NFT Engagement – How to Use It to Your Advantage?

It’s not about the money, money, money anymore. Nowadays, it’s all about branding. Customers have changed their ways, and so did the companies. Nowadays – it’s all about the idea behind the product. You’re not only selling your product; you’re selling everything that goes with that product.

And, since the crypto market is something new and fresh, customer engagement can be captured by this novelty marketing strategy. It is great for NFT owners even with medium accounts.

In this article, we’re going to go deep into how you can sell your products with NFT technology help, how to create NFT engagement with your customers, and how to get into this crazy little world of non-fungible tokens.

Let’s get into this!

What Is an NFT?

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NFT is a non-fungible token that you can use to create original artwork from your digital works. Well, not only that, it does not have to be an artwork, although it’s often used in that regard. Any media you can imagine can be turned into NFT.

The basic concept is simple; you create a piece of digital media, then mint it using cryptocurrency on the blockchain, and voila! You have your piece of original work that no one can counterfeit.

The best thing about NFTs is that you can finally create an original work, and it belongs to you and you only. You can sell NFTs, transfer them, and do anything you want. If it’s burned onto a blockchain, it will stay there forever.

It’s a great way to trade digital media in ways that were not possible even a few years ago.

Brand Engagement

NFT sign with some detailes added to it

This is something that we want to focus on. As we’ve stated before, having a great product is not enough. It’s all about having an idea behind the product that is just as good or even better.

Let’s face it; there are no substantial differences between Apple products and Samsung when it comes to some basic stats. Samsung is probably an even better device when it comes to specs-only discussion.

Apples vs Oranges

But people don’t buy products only because they are at the top anymore. They buy so that it means something. If you have a Rolex, you are in a family of people with specific preferences. You’re a part of an exclusive group that likes to do things with style. It’s not only a watch; it’s a status symbol.

Communication, Communication, Communication

And, it’s the same with everything. Everything that you use in your communication sticks. You create your digital identity with blocks you have around yourself. People will notice if you put artwork as your logo that you spent 5 minutes creating in MS Paint. And they will avoid dealing with you if they want exclusive content.

But if you pay a graphic designer to create something that is totally within your ideology, you can sell your product and create a movement. 

And here’s where NFTs can be used in a few ways.

How to Use NFTs for Brand Engagement?

NFT sign with other things on an auction

NFTs are a great way of letting your customers know that you mean business with your business. It’s hyped, it’s cool, trendy, it’s useful, and – it’s modern. A new technology that everyone talks about.

And – for that reason, you can find a completely new group of customers interested in what you offer. People are seeking out what’s new in the crypto sphere, and adding the NFT aspect to your business can get many new people interested in your work.

NFTs are everywhere nowadays, and people are always looking for new deals to make, so be sure you’re not behind the hype!

If you’re the type of company that wants to be ahead and keep up with the latest trends, here are some ways to accomplish that.

Go Digital!

Do you sell Coke? Well, sell digital Coke. Do you have a car dealership? Everyone can now have a digital, original Ferrari. Use your imagination to your advantage and advance into the serious league. And by that, we mean – digital.

The best thing about this new and fantastic product is its accessibility. You create a world where everyone wears original designer clothes, drives a Ferrari and has their own crazy expensive thing, but they are only in the digital world.

And it’s not like this thing is not happening right now! You have digital versions of Gucci stuff or your incredible Nikes you can get for quite a price. There are many games and resources you can get to your consumers!

And it doesn’t even have to be a sole product. You can use NFT as a bonus to your original product. Let’s say you have a business that sells pots and pans. You can, as a gift, give your customers a digital version of your product. That way, they will not only have your product that can last them for a few years but a forever digital copy that they can keep as an addition and memorabilia. Who knows, maybe that kind of thing will be worth a fortune in the future.

Loyalty NFTs

NFT sign under the magnifying glass

Make your customers NFT holders! Blockchain technology allows you to collect digital rewards for being a loyal customer.

It’s the same thing as in the case of cafes. You have bought 10 cups of coffee, so you get 11th free. You can do the same thing with NFTs. NFT prizes can differ in rarity or size. They can be some artworks or digital tokens with a bunch of data. Anything is possible in the crypto world.

