #nftgiveaway #rarible #btc #raredigitalart #cryptonews #digitalartist #nftsstories #defi #modernart #digitalcollectibles #nftmarketplace #nftdrops #artgallery #animation #polygon #design #abstractart #dart #pixelart #nftmagazine #cryptotrading #nonfungibletokens #digitalillustration #investing #meta #cryptopunks #nfthesearch

NFT Promotion Tips

As you can imagine, those are not the only ways that you can promote your NFTs. Here are some of the things you can implement in your NFT calendar promotion in order to get the most out of our NFT promotion strategy. There are a lot of those for you to explore as an NFT artist. Of course, this particular article will not tell you how to make money with NFTs per se, as those are just mere light suggestions of what you can do in this competitive NFT market, but we are positive that you will find those informative and helpful.

Create a Unique Experience


If you’re looking to promote your digital art, you need to understand that it’s all about crafting a unique experience for your target audience. There are various marketing strategies you can employ to achieve that. Take RTFKT shoes for example. It’s fashion on a completely different level, where you can own shoes that can be changed with augmented reality.

However, the key lies in offering unique perks and experiences to those who purchase your NFTs. This could range from exclusive access to special events and VIP experiences to networking opportunities in exclusive communities and early access to new NFT drops.

It’s All About a Narrative

The Logged Universe

Another effective strategy to market your NFT token is by weaving a compelling narrative. It’s a proven fact—emotional stories have a strong selling power. Just think about everything people watch – reality TV, ideological media – it’s all about the narrative, as Lyotard pointed out. 

Your goal is to craft the most inspiring tale imaginable to forge a deep emotional bond with your audience. Consider offering glimpses behind the scenes of your work. Share what drives and inspires you, and give insights into your creative process or why investing in your story matters. 

It’s fantastically portrayed in The Logged Universe, a universe where mankind is grappling with the repercussions of simulations. The Logged Universe is a short story that creates a giant narrative about the world in which we live.

Put Yourself Out There

Project Iceman

Even more, you need to have a solid online presence to effectively promote your NFTs. Utilize social media platforms, create an NFT giveaway, and, most importantly, be engaged. A great example of that is the NFT-Backed Film “Project Iceman”. Where people are financing a documentary about Andres Hofman’s attempt to finish the first-ever triathlon over a long distance in Antarctica. The creators constantly updated contributors about what was happening in the project and some backstage elements of production.

It is all free or within your work, so utilize it to the best of your ability. It’s also a great example of how to find your NFT project early. Just look for where the buzz is coming from and find the relevant NFT collections. 

Be Exclusive!

Kings of Leon's NFT Album

Another way to promote your NFT Art/ NFT business is to be exclusive with your content. Many NFT creators present their users with digital assets that are unavailable to most of the users. Whether this would be some special NFT giveaways or a new NFT collection with the first buyer rights for the people with the previous NFTs, each digital artist can create their NFT releases that create more buzz. Crypto art is all about being unusual, and with the right promotion strategies, you will be able to show your NFT content to the right audiences all over the world.

A great example of that is the Kings of Leon’s NFT Album. Yep, the same guys who brought us “Sex on Fire” are diving headfirst into the NFT scene. Their album “When You See Yourself” is now available as an NFT, complete with exclusives and a limited-edition vinyl record reserved solely for NFT owners. But that’s not all—the band sweetened the deal by throwing in some awesome perks, like lifetime front-row seats for those who got their NFT collectibles at their concerts. And this is how to make your NFT marketing the right way without having to spend some additional money in the process (more than your work).


Adidas X Prada NFT Collection

Finally, let’s talk briefly about the power of cross-promotion. In the NFT space, it’s essential. It’s all about presenting yourself to potential NFT collectors, and what better way to promote NFT collections than to work with other artists with their very own audiences? 

NFT enthusiasts all over the world work with each other for cross-promotion purposes, catching the eye of potential buyers. Most NFT projects get lost in translation, as they say, but some rise to the top. 

A great example of that is the Adidas x Prada NFT Collection —a prime example of marketing done right in the NFT world. In both cases, it was a smart move to combine the digital aspect of NFT with real-life wearables. 

How to Promote NFT for Free – Conclusion

NFT promotion example

As you can see, each niche has its own way of becoming extremely popular with a larger audience. If you want to gain more recognition, there are plenty of excellent channels. From SEO through PPC, ending with some good NF strategy – there are plenty of free ways that you can show people what you have in store and increase sales. Of course, things like how to price your NFT, how to engage with your community, or how to run giveaways are crucial to performing well in this space, but if you want to get long-term value, it’s vital to put some work into the free and paid options.

Sometimes, without putting your money where your mouth is, you may not go very far. We, of course, are encouraging you to discover many different ways of promoting your NFTs, from content marketing through landing page optimization, adding just some airdrops to your situation to gain potential fans, or creating compelling narratives about why people should get involved with your particular artwork. It’s all a part of your success, so make sure that you make the most out of your creativity. Check out the latest trends as well, create engaging content, create buzz, and, like many artists in your field, be exclusively focused on promoting NFTs with the finest methods out there. One day, your non-fungible tokens may be worth quite a bit for interested collectors. And you can say that it all started with effective marketing that was able to attract potential buyers. 

Thanks for stopping by! If you like this article, make sure to check out other ones on our site. There are plenty of interesting concepts out there, so we are positive that you will find something for yourself. Stay safe, and we will see you in the next one!

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