What Industries Need SEO the Most?

Professional services will do everything they can to attract clients. And, since we are constantly online, what’s a better way than putting an ad in Google and waiting for the clients to come around?

But – it’s not the most efficient way of doing it. With Pay-Per-Click ads, for example, you have to constantly renew the subscription, which may get you clients but comes with constant money investment. So, to work long-term, it’s best to utilize SEO services to attract the clients you need without paying for ads each week.

How can you benefit from SEO? Well, your site will show up on the search engine results page, and if you implement some local SEO services, you can also create your very own Google Business Profile. 

Let’s now go over the business that would benefit the most from implementing some good SEO practices.


E-commerce representation with sale on a computer screen

Starting with – e-commerce. We probably don’t need to tell you how important it is for e-commerce to use SEO in everyday work. The digital landscape is full of people trying to push their goods and services onto customers, so it’s understandable that they want to be visible online.


Unlike the real estate industry, it’s so easy to market your products online with only shipment, so it’s understandable that they would be interested in implementing some SEO practices in their online businesses. In the age of digital marketing, it’s highly beneficial as it:

  • Offers a budget-friendly means to connect with your audience without incurring ad costs like we have mentioned before; 
  • establishes trust and credibility for your brand, as individuals generally have more confidence in organic search outcomes compared to paid advertisements;
  • provides a competitive advantage over other e-commerce platforms that may not utilize SEO practices

User Experience

Even more, if you run an online business, you may quickly notice that optimizing your website for SEO will improve user experience. SEO provides you with rules that are not brought out of thin air but come from dozens of years of research and improving the algorithm so that it can present the best possible results to the users.

So, to not reinvent the wheel, you can count on SEO practices to benefit your site overall, as it provides you with a set of rules that users all over the world accept and want to see on a website. The algorithm is based highly on what people are doing on the internet, not the other way around. 

Targeted Traffic

Additionally, e-commerce can greatly benefit from getting targeted website traffic from all of those sites, as choosing the right keywords will get you the right people. Creating SEO for an e-commerce site enables you to focus on particular keywords related to your products. Consequently, the incoming traffic is more inclined to be interested in your offerings, resulting in increased conversion rates. For instance, a user searching specifically for “cheapest key reseller” is more likely to purchase when directed to a page displaying the exact thing they were looking for.

Getting organic traffic this way and getting your site on the top of the search engine results pages can bring you a lot of clients and make the experience for the existing ones great as well. So, if you are running an e-commerce site, that’s definitely a solution you should consider.

Local Businesses

Local SEO best practices

Another group that can benefit from introducing SEO in their practices is local businesses focused on the nearby community. With the right approach, they can target specifically the crowd that will go to their localization and enhance their local presence with an effective local SEO strategy. Whether you are a group of real estate agents, legal service providers, running pet-related services, or just general local services, the local SEO practices are great for letting people know your brand and getting more target customers to your location. Let’s dive deeper into why you should include it in your portfolio.

Increased Online Presence

Even though your legal services may be outstanding, if people don’t know about them, they will likely not get near your office. And, as everything is transferring online, an SEO campaign is just the right move for local businesses.

With the Google Business Profile, you are able to make it easier for people to see your business and your services, find out if it’s something that they would be interested in, or just have it near them so that they would be able to pop in if they have a chance. 

Unlike the ecommerce business, where everything happens online, here you need to make people come to your store. So, the scope of your keyword research will be much slimmer and less general. Thus, the targeted traffic that SEO provides is that much more valuable in this instance. There are plenty of industries that can benefit from implementing SEO practices locally, especially in this day and age.

Google My Business

Additionally, with the implementation of the previously mentioned Google My Business, you can create an actual virtual address that you can promote and share on the internet. With online reviews and reputation management, people can rate your place, helping it grow even bigger than it already is. Not utilizing those tools will likely make you less visible and, thus – less popular in the community. 

And, as you are already on the weaker foot when competing with giants, local SEO can allow you to position yourself better than those who are all about general keywords, not local ones. You can’t expect Nike to narrow its store down to the street. Well, with local SEO – you can! Your local customers will be happy to have you!


a magnifying glass on a computer screen

Another industry that is super reliant on SEO solutions is definitely the tech industry. There are several reasons why this is. 

  • The number of individuals utilizing search engines is consistently on the rise, with over 3.5 billion searches conducted daily. 
  • The evolution of the search engine results page (SERP) has been notable, progressing from basic website results to now encompassing diverse and interactive outcomes such as featured snippets and embedded information from Google Maps.
  • Search engines, notably Google, have become integral in our daily lives. They serve as a crucial avenue for obtaining information, standing alongside social media. Moreover, search engines play a significant role in discovering new brands, products, and services.

With the right approach, you will be able to get your SEO specialists working some magic for you and your company. Let’s see some details in that regard.

Ahead of the Competition

If you are working in the tech or IT industry, especially in entertainment services, you can pretty much count on extreme competition. Those people are highly involved in digital market trends and know everything about PPC, SEO, and digital marketing. So, you need to be on top of your game as well. 

With Tech companies, it’s not a matter of choice anymore. You need to implement SEO tools in order to get yourself high in the search engine rankings, as your competitors are already doing it.


SEO also establishes credibility among different technology businesses. If you are not shown with the promoted tag, your company is considered more trustworthy. Even articles from 2014 have pointed out this problem, stating that “only 24 percent of readers were scrolling down on native ad content on publisher sites, compared to the 71 percent of readers who scroll on organic content. It was a damning indictment of the quality of sponsored content at large”. 

And it’s only getting worse since then. Inc.com states that 96% of users don’t trust ads at all. So, your services will be much more appreciated if you can achieve them the “organic” way.

Greater Reach

You also need to remember that with so many products and services that can be sold globally, you can reach many people with your SEO practices. If you have a product that is sold all over the globe, you can actually influence the local search results with the right campaign. Multilingual SEO can be a great idea for your efforts, especially if you have multi-location businesses or just worldwide shipping.


HORECA Grote Markt

Next up, we have the HORECA industry – hotel, restaurant, and catering. It’s the type of industry where the target audience is anyone, and effective SEO strategy is everything. The HORECA sector especially needs good SEO, as searches like “good restaurants near me” or  ”cheap hostels in Vienna” are some of the most common ones and are extremely likely to turn into conversions. 

Ultimately, if someone is looking for a place to stay, they will likely not put it in the cart and forget about it. So, implementing SEO practices for this particular line of business is extremely important. Let’s dive a bit more into it!

Local and Global

When getting potential customers online, SEO is great for local and global services. With HORECA, both are in play. You can have a Grand Hotel affiliate program you can promote worldwide or have your small hostel fighting for its right to be on the stage. It’s not real-estate SEO, so it’s a bit cheaper than that, and with the right approach, you can promote your chain or a singular place with no problems whatsoever. 

Event and Services Promotion

SEO not only contributes to the long-term promotion of your business but can also be beneficial for short-term events. By listing your business on Google Maps and integrating event details directly into Google Calendar, you can enhance visibility for specific occasions. Additionally, posting menus and showcasing services with prices online allows people to easily access and understand the offerings your business provides.

Special Keywords

When it comes to keywords, though, the situation gets complicated. It turns out that the HORECA industry accepts ONLY long-tail keywords. Well, they accept all the keywords you can give them, but the ones that are working are usually on the longer side. Why is that? Well, people are not searching for good hotels. They are likely to be looking for “3-star hotels near 5th Avenue, good for families”.

Attempting to rank high with broad terms may not yield significant results. Instead, opt for more precise and targeted long-tail keywords to specify the query. When selecting long-tail keywords, it’s essential to uphold their specificity. The HORECA industry, whether concerning hotel accommodations, restaurant management quality, or SEO practices, favors clear and distinct approaches over middle-ground strategies.


SEO for Travel representation

And finally we have the travel industry with incredible benefits all over the map. Search Engine Optimization is extremely important in that regard, as it’s essential for the travel sector to increase its online visibility so that people would actually buy some tickets or travel from them.

The middle class in the Western world seems to be doing quite well after recent turmoils, so it’s only understandable that the travel industry is getting back on its feet. The aftermath of the pandemic is almost invisible nowadays, so agencies are investing more and more in promotion. And SEO practices are something just for that.

Long Keywords

Similar to what we have said about the HORECA industry, with travel, it’s pretty much the same. When people are looking for the best ways to travel to India, they don’t write – Indian hotels. It’s much more complicated than that. For instance:

  • “luxury London vacation” may appeal to luxury travelers or those seeking a personalized experience.
  • “Family Vacation to Paris” is designed for family travelers.
  • “London and Edinburgh vacation packages” target travelers in search of a comprehensive package.

Those relevant search results will, of course, change depending on the demographics chosen, but long-tail keywords with different ad groups are essential for this kind of search.

Lots of Users

And finally – it has a lot of users. This industry pays the most attention to search engines among all the marketing channels. Just think about it: when you go to a particular place, you search for the best restaurants, cafes, hotels, and objects to see – you search for quite a lot, honestly.

In the world of travel, SEO isn’t just some fancy acronym—it’s your golden ticket to reaching more potential customers and growing your business. Imagine this: you’re running a travel agency, and with a great blog optimized for search engines, you’re not just selling trips, you’re sharing adventures. 

Take, for example, a blog post titled “Naples Unpacked: Your Ultimate Guide.” It’s not just about listing attractions; it’s like having a friendly chat with your readers, giving them the lowdown on what makes Naples a must-visit destination. From the best pizza joints to hidden gems off the beaten path, you’re not just attracting travelers searching for info, you’re building trust and excitement that could turn into bookings down the line. 

What Industries Need SEO the Most – Conclusion

Evergreen website tips

In the end, we can safely say that all industries need SEO. And there isn’t really one that would need it less; just some of them need it a lot more. We will leave you now with that conclusion. Thanks for stopping by, and we will see you in the next one!

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