What Is PPC Intelligence and the Benefits It Brings to Campaigns

ppc inteligence

There are several factors that marketers need to consider when developing PPC campaigns. From the target audience to the budget of the PPC campaign, different factors will impact campaign performance and ad planning. To help with the main aspects of this challenge and generate valuable insights, PPC professionals practice strategies called PPC intelligence. They can … Read more

What Are Conversions in Google Ads: Enhanced Tracking, Local Conversions, and More!

what are conversions in google ads

As an advertiser, your ultimate goal in running Google Ads campaigns is to drive meaningful actions from your target audience. These actions, known as conversions, represent the desired outcomes that align with your business objectives. Conversions can take various forms, such as website sign-ups, app downloads, phone calls, and purchases. Understanding how to track and … Read more

What Is PPC Management and Its Impacts on Marketing

What Is PPC Management

Running PPC campaigns is already a common practice throughout all industries, whether for selling services or products. But in order to build successful PPC campaigns, a proper management is indispensable.  Tracking data regarding previous PPC ads and building strategies to gather better results on your subsequent campaigns is also essential to any strategy or marketing … Read more

What Is Ad Copywriting | Types, Examples, and the Best Practices!

most is ad copywriting

Nowadays, online retail and e-commerce represent 20.2% of total global e-commerce sales. Statistics show that this increase is constant and most likely will continue growing in the subsequent years. The reason for this increase is that businesses are getting better at using different marketing techniques available on the internet. That said, leveraging paid ads is … Read more

What Are PPC Bidding Strategies and How You Can Use Them

ppc bidding strategies

PPC bidding strategies are undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of a successful paid advertisement campaign. Choosing the right action guarantees the most return on ad spend and helps reduce the advertising budget necessary to achieve the desired results. But to reach these goals and maximize conversions, every aspect of the PPC bidding strategy … Read more

How to Optimize Google Shopping Ads [4 Key Strategies]

how to optimize google ads

Google Shopping Ads have become critical to any successful digital marketing strategy. They offer businesses a unique opportunity to showcase their products directly within Google’s search results, driving brand awareness and sales.  However, it’s not enough to set up and run your campaigns to maximize the return on your ad spend. You must optimize them.  … Read more