SEO for Technology Companies – A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever wondered why your site stays so low in the Google rankings? Well, there are some solutions to change that! Tech/software companies are still growing, and with that comes the need for some excellent search engine optimization (SEO) results when it comes to Google algorithm. If you want to deliver your product to your customers, you need to implement some SEO strategies to beat the competitors. In this article, we will be talking about how Tech/IT companies can get more traffic to their site and get to the first page of Google search! Let’s dive in!

What Is SEO?

Let’s now first define the topic at hand. SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing a website and its content to make it more visible and higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). How does it work? Well, think about every time you have tried to Google something. Top results that are not sponsored are there because of the good SEO practices or just the overall size of a website in some cases. 

As we have stated, the primary objective of SEO is to increase organic traffic to the website, not something that was paid for, as it is, in the end, a bottomless pit. And – it’s much better for the website’s health as a whole to get organic traffic.

The Importance of Google and What to Keep in Mind

Google Search Page

Some people say that there are other search engines. And, we are not mean; we know that Bing exists. But, in this day and age, with limited resources and time, every SEO Agency focuses mainly on the most important one – Google. It is the most popular and widely used search engine worldwide. So, understanding how it works and what it looks for is crucial to optimize your online presence. Let’s get into some details about what to look out for. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that can help you with monitoring your presence in Google’s search results. A lot of data that can be found there, including the website’s performance, indexing status, search traffic data, and potential issues for your SERP ranking. It’s an all-encompassing tool that can help you to identify and optimize your site, while also dealing with any potential issues.


It’s the meat of algorithms. Google uses automated software called “crawlers” or “spiders” to search for web pages. They follow links from one page to another and collect data on the content, structure, and relevance of every single one of them. After a spider leaves the web page, it adds it to its spider’s web, also known as Google’s index, a giant database of multiple web pages.

Search Algorithms

And algorithms are…well, algorithms. It’s all about them in the end. Everyone wants to know how they work and why they work. They are concerned with getting you the most relevant and high-quality results for each search query. 

Of course, there is not a monolith, and they consider various factors when it comes to search, like keyword relevance and the quality of content. Learning them is a neverending process, as Google continuously updates it in order to deliver even better search results. Finding out what are the algorithmic elements you can use for your benefit is something that all SEO agencies strive for in their everyday work.

Organic Search

The key to getting the right people in the right place is getting organic searches. How does it work? Well, let’s say you are searching for something, maybe a new car or a bike to be more eco-friendly. 

Google’s algorithms analyze the indexed pages and rank them for you, using what they perceive as relevant information and quality of content presented, based on their perceived relevance and quality. Google’s job is to show you the most helpful and authoritative results. Your SEO strategy is all about getting high in those rankings. 

Google’s Ranking Factors

Unfortunately – you will never know exactly what these rankings are. Google puts out some information in their Guidelines, but those are far from sufficient. Maybe if you would work at Google, but those NDA fines are probably astronomical. But, it’s not the end of the story. There are numerous ways of finding out if you are high on those rankings. Those would be all your on-page SEO efforts, like keyword research and internal linking, off-page factors like backlinks and social media attention, UX/UI, and much more. It’s crucial to align your SEO efforts with these factors.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Another great tool that Google provides for companies is Google My Business. It’s especially great for your local SEO efforts, for businesses with a physical location, and having a verified Google My Business (GMB) listing. If you disclose your business information according to the latest SEO trends, you will appear in local search results. 

That will translate into getting the right amount of clients locally. It’s essential to provide accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone) details, get into the proper categories, and gather some good reviews, and relevant information that can improve your visibility.

Google Updates

Google Core Web Vitals

And lastly – Google periodically releases updates to its algorithms. Some of the recent ones are Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Core Web Vitals Update, and how google fights with Webspam. They aim to create even better quality search results and get rid of spam and sites with Black Hat SEO practices. It’s essential to always be up to date with the latest Google updates, as it can literally make or break your efforts.

Why Is SEO Important for Tech Companies?

But why is search engine optimization (SEO) for Tech companies so important?  Do they need a lot of website traffic? Is it indispensable for them to be high in the search engine rankings? Are their web pages so crucial that they need to optimize them? Well, let’s see what is the SEO strategy for them!

Get Ahead of the Competition

The tech industry is one of the most competitive markets in the world. With the right uses of SEO techniques, it can give you a distinct advantage over other companies on the market. Being higher than them in the search results can allow you to access a much larger share of organic traffic, and that can result in many potential customers.

Be Visible Online

SEO is the single best way that can help you to improve the visibility of your company in search engine results. With the right website and content optimization, you can get a lot more potential customers, and your SEO efforts can be validated by bringing in the customers. 

And, if you are a tech company, brand recognition is everything. There are people who care about the ins and outs of every smartphone, but there are a lot more of those who just look at the brand and say – that’s what I want.

Not a One-Time Thing

One of the main benefits of utilizing SEO is that it’s not this one-time advert you would put up online and be happy that it’s there. SEO is a sustainable and long-term strategy for many companies. SEO continues to drive organic traffic over time with a lot higher ROI – a return on investment. Of course, SEO services are not the cheapest, but comparing it to the 5-second ad during some high-rush hour on TV, it’s a drop in the ocean. And it will probably boost your Google Analytics tenfold.

Brand Authority

High-search ranking additionally creates a feeling of credibility and authority among potential customers. If your text is high when searching for an X, it usually means that you have done your due diligence when it comes to SEO performance, but also – people will think that it’s one of the “LEGIT” sites. Just think about it: IMDB will show up if you look for a movie. Some historical facts – Wikipedia would be first. The higher you are, the most prestigious your brand seems to be.


SEO is not set in stone! You need to remember that. As years go by, Google puts out new and improved ways of searching things on the internet, and with that – users gain further and additional forms of finding content.

With so many changes, it’s only a matter of time before your SEO from 2009 stops being the top priority on those websites. But – fear not; it’s all upgradable and changeable. SEO can adapt to new circumstances and change accordingly.

Reach Desired Audiences

Utilizing SEO tactics is an excellent way of reaching a specific audience by incorporating particular keywords and phrases related to your company’s products or services. This approach allows you to attract the right people who are genuinely interested in your offerings, which is crucial for any marketing endeavor. Ultimately, it enables you to acquire new customers and expand your reach within your targeted audience.

How to Build SEO Strategy for Tech Companies?

Let’s now get into some nitty-gritty details on how exactly you should go about building an SEO strategy for tech companies. Of course, every SEO campaign is different, writing blog posts is not the same as optimizing keywords on your website. So without further ado, let’s start with some SEO optimization tips!

Keyword Research

Let’s start with something obvious – keyword research. The most important thing to do in this case is to conduct some in-depth research to find relevant and high-value keywords for your IT or Tech company. The best tip in this case, if you want to optimize your website in this direction, is to understand the intent of your target audience. 

Use the best keyword research tools that you have. In our experience, we can recommend SurferSEO and Ahrefs. And, of course, anything that came directly from Google. See what the competition is doing as well. They are probably trying to get all the clients they can, similarly to you, so be sure to analyze it. For example, Ahrefs allows you to look for content gaps, topics/keywords that you the competition have and you do not.

Analytics and Monitoring

Another essential element to consider is the web analytics tools, primarily Google Analytics, in order to see if your actions bring desired results. It will show you all the key metrics you need, like organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rates, and user engagement. Analyzing this data can get you valuable insights into your company and how the market behaves as a whole.

On-Page SEO

This is one of the key elements to optimizing your website. On-page SEO is all the actions partaken and implemented directly onto the website pages to create better visibility and higher search engine ranking. This would include optimizing the elements within the web site’s content that you put out. Here are the most important elements to consider in that regard:

  • Keyword Optimization – as we have stated before, keyword research is the basis for good SEO practices; you need to strategically add the relevant keywords into every facade of the website, starting from page titles, pictures alts, and headings, through meta descriptions, URLs and even the source code. Those powerful tools can get you pretty far if done correctly.
  • URL – speaking of URLs, be sure to create those with utmost attention, concisely, and with the right keywords, especially your content’s title.
  • Meta Tags – Meta tags and descriptions also are great for optimizing your SERP rankings. Meta descriptions are essentially the few lines that will show up under the title in the search results. The key element is to describe content you are providing and make it exciting so that people would want to click it. Additionally adding the meta tags to your website’s code can help Google’s crawlers to better index your site and understand the content you are providing. 
  • Content – it’s the bread and butter of every SEO agency’s practices. Ultimately, the best content may not always win but is much more appreciated than shallow content made only for SEO purposes. People are not that stupid, they will see that your page does not bring anything of value to the table and is only built to drive traffic. The key elements are providing the intended content that is unique, valuable and with some personal touch to it. Optimizing content length, keywords you use in its headings, internal linking, and pictures are also important. With that, you can drop that bounce rate (percentage of users that leave a site without taking any action) right to the bottom.
  • Site Speed – it may seem like a trivial thing, but if your site is loading more than half a second – well, we are personally clicking out. We live in the high-speed internet era, and no one has the time to wait for your ten mb picture to be loaded onto the website. Fast loading times, mobile responsiveness, and easy access across different devices and operating systems are just a must, not only regarding user experience but SERP ranking as well.
  • Image Optimization – It’s important to highlight that not only the text is being optimized here, but pictures as well. Adding descriptive file names and alt tags to the images while keeping them low in weight is an essential element for any SEO Agency. It will not only improve your site’s speed, but also – Google uses it to understand what is in the picture and how it relates to the article.
  • Internal Linking – internal links are still crucial on-page SEO elements that can get you on the search engine results page no 1! Just be sure to create a logical internal linking structure, not only to hype up the views but also to point the users and search engine crawlers to other relevant/interesting pages on the site.
  • User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) is a crucial aspect that significantly impacts both your SEO and overall business success. It’s not solely about improving rankings; it’s about creating a welcoming environment for your website users, encouraging them to stay and return. This principle is well understood by technology companies, who invest considerable effort to ensure that their platforms feel like the best place on earth. Achieving this can be accomplished through intuitive navigation and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that guide users seamlessly through your website.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO

Next up, we have our off-page SEO practices. It means all the optimization efforts outside your website. The primary goal of this practice is to improve how the page is perceived on the internet by other participants and increase its visibility as a whole. This would mean utilizing SEO techniques to build a solid online presence—some key elements to remember.

  • Link Building – Let’s start with the most obvious one – link building. It’s the practice of obtaining high-quality backlinks from high-ranked websites to make the algorithm think essentially: hey if those guys like you, I like you too!  Good link-building can substantially increase the website’s credibility and your SERP rankings. The most important thing is that the links you are building should be natural, coming from people actually enjoying and sharing your content rather than buying up spaces all over internet sites.
  • Brand Awareness – digital marketing campaign is not that far from regular ones. Brand awareness is still something that can impact the search intent of many users and improve your SEO rankings. Building brand awareness and credibility can be done by getting mentions and citations on social media, forums, websites, and video descriptions.
  • Social Media – as we have stated before, adding social media engagement to your SEO efforts is right up there when it comes to importance, with such elements as good conduct, keyword research, and link building. We live in the social-media era, so if you want to increase your visibility online, you need to contact your target audience where they are. So-called “social signals” that you gain from comments, likes, and shares can be a huge thing regarding search engine rankings.
  • Local SEO – Google is very keen on promoting local brands, especially if they are on par with its set standards. Good meta descriptions and working with Google My Business can get you far when optimizing the website for local search results. Additionally, be sure to include the relevant NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information while also keeping an eye on catching some good local reviews and local keywords included.

Technical SEO

SSL certificate

Technical SEO is another critical aspect of the SEO practices you can utilize in your SEO content marketing. It’s all of the optimization techniques used to improve a website’s technical aspects and enhance its visibility and performance in SERPs. Of course, those are some on-page elements here that could be included, but it’s different enough to highlight it as well. Here are some key aspects of technical SEO:

  • Crawling/Indexing – as we have explained before, crawling and indexing are how Google checks the quality of your pages. Things to keep in mind are: creating and submitting an XML sitemap, using robots.txt file to be ahead of the crawlers and control their access, and any tagging/keyword efforts that can be useful in this circumstance.
  • Website Optimization – easy to use and navigate websites are much easier for users and search engines to recommend. Descriptive URLs and keyword optimization and a user-friendly interface can help Google better understand what you are trying to accomplish and lead the users.
  • Website Performance – another thing to remember is optimizing the website’s loading speed and performance. Optimize your pictures, videos, and the whole code overall, and minimize browser caching and server response time. Of course, those are just some of the ideas you can implement. Be sure to analyze what you can do in your particular online situation. 
  • Mobile-Friendly Practices –- make sure the website is mobile-friendly and responsive across different devices. People are glued to their phones, so if you want to optimize your traffic, be sure to have a mobile-friendly website. Additionally, it is often prioritized by search engines in their rankings. 
  • SSL/Data Security – we live in dangerous times when we are bombarded with cyber attacks and other potential problems. Implement SSL certificates to encrypt data transmitted between the website and users. Insecure websites are being penalized by Google, and you would probably want to avoid that.
  • XML Sitemaps – if you want your crawlers to find their way around your website, you must give them a map. And that is what the XML sitemaps are for. They present an organized list of all website pages so that the search engines can understand the website’s structure, not only regarding design but also – content.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for an SEO Agency for a Tech Company

Finding the right SEO Agency to do your bidding is not easy. There are multiple things to consider to determine what your team needs to get long-term results. To achieve the best SEO effects, you need to find a company that will create a well-written content-marketing plan with different stages of advancement. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for SEO experts.

Good Ethics

We put it on the number one spot, as we believe it is crucial when choosing the right SEO agency for your company to ensure they are doing their work ethically. Plenty of Black Hat SEO practices can boost you quickly, but those are short-term solutions. High-quality content, good visitor experience, extensive research into the brand – those things the tech world needs. It’s a much better solution than simply generating traffic and getting penalized.

Additionally – if any agency says that they will get results in a week-or-so, they are probably dishonest, meaning you should run away as fast as you can.

Creating Content 

When it comes to SEO, it’s all about the valuable content. You can have your long tail keywords added next to each other, but you will have no brand presence without engaging content. When choosing the right agency, be sure to check out the past results of their content strategies. Especially look for clues, like if they had built articles spiked with keywords but with no essence.

Additionally, search for agencies that have extensive experience with your specific type of brand. Say you are gaming-focused business. In that case, it’s better to work with an agency whose in-house content creators are gaming savvy rather than collaborating with an agency providing services to all types of businesses.

Google places a high value on unique articles that possess the “it” factor, infused with a personal touch and genuine experiences. Merely paraphrasing existing content on a specific topic is not enough to meet Google’s standards. In fact, an enthusiastic gamer, armed with insider knowledge and a deep understanding of MMOs, can create more compelling content than even a skilled copywriter without such expertise.

Professional and Updated Knowledge

Be sure that the company you hire has good knowledge of the latest SEO trends and practices. It’s not like this changes every day, but new things come up with every update. You can simply ask some questions on which Google update brought which changes and how it can impact your business.

Good Track Record

Regarding technical SEO, you need to find a company with experience and expertise. See their other clients’ performance in the Google search engine. You can even ask the companies they worked for to see if they were happy with what they delivered.


The critical aspect of choosing your SEO agency is finding out if they can communicate effectively with the client. They should be transparent and open about their progress and send reports to show you their work.

And – if they are hesitant to reply to your emails as quickly as possible, you may be looking for another company. Most tech companies do not have the time to ring their SEO marketer now and then to ask a simple question. Good communication skills are critical when it comes to creating a flourishing partnership.

SEO for Technology Companies – Conclusion

SEO Process

As we have stated many times before, the most important thing when it comes to reasonable SEO goals for tech companies is to create relevant content of high quality with some good keyword density. Google puts a lot of effort into creating a search engine that helps people in the end, and that is their primary goal. Original content will always bring better long-term results than trying to cheat the system, especially in a specific industry such as tech.

Thank you so much for stopping by! We hope that with our propositions, you will find more organic traffic to your website and become the no.1 in the tech industry!

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