How to Avoid High NFT Gas Fees

How to Avoid High NFT Gas Fees

The ensuing popularity of NFTs attracted many people, including artists and creators, who consider working over a blockchain network as a means of monetizing their talents. The NFT market proliferated quickly, and thousands of digital files are traded daily. But the process of buying, selling, or transferring NFTs comes with an additional cost: transaction fees … Read more

SEO for Apps – [9 Strategies to Improve your App Position]

SEO for Apps Strategies to Improve your App Position

Trying to position a website first on search engine results is brutal. This struggle also refers to mobile applications; Android developers pay special attention to determined strategies to place their creations higher than competitors. For those purposes, SEO for Apps is crucial. This article explicitly addresses and deepens this concept so you can apply it.  … Read more

A Complete Guide on SEO for Startups

How it Works Doing SEO for startup

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is still one of the best tools for digital marketing.  Even though plenty of methods and tactics keep emerging, a good implementation of SEO keeps bringing great success to many businesses. And to differentiate it from “paid marketing,” SEO will bring something more valuable: organic marketing. There are … Read more

12 NFT Use Cases For Business Opportunities

nft use cases

An NFT (Non-fungible token) is an encrypted digital asset representing something unique, useful, and valuable. They can be exchanged, traded, sold, or purchased in a decentralized marketplace for ETH, BTC, or other cryptocurrencies. This unique piece of tech in the form of a digital token proved to be a worldwide disruptor thanks to its characteristics … Read more

How to Promote NFT on Twitter: Tips to Develop Your Project

promote nft on twitter

A crucial aspect of any NFT project development is the marketing and promotion you give to it, generating audience engagement. Without successful marketing attempts, popular NFTs wouldn’t reach close to their current numbers. An example of great publicity using social media platforms like Twitter is, for instance, Bored Ape Yacht Club.  Twitter Users, Engagement, and … Read more