Crypto Communities: Build and Discover the Best Crypto Groups!

Crypto Communities Build and Discover the Best Crypto Groups

Cryptocurrencies are a growing phenomenon and attract more and more adepts as the days pass. In the beginning, these digital coins appeared as small investment opportunities, drawing the attention of only a few investors interested in their potential as alternative coins in the future. Those few investors multiplied themselves into different crypto communities, are still … Read more

Wrapped Bitcoin vs Bitcoin – Which One Is Best for You to Invest

Wrapped Bitcoin vs Bitcoin

With lots of different blockchains available today, it can be difficult to choose one to keep your investments in. It is undeniable that today the two biggest ones are the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, concentrating more than half of all trades involving cryptocurrencies. This created a necessity for the investors and token holders to be … Read more

What Is Shibarium and Why Does It Matter?

What Is Shibarium and Why Does It Matter

There are so many things to find out about in the crypto world. Blockchain technology is getting better and better every day, and this is a testament to that. What is Shibarium? Well, it’s a blockchain layer 2 solution to, in general, make things better. Shiba Inu’s developers are still keeping everything under wraps, and … Read more

How to Tokenize an Asset – Steps and Benefits of the Process

how to tokenize an asset

When you are constantly dealing with the blockchain, whether through non-fungible token sales or crypto-transactions, it is always good to know what tokenized assets are and their types. It can also make your work easier by understanding more about blockchain technology and technical terms like smart contracts and fractional ownership, for example. What Is Asset … Read more