Especially if you’re creative with it. You can even treat NFTs as a type of digital currency, where if you gain, for example, 10 NFT stars, you can exchange it for a t-shirt or something. Digital and the real world can interchange with one another easily. 

This customer loyalty program is great when you want to make your community grow bigger and stronger. And, as usual, the online community is much bigger than you can get in your city.

Besides, there is also this logistics aspect – you don’t need to have anything at your hand to collect the NFTs you gain in these loyalty programs. They can be sent straight to your portfolio after purchase. And if there is one thing that never changes when it comes to customers is that they love the convenience in their personal life.

Create a Club of Customer Engagement!

It’s not easy to create hype for something. In these times, at least in the Western part of the world, the best way to go about it is to create a demand. And, as we know from our 101 in the economy, if something’s exclusive, then it’s much more desirable. 

Same with your products. Let’s say you can organize some kind of webinar online, access free, and everything is easy to get and understand. Pretty simple right?

But what if, and hear us out, it would be tough to get there? And what if you’d use NFTs as an identifier for those who can access your webinar and those who indeed don’t?

Maybe you can even create a collection that can only be accessed if you have prior gained an NFT ID. Everything is possible!

The other thing is you can use NFTs as a type of certification of authenticity. Think about it this way; if you want to sell a bag, a shirt, phone, or whatever, you can add an NFT certificate of authenticity with serial numbers and everything. And if that checks out, you can claim that this is officially authenticated by this digital certificate put out by the creator.

We’re Living in a (non)Material World!

Sooner or later, some part of our population will willingly put themselves in a machine where they will live in a cocoon of sorts, an alternative dimension if you will, where instead of being poor and unhealthy, they are gods among gods.

Digital assets are something to invest in because – it is the future in the end. Concert tickets for an online event, social media with your avatar – everything will be digitalized in some form.

So, if you want your product to stay caught up, be sure to create a digital version of it as well. Someday people will be looking for a car for their online house, where they have their online family. And you will be there, in 2056, with an Established 2022 sign on your dealership, light years ahead of the competition because you got there early. It’s worth trying!

Make Your Customers Feel Safe

It’s easier said than done, but if you’re an expansive goods seller or reseller, you need to work on the authenticity aspect. As we’ve mentioned before, NFTs can help out in those circumstances.

It is happening with designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others. People are getting their things authenticated with a bit of help from crypto friends. Privacy practices are the game we play and every asset we have will expand what consumer will participate in.

Additionally, if you start securing your things with NFTs, you can quickly benefit from being recognized in the industry as a trustworthy partner. Everything you do will have an NFT authentication added to it, so you can quickly gain exclusive access to some great deals with other entrepreneurs.

Give Away Your Digital Assets!

This one is pretty simple. If you have the stuff to give away, and those things can stack up, you can gain more and more customers.

As we’ve mentioned many times before, an online community is huge and always looking to invest using NFTs and other great crypto solutions.

So, if you organize giveaways, contests, and many other things with NFTs, you will quickly gain a number of followers trying to get a piece of that NFT pie. Every NFT minted on the blockchain can be used in many different ways, so it’s always great to have some in your wallet.

It’s like with those old pennies. You’ll never know how much they’ll be worth in a decade or two, so it’s best to keep them in your pocket.

NFT Engagement – Conclusion

NFT Lock on the motherboards

Thank you so much for checking out our article on how to use NFTs to better engage with your brand. As usual, all the interactions you will have with our theme will be appreciated.

We hope that we could help you better understand how this digital form can influence your real-life business. More revenue does not only mean more problems but more interesting issues, so if you want to be ahead of other players, brands, and users, be sure to get on board with the latest trends. Consumers value that their company can not only give away a free concert ticket but is upt with the latest trends.

There are countless possibilities on how to engage customers with your services and sales, so be sure not to overlook the next best thing that is coming up in the market. Many creators understand this process already and they will not hesitate to use it to their advantage. Even with a medium account, you can do some damage!

We’ll see you at the next one!

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