Google Ads Agency Cost: Why It’s the Best Investment for You

Having an agency to manage your Google Ads campaign and marketing efforts is not something new, and as PPC grows globally, this is becoming even more common. Google Ads management services go from simple tasks to more complex ones, like managing entire Google Ads accounts and their business needs.

Most people don’t even consider that an option because of the price some agencies can charge on top of the ad spend. However, in some cases, you can find great agencies to help with Google Ads’ performance at a fair price. The prices can vary from one agency to another, but one thing is common between them: the chances of a better ROI are way higher.

Investing in this kind of service has a cost, but the same is quickly paid by the returns your campaign will generate thanks to the quality of services. Efficient and experienced work are key features for the best results and that’s exactly why an agency is the perfect party to team up with. It’s a great deal, especially if you want to increase revenue.

This way, you help your business grow, elevating the chances of a higher return on investment. It is far from being a wasted ad spend and can be the answer to a better PPC campaign.

In this article, we will show you why having a professional agency taking care of your account, whether for a Google Ads management service or any other task, is very important. Make sure to take a look at all items and details carefully to see how agencies can help you with the new Google Ads efforts you create.

Why a PPC Campaign Can Help Your Business

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We know that an agency can help with your Google Ads account and task optimization, but why run paid ads in the first place? There are several reasons for that.

First, a pay-per-click campaign can be the perfect way to make your business grow quickly in terms of customers and leads. Through creative ads, you can communicate with your target audience and convince them to purchase from you.

Moreover, Google Ads allows you to make precise conversion tracking, showing where the users are coming from and what they’re doing once on your landing page. That’s the perfect way to generate insights for your next campaign and understand how to improve performance based on the metrics gathered.

Every industry is competitive, some more than others, but it is essential to stay ahead of the other companies selling the same product or service. Google Ads offers you everything you’ll need for this task, allowing you to effortlessly stay on top of SERPs and become the top of mind of your segment and industry.

CheekyMonkeyMedia says PPC results convert 50% better than organic results on the same SERP. On top of that, 41% of the clicks go to the first ad on the page, showing how important it is to have the best ad score. Highlighting your business can be tough, especially in competitive markets, but investing in PPC can make this challenge a lot easier for you. 

What Does a Google Ads Agency Do?

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We know that a Google Ads partner can be helpful when planning campaigns and other marketing activities on the platform, but what services does an agency provide? Well, we will answer this and many other questions here.

Here are the main activities done by advertising agencies:

Keyword Research

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Both pay-per-click campaigns and SEO efforts are keyword-driven, meaning that that your ads or web page appears on people’s search engine results pages based on their search query and the terms typed. This also means that when advertising your company, bidding on the right keywords and terms is indispensable if you want to reach your audience and generate a conversion.

Adding these words to your ad copywriting and landing pages helps with ad copy optimization and is also responsible for increasing your ad rank, making it more likely for you to rank above your competitors.

The management company can highlight the best keywords for your actions and sort the negative keywords and terms that should be avoided in your ads and pages. 

Each keyword has a different cost and is directly related to how optimized your Google Ads set is and how easily your assets will reach the right users. This works for both search ads and other types, like YouTube ads, for example.

The better your keyword research, the more efficient your advertising budget will be. That’s why having a dedicated account manager can bring numerous advantages to your project.

Having the best selection of words ensures your ad appears on the first page and on top of other results. This is very important when considering that, according to The Social Shepherd, 63% of users click on ads when shopping for products. Having your ad appear on top increases the chances of your solution being chosen.

Identifying Competitors

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Another essential part of a solid campaign is knowing your competitors. As we mentioned, the world of paid advertising is very competitive, and every industry needs to consider this aspect when creating strategies.

With a professional Ads manager, you can request a complete analysis of your main competitors and the main aspects of their campaigns, such as the type of communication, platforms used, etc. This helps generate insights for your own campaign and also avoids problems like accidentally doing the same kind of marketing action.

This won’t directly affect your campaign budget but will interfere with how the audience sees your marketing efforts. It is crucial to have an effective campaign capable of surpassing the competitors and ranking better in search results. This is crucial considering that the first result gets 30% of users’ clicks, while with the second result, this percentage drops to 12.

Your competitors are a great source of inspiration for what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. By having a professional agency helping with the monthly management of your campaigns and the competitors’ analysis, you can generate actionable insights on what they did wrong in their campaigns so you don’t make the same mistakes and generate better results in the future.

Understanding the companies directly competing with you is the first step to staying ahead of them in the race for clients, revenue, and other relevant aspects that will make you grow. Make sure to keep that in mind when hiring services for your next digital marketing action.

Developing Creative Strategies

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Sometimes, you just need creative support for your campaigns, and an agency can help with that. One of the most common activities done by Google Ads management teams is developing complete marketing campaigns and strategies based on the client’s needs.

Each goal and campaign type needs a specific course of action and planning to achieve the expected results, and no one is better than a professional marketer for this task. They will ensure an effective and optimized course of action based on the information you provided and what was gathered during the research.

Everything needs to be aligned correctly and make sense for your rank score to increase and your campaign to get delivered properly. That’s why creating quality content is also one of the most crucial parts of any PPC strategy on Google.

Another aspect of the strategy that your management team can easily tell is the recommended Google Ads budget for each action done. A good plan must have a solid budget that is constant throughout the campaign and avoids surprises along the way. For that, it is vital to highlight all expenses carefully. This includes the monthly budget that will be spent, the cost of creating the assets, the management fees, and any other prices directly related to the campaign.

Assets Creation

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This is something that only some agencies do. Still, it is common to see professional companies with their own art direction team specialized in developing the assets for your campaigns. This is usually one of the most expensive services and can be extremely handy for certain campaign types that require particular illustrations and file formats.

Since this is not a service directly related to the strategy and its management, they are usually not included in the usual fee structure of the company and need a different pricing model. Ensure that you are informed about the agency’s policies on asset creation, pricing structure, and whether they provide that kind of service.

Creative and eye-catching images/videos are indispensable to a good ad. The more attractive they look, the more clicks they will have and, consequently, more revenue. It is also one of the best ways to highlight among competitors. With such a vast number of companies advertising the same product or service, having a creative ad can be the answer for ranking above them more easily and reaching your campaign goals.

Campaign Monitoring and Management

Monitoring a campaign can be tricky, especially considering the numerous metrics Google provides for each marketing action on the platform. Each campaign objective requires different metrics to be analyzed, which is an aspect only experience in the area can tell.

Looking at the wrong metrics can give you false results and even make it harder for you to understand how your efforts are performing. By having someone specialized in this kind of task, your Google Ads management becomes way easier and more precise when telling which actions and ads are helping you to reach your goals and which ones need to be worked on for better results.

Moreover, campaigns may encounter unexpected issues during their development, such as platform glitches or other unforeseen events. Therefore, having a dedicated agency member personally manage your campaign is crucial. By entrusting these tasks to them, you can ensure that your company operates at its full capacity without disruptions.

The follow-up for the campaign status can be through monthly reporting or any other interval that best suits the marketing strategy you’re executing. Make sure also to plan this when developing the campaign.

Google Ads Management Prices

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We’ve seen some of the tasks an agency can do when managing a client account, but how much does it cost to have a professional marketer taking care of your strategies? There’s no correct answer to this question since it will depend on a series of aspects, like the activities you expect them to do and the country you live in, for example.

Advertising with Google Ads in the UK can be extremely expensive, not only because of the agencies prices, but also due to the high competition for certain markets inside the region, like insurance for example. A marketing agency there can charge up to £5000 on a flat fee payment model depending on the kind of service you request, according to a study done by Oxedent.

On the other hand, according to WebApex, Google Ads in Australia can be even more expensive, with certain agencies charging over 15,000 Australian dollars per month to manage a campaign. This shows how distinct the values can be, making it very difficult to give a precise answer on how much your efforts will cost.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t have an expectation of how much these services will cost. According to Sagapixel, a company can charge up from 500 to 4000 dollars on average when using a flat fee pricing structure. You can also use an ad spend percentage model, where the average is around 20% of this value or many other business models. When planning your new ads, you can always discuss these details with the agency you’re hiring.

Main Pricing Models for Agency Costs 

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As we mentioned, there’s no specific price or way of charging for account management. Companies can have multiple ways of calculating this price to best fit the user’s needs and what they seek when looking for the services.

There are three main ways of charging the management fee and other incurred prices from this kind of service. We will show you each of them, including what they mean and the advantages of using each one.

Make sure to take a look at each one to see the model that best fits your budget and what you’re looking for. Here are the main pricing structures for Google Ads agencies:

Flat Fee

As the name suggests, the flat fee is a specific amount you’ll pay your manager monthly for the services provided. Management fees will depend on your requested services and the project’s length.

The advantage of this kind of structure is that you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay the agency every month. On the other hand, since the manager’s percentage of profit won’t increase as the project progresses, they might not feel motivated to overcome the basics and take the entire strategy to the next level.

Overall, it’s a solid model, and the main advantage is not having surprises or increasing values during the execution. It is recommended for simpler projects that don’t involve crazy investments and actions.

Ad Spend Percentage

Like in the flat fee, here you’ll know exactly how much you’ll have to pay monthly for the agency. The price will depend on how much you’re spending on your ads. The more expensive your entire campaign is, the more you’ll have to pay the managers, and thanks to that, one of the cons is that you’ll have the agency constantly trying to make you increase the ad spend.

Another disadvantage of this model is that the manager might also feel unmotivated if you don’t increase the ad spend since it’s directly related to the amount they’ll earn from the campaign. It is a good structure for specific campaign types, so analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this model before choosing whether to use it or not.


This is considered the best structure by most companies and business owners. The performance-based model will stipulate how much you’ll have to pay based on the success of your campaign and the earnings directly related to it.

The bad side is that you won’t necessarily know how much you’ll have to pay every month, but the manager and agency members will feel motivated to make your marketing efforts grow as fast as possible. The better the campaign performs, the more they’ll earn.

This drastically decreases the chances of your Google Ads account being neglected over time. It is a safer option and the go-to choice of most Google Ads companies.

Why GamerSEO Is the Best Option for Your Campaign

image from GamerSEO showing the different services provided by the company

No doubt hiring a professional agency can positively impact your marketing efforts on Google Ads. Whether through precise keyword research or any other task, having an experienced manager carefully looking at your efforts can be the answer to achieving the metrics and results you dreamed of.

At GamerSEO, our marketers have years of experience developing campaigns and marketing actions aimed directly at your objectives. Whether you need help with specific tasks or complete the development of your next Google Ads activity, we have everything you need for positive and optimized results.

If you want the certainty of business growth and effective management, there’s no better option. Join the GamerSEO family, and let’s create quality marketing together.

Conclusion on Google Ads Agency Cost

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Creating catchy and effective campaigns on Google Ads can be the perfect way to grow your company and achieve your main objectives as a business owner. Hiring a professional agency is essential to ensure efficient results and determine the best course of action. Their experience and expertise can streamline the process, eliminating the need to assign campaign management tasks to other team members.

These companies are responsible for doing a series of tasks for your campaign, including listing search terms to optimize your campaign and studying your main competitors. The right agency for your campaign will depend on your needs and goals. Make sure also to pay attention to the pricing structure of the agency you’re hiring to ensure that it’s aligned with your budget and what you expect from the services.

Now that you know everything you need, it is time to start looking for the best agency to manage your Google Ads efforts. Our company offers various services at the best price, ensuring effective and optimized results at a budget that fits your wallet. We are here to help you with everything, regardless of your needs.

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