What Is a PPC Specialist and Why You Should Hire One

Running PPC campaigns nowadays is something common among all industries and business types. Advertising campaigns can have a significant return in a short period and help a company generate new leads quicker than other marketing actions.

But for your PPC marketing to achieve its objectives and generate the desired results, your strategy must be carefully planned, from the landing pages content to the keywords selected. Most companies hire a PPC marketing specialist to ensure these positive results and gather accurate data.

In this article, we will show what they do and why working with these professionals is a good idea. We will also list some characteristics good PPC specialists must have.

What Is PPC

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If you’re new to the marketing world, no worries. Here is a basic explanation of what PPC is.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a content marketing strategy that increases visibility and website traffic through paid promotion on SERPs and websites that allow this kind of marketing. It can be used for any type of online business and, aligned with good target audience research, can quickly generate positive results. 

Although most people think PPC is simply promoting your website through Google Ads or other tools, it can go far beyond that. Featuring videos and linked posts on other websites can also be considered a PPC campaign.

The proper course of action will depend on your final objective. The same applies when choosing which paid marketing platforms to use.

What Is a PPC Specialist

As the name suggests, the PPC specialist is a professional that works with digital marketing, especially paid advertising, and performs different types of activities involving PPC ad campaigns. They understand how search engines work and the factors needed for successful digital advertising campaigns.

PPC involves both strategy planning and creativity. Professionals following the PPC career also understand how to use the programs and tools necessary, like Google Ads and Bing Ads.

More than just analyzing data gathered from PPC marketing actions, the professional must accurately understand the market and SEO trends. Numerous paid advertising platforms are being released every year, and PPC specialists must always keep up to date with these new features and tools.

Why Hiring a PPC Specialist Is Recommended

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Along with optimizing your landing pages and PPC ads, there are several reasons why hiring a PPC expert can bring numerous benefits to your company. 

The first one is that these digital marketers can bring creative and analytical strategies that focus on your objectives. Search engine marketing involves numerous steps, and a PPC expert can do them more efficiently and quickly than an inexperienced person.

Along with that, hiring a professional PPC manager ensures that you’ll analyze the correct data regarding your online advertising campaigns. When working with Google Analytics or other platforms, you can have several data regarding different aspects of your PPC actions, but it doesn’t mean you need all these results. The PPC specialist knows precisely which pieces of information to look at based on your goals. This way, you save time avoiding unnecessary information.

More importantly, having a digital marketing professional taking care of your PPC advertising ensures you won’t need to assign team members for the task. Thus, your company can run at full capacity and efficiency.

What Activities Do PPC Specialists Do

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Now that you know what a PPC specialist is and why it is essential to have one for maximum campaign performance, it is time to learn the main activities the PPC marketing specialists perform. Take a look at each one to understand which actions they can perform and see if that’s what you need for your digital marketing.

Here are the main actions performed by a PPC specialist:

Keyword Research

Like SEO, PPC ad campaigns are keyword based, and understanding the correct ones to use is a vital part of the process. PPC specialists have a vast knowledge of keyword research and understand which ones are more likely to reach the target audience and gather new clients looking for your product or service.

Hiring a professional ensures they use the right tools for this and have a precise evaluation of which words should be used. The best part is that since SEO and PPC use the same keywords, you can also use the research done to plan strategies for enhancing your website content.

Although the keywords are the same, PPC specialists focus on other factors and details more than the content on your pages. But it doesn’t mean you can develop SEO actions along with the current pay-per-click campaign.

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Competition Analysis

The PPC management specialist should also have an accurate perception of the competition and your main threats in the market. When you create a campaign, it is important to understand what can happen to the competition and your target audience. 

Also, if you’re doing videos and other types of visual PPC, you must ensure you’re not doing the same thing as your competitors. The specialist will conduct a background study to understand your competitors’ main weaknesses and strengths to develop the perfect strategy to display advertising effectively.

Trend Identification

Identifying new trends is also a precious skill in the PPC world. Not only communication technologies but also the users’ behavior is constantly changing, which evokes the need to improve strategies to fit these new needs.

Experienced PPC professionals have an accurate understanding of these trends. Not only that but algorithms are always changing when it comes to SERPs and website ranking.

PPC specialists must continuously monitor these changes and new trends to adapt the content to fit these new requirements when needed.

Landing Page Optimization

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More than just making a user click on your PPC, you must also keep the user on your website for as long as possible. Another task generally assigned to the PPC specialist is optimizing the client’s main page and making it more attractive.

The more you invest in your website’s layout and optimization, the higher your chances of converting visitors into buyers. Not only that, but investing in this part of the process also impacts SEO which can be highly beneficial for your brand on a long-term basis.

Your PPC and CTA should also keep the same visual ID of the landing page. This way, the users feel familiar with it and know they were redirected to the right page.

Some important points of a good landing page are:

Call to Action

If you want to convince users to acquire your product or service, your call to action must be carefully planned. A PPC specialist knows which type of CTA and specific terms have the highest potential to persuade visitors and drive them to take action. The PPC professional will test numerous different CTAs and see which ones generate the best impact on the target audience. 


Headlines are also a crucial part of a good website. Especially if your website features a high volume of information per page, these titles have an enormous impact.

The PPC responsible will ensure your site’s headlines are catchy and encourage people to click on them and stay on your page for as long as possible. They also help keep your pages organized and easy to read.


Images are also a vital part of any website. If you feature only texts on most pages, people will stay on your website for less than desired.

Having visually attractive pages and catchy images is a huge factor in conversions and increasing web traffic. The PPC specialist will also suggest images and videos that could be featured for better results. 

Performance Monitoring

One of the main tasks assigned to PPC specialists is campaign monitoring. When any digital marketing action is released, the company responsible must monitor the main metrics and information related to its performance and impact on the target audience.

With PPC, it is no different. The PPC specialist will gather the main information regarding visitors and web traffic. In the end, with this data, they can generate a report containing all critical data.

Strategy Planning

A solid strategy is indispensable for an effective PPC action or any digital marketing effort. When hiring a PPC specialist, they will develop the paid ads based on your objectives with the campaign and the company’s goals.

Most people use PPC to generate more revenue or gather more leads, but there are numerous other objectives, and each one requires a different approach. Strategy planning is one of the most complex parts of the entire process, and with professionals taking care of your PPC campaign, you minimize the chances of having a marketing action with low engagement.

Characteristics of Good PPC Marketing Professionals

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You already know that hiring a specialist for your PPC ads is crucial if you want to create successful campaigns. But more than choosing anyone, you should ensure the person you hired is the right one for your paid search campaign.

Here we will show you some of the main characteristics of a good PPC professional. Take a look at them, and you’ll be able to find the best professional for taking care of your digital marketing channels.


Of course, a professional paid search professional must be organized to create quality content for the client. Since PPC specialists must deal with numerous tasks involving the same project and sometimes simultaneously, having a good organization of what to do next is vital.

Moreover, if you don’t have a good register of activities, you might mistake one project for another and cause a delay in the entire campaign.


It’s no secret that the more experience you have, the better you’ll perform your tasks. When looking for a PPC professional to evaluate your campaign performance, make sure you choose someone with experience on the market. This way, you’ll have better results and optimized performance.

Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge is also fundamental. More than just executing actions, the professional responsible must understand what will be needed for the campaign and which PPC management software to use. The technical skills will impact the entire process.


The last essential skill we’ll talk about is creativity. Just like any other marketing profession, having a creative mind is vital. The PPC specialist will constantly face new problems and must find ways to make your website attractive. There’s no formula for making a good campaign, and the PPC specialist must use their creativity to develop an intelligent solution.

Why Hiring GamerSEO Is the Best Solution

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We know that choosing a PPC specialist can be challenging, and there are tons of options to choose from. But by hiring us as your marketing partners, you won’t need to worry about any of those details again.

Here your project will be carefully analyzed and planned by the best professionals with years of experience in the market. Whether you need just keyword research or complete strategy planning, we have everything you need for a successful campaign.

Becoming our partner is more than just a relationship between client and business. Here we evaluate every aspect of your project to decide the best course of action, and we’ll always be available to help and give market tips to make your business skyrocket. 

By joining the GamerSEO family you’ll instantly notice an increase in the performance of your campaigns and more traffic to your website. Along with that, we ensure budget optimization for you to achieve your objectives without spending more than necessary. Let’s create the perfect project together.

Conclusion on PPC Specialists 

PPC projects can be highly complex tasks depending on several factors, like the main objective of the campaign or the channels used to share it. Most companies hire PPC specialists to perform these tasks to maximize the chances of success and ensure everything goes according to plan. Choosing an experienced professional who understands the market and comes with the perfect strategy for achieving your goals is vital.

Now that you know everything, it is time to look for the ideal professional for your PPC campaigns. At GamerSEO, you’ll find the perfect team, regardless of your needs or project complexity.

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