Trust Our SEO Experts and Use Organic Traffic to Your Advantage

It’s no secret that most businesses rely on a good marketing plan. You can offer the best services in your niche, but your income will be severely limited if your website won’t appear on the first page of search engines. According to DigitalSynopsis, only 5% of users go to the second page of search results. And even if you don’t complain about your revenue, you would be surprised how much more you can earn by investing in a proper SEO strategy.

FirstPageSage report shows that certain industries can generate up to $3.6M per year (3-year average) from SEO alone. As SEO experts with years of expertise, our agency will help you appear on search engines and attract potential customers in a way you’ve never seen before.  

Unlock The Potential of Search Engines with GamerSEO

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the three most popular search engines by far. Companies, big or small, have been using SEO services for years with tangible benefits. Of course, technology changes with time, and resorting to filling your content with keywords and hoping for the best doesn’t work anymore. Nowadays, A.I. responsible for promoting the best websites also monitors the quality of your website with around 200 (known) ranking factors taken into account. 

That said, you need a website that will meet those requirements. Aside from ranking factors, Google updates its algorithms with new functions, and you need an SEO agency that keeps up with the changes and acts accordingly. At GamerSEO, we call ourselves enthusiasts. Gaming, technologies, and cryptocurrencies are our passion, not only work. Each assignment isn’t a burden but a challenge. It’s an opportunity to share our experience and knowledge in the best way possible, taking care of your project. 

But, before we get to work, we need to know each other better. We are specializing in gaming, new technologies, and cryptocurrencies. If your business revolves around one of these topics, we are happy to help. We’re not all-rounders; we don’t take every assignment. When you decide to cooperate with us, we need to know your business, story, goals, and challenges. And most importantly, analyze your customers. Once we understand their needs, we create an individual SEO strategy to improve your website traffic and attract potential customers. We aim to create a sales funnel that combines marketing and sales processes to guide your website visitors into buying your product.   

How GamerSEO Handles NFT SEO Marketing

Each project we are working on goes through a detailed workflow described below. 

  1. Task analysis. We define the assumptions and tasks to be performed. Then, we discuss solutions that will enable us to achieve the goal. We set important deadlines taking into account the industry, available resources, and other relevant issues.
  2. Solution preparation. We verify the actions of competitors and determine the structure and plan of action. Then it’s time to consider various options analyzing their advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Solution comparison. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each solution, the opportunities and threats, and the associated risks.
  4. Plan approval. We approve the most favorable solution based on the results, analyses, and evaluations.
  5. Plan delivery and execution. Even the best plan won’t work without implementation. We don’t only specify what to do and how. We deliver the signs and build your company’s authority in Google Search. We define tasks for your IT team and supervise their implementation. We train, share know-how and check whether the assumptions are still valid and if everything goes according to our plan. 

Apart from that, you can count on our:

  • In-depth strategy. We analyze your product/website and identify its needs to succeed.
  • In-depth analysis of your SEO positioning. We use advanced SEO tools to deliver the best possible solution for your website to rank higher.
  • Landing Page Development. We ensure your website is clean, intuitive, and meets all SEO standards.
  • Expertise. Constant monitoring of your SEO progress and necessary adjustments when needed.

Don’t Neglect SEO Marketing!       

As we initially highlighted, SEO marketing should be an inevitable part of your business. It’s a hefty investment, but long-term benefits are well worth the cost. Let’s face it: search engines are used by billions of people every day, so you won’t find a better marketing channel. Simply look at the top SEO statistics posted by ahrefs to visualize how much you’ll gain by investing in SEO services.

Becoming friends with search algorithms takes time, and showing up on the first pages is not as simple as it once was. This process takes time; if someone tells you you’ll get results in a month, it’s probably a scam. It takes several months to see significant SEO results. But, with our long-term strategy, your traffic will constantly grow for years to come. It can’t and won’t happen immediately due to how search algorithms work. But you’ll discover it’s well worth the effort.   

Our Tools of Choice for SEO Marketing

So you’ll know we’re not working unprepared.

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