Gamification Strategy – A Smart, Effective & Winning Strategy!

Imagine what would happen if you managed to implement game elements into your business. According to numerous examples, implementing game design elements in non-gaming activities stimulates collaboration, makes everyday tasks more fun, and improves the user experience.

Digital businesses all over the world are already implementing their own gamification strategy to keep users engaged while also reaching their business goals in the blink of an eye.

If you want to retain users, implementing gamification strategies might be the best course of action for your company. Competition is already thinking about improving user engagement through successful gamification, so what are you waiting for?

Today, GamerSEO will teach you how to adopt gamification to engage users, increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, get new leads, and motivate users to stay longer on your web site. After reading this blog post, you will have deep knowledge about:

  • How to create successful gamification techniques;
  • How to adopt gamification for companies;
  • Best examples about the effectiveness of gamification services.

Understanding a Gamification Marketing Strategy

The first step to understanding early gamification strategies is knowing that having a gamified environment is NOT the same as a video game. Yes, gamification makes those processes look like they are part of video games. Hence, it makes the users feel like they are actually playing games.

Nonetheless, if we had to explain gamification in simple terms, we would safely say that it is the process of implementing gaming elements into non-game environments. These elements are usually adapted in different products such as mobile apps (like language app Duolingo and various fitness apps) or everyday tasks.

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Your target audience is tired of spending valuable time on tedious, annoying, and void tasks. So, how can we encourage users to interact more with our platform? Implementing gamification components is the answer.

Still, using gamification is not only limited to customers or other users. These techniques also serve as magnificent tools project managers use to improve professional environments, motivate employees, and complete everyday tasks. 

Benefits Of Gamification

The main benefit of gamification is the fact that it’s a fantastic way to improve user engagement. Additionally, gamification motivates users by implementing rewards programs (which give tangible rewards) and positively reinforces certain activities. 

Gamification Strategies benefits

When a person gets rewarded for doing something, your company’s virtual environment will suddenly be perceived as fun and compelling.

Game Mechanics Increase User Engagement!

Do you know what the success factor of many games is? They manage to hook people by motivating them to accomplish clear goals. 

When the user completes a task or some challenges, they will want to achieve more progress. That’s a basic human behavior that can be accomplished through a learning strategy that takes fun concepts from a video game.

Visual Journey Map of gamification

A game-based app features points that users can earn by completing a particular challenge. It can also have a progress bar and badges that change the concept of “achievement” in the users’ eyes.

Corporate Training

Professional skills training is a factor that is greatly improved by implementing game objectives in a workspace. On top of that, employee engagement can accelerate learning with an effective strategy. 

Encouraging social activities is yet another benefit of gamified organization inside a company. That is also an essential part of connecting the company culture and motivating employees to compete.

Gamification in the Workplace

Source: Macrobiangames.

Gamification can stimulate collaboration and improve work performance. That is possible thanks to the motivational design of the workplace, all based on a gamified application.

Big Educational Impact

There’s a famous phrase that perfectly defines gamification solutions in education: “Learners learn best when they are having fun.”

That is a common denominator that applies to almost every possible scenario. Achievements are a great way to encourage people to follow microlearning techniques that provide knowledge by creating gamified applications. 

That also translates to video games, which we will mention further in this article. Video games have addictive factors that can be exploited to appeal to children and even adults.

Some of the engaging aspects that gamification implements in education are:

  • Obtaining our virtual goods by completing challenges;
  • A sense of reward complemented by achievement badges;
  • Integration of leaderboards to enhance competition against other players;
  • Tools to track progress and access to a comprehensive scorecard to understand their feedback;
  • Point scoring system that’s shareable within a community.

Gamification Can be Used to Improve All Aspects of Your Project

The best way to understand the benefits of gamification is by showing you real-life situations. It’s time to take your gamification knowledge to the next level. Take a look at the specific context of each one of these examples. This way, you’ll comprehend how this magnificent tool may help your business.

Minecraft Education Edition – Video Games and Education in One Place

We all know how popular Minecraft is. It doesn’t matter if you play on the mobile app or the console version – Minecraft is a fantastic video game to play with friends or a team.

Minecraft Education Edition is probably one of the best examples to define a game-based learning experience. Coding is the future, and Mojang knows it. They implemented an educational program for students to understand coding through Minecraft’s mechanics.

alt-text: key to learning coding in the form of a safe environment 

The data shows that the required impact of Minecraft Education Edition has been successfully achieved.

Reddit – Gamification Implemented in Social Media Platforms

Reddit is an enormous website that we all know. It’s also the best example of gamification applied to a social website. Reddit uses a rewards program, badges, point systems, leaderboards, avatars, and a virtual currency to bring users to interact with the website. 

All that motivates users to write more, post questions, interact, and spend more time on the site to earn new prizes on Reddit. It’s fun, easy to do, and creates a memorable user experience.

Reddit leaderboard notifications

Pepsiman – Advergaming at its Finest

Pepsiman is a PlayStation 1 video game created solely for promotional purposes. Still, even if its goal is to spread the name of Pepsi among gamers, this doesn’t mean that the game is not fun to play.

The result? The association created on the player’s mind with Pepsi’s brand is positive and full of rewarding moments. Advergaming is a sensational source of engagement for brands, even more than traditional marketing strategies.

technical training of pepsi by playing pepsiman by game designers

Let’s Build Your Own Gamification Strategy

Gamification is more than just a winning strategy: it is a solution to power up your business. Understanding that the people behind the screen are humans is the key to provide them with an unforgettable experience based on video games features.

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This strategy has proven to be more effective than initially believed. The secret ingredient to creating your gamification strategy is understanding the factors of your product or service related to user success.

Remember that gamification is not only about adding points, badges, or other video game features – it’s about bringing interaction and engagement by using the best practices.

If you want to read the latest information related to the gaming industry, be sure to follow our blog section. Also, if you need a customized winning strategy for your business in the video game industry, just contact us, and our marketing genies will be glad to help you.


How do you use gamification?

It’s necessary to inspire competition and identify the “boring” steps to implement gaming elements into it. Creative advertising and rewarding your users are also important factors to use gamification and drive engagement.

What are the disadvantages of gamification?

Gamification also has some disadvantages, mainly in learning terms. It can decrease student attention spans if the rules are not clear enough. Besides, companies need to spend a lot of money to create a successful gamification project.

Can gamification increase motivation?

Totally. Gamification has proven to be one of the best ways to motivate employers in the workplace. Besides, this strategy also encourages visitors to complete processes that otherwise might be just boring or too dull for some people. So, yes, the benefits of gamification go one step further than many people believe.

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