The Different Types of Gamer Persona

gamer persona

For many years, the segmentation of types of gamers stood between “hardcore” and “casuals.” The first one is the ones that lived the “past golden age” of gaming with their very hands and eyes. Meanwhile, casual gamers were the ones that had fun once in a while, or they just played a few popular titles, … Read more

NFT SEO: How To Promote Your Project On Search Engines

seo for nft

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained widespread recognition as a means of representing and selling unique digital items such as art, collectibles, and virtual world real estate. Despite the NFT market’s growth, it can still be difficult for NFT creators and project teams to attract buyers and bring attention to their projects.  SEO, or search engine … Read more

How to Build a Gaming Community From Scratch

build a gaming community

It is becoming increasingly common to see communities built around the gaming industry, as the love for video games can be seen in most social media channels. Millions of people contribute their content, like fan art, to build an engaged gaming community. This benefits all aspects of the video game world, including building relationships with … Read more

How to Effectively Use SEO for Lead Generation

How to Effectively Use SEO for Lead Generation

Online presence, and thus search engine optimization, is currently indispensable for businesses of all kinds. The search engine optimization can make a difference in all aspects of your business, from web pages to the sales funnel. For lead generation, this is no different. SEO lead generation is crucial for business growth and gathering the target … Read more

12 Great NFT Utility Ideas for Impressing NFT Stakeholders

Great NFT Utility Ideas for Impressing NFT

Keeping holders interested in your NFT project is crucial to maintaining the community alive and getting great results in near future projects and investments. Adopting NFT utility ideas is best practice when creating expectations and giving holders an excellent reason to keep believing in your project. This article mentions 12 ideas you should consider for … Read more