Performance Max for Local Campaigns | Key Aspects to Learn

performance max for local campaigns

Nowadays, Performance Max and Local Campaigns are working together to provide the best Google Ads services for marketers and retailers eager to promote their products in a local context. PMax ensures a better performance regarding their campaigns across all the Google inventories and improves the general management of the assets, groups, bids, and other factors. … Read more

Google Performance Max for Retail – Is It Worth It?

performance max for retail

Performance Max campaigns for online stores are essential to an e-commerce marketing strategy. Compared to local campaigns, they make it possible to increase sales and achieve defined business goals effectively. And for anyone who got used to Google Ads in the past, setting it up should be a walk in the park.  However, the optimal … Read more

Google Performance Max vs. Smart Shopping Campaign: A Comprehensive Comparison

performance max vs smart campaign

In the dynamic digital advertising landscape, the retirement of smart shopping campaigns marked a significant shift in Google Ads’ strategy. With the introduction of Performance Max (PMAX) campaigns, advertisers witnessed a paradigmatic transformation in campaign management and optimization.  As we navigate this evolution, it’s imperative to understand the features and benefits of PMAX campaigns and … Read more

Smart Shopping Upgrade to Performance Max | Key Changes!

smart shopping upgrade to performance max

In the present era, a substantial portion of overall sales is attributed to online transactions, facilitated either through direct website access or via advertising channels. According to Statista, in 2022, e-commerce represented nearly 19 percent of retail sales worldwide, and the website forecasts that in 2027, this percentage should rise to 25%. In this scenario, … Read more

Performance Max – Google Ads Video – Do’s and Don’ts!

performance max google ads video

The advertising world has been flipped on its head since digital advertising has come into play. Traditional marketing has never been as effective as the efforts of Google Ads campaigns. So, it’s understandable that it’s getting increasingly popular each day.  Getting more and more views and clicks became so easy that many industries created Google … Read more

Google Performance Max Examples to Inspire Your Campaigns

google performance max examples

Google Ads offers a variety of ways to promote your content, products, and services. Whether you’re running local campaigns to gather more clients or a global marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and lead generation, there’s always the right option for your needs. Among all the options provided, the Google Performance Max campaign is one … Read more

What is SEO strategy and how to Create a Good One?

what is seo strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) became a real thing in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic pushed most businesses to the Internet. Having your content as real estate in Google search results is more critical now than ever. However, with current trends, it is no longer search engine optimization. Now, it’s more of a user optimization.  How … Read